The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen

…if you want to go all-inclusive, these are the best…

A few years ago I used to tour the all inclusive resorts.

Regular readers of this site might think I did this in search of women.

But anyone who has spent time at an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen will know that this is absolutely the worse place to go to find hot chicks.

(Unless you get turned on by sunburned beach whales who think skimpy bikinis can be worn without shaving down below).

No, I used to tour the resorts and sneak free food and drinks.

I’ve been kicked out of them ALL!

But that was only after I turned into a beach whale myself.

These resorts make you seriously fat!

My accommodation choice would always be a cheaper hotel.

But all inclusive resorts are very popular in Playa Del Carmen.

When you read the blurb on each of Playa Del Carmen’s all inclusive resorts, they all start to sound the same.

In any case, you’re going to have to make a decision on one.

So I hope this article helps.

How Not To Pick The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen

How do you distinguish all inclusive resorts?

They all offer amazing service, beautiful décor and rooms, and then hundreds of amenities that most people never use.

I mean, who uses a gym when on vacation? Especially when there are so many activities to participate in here!

Who runs on a treadmill when you can run past hot chicks on the beach?

Here’s the thing that most people don’t understand: Service and amenities are that important when picking the best all inclusive resorts in Playa Del Carmen.


Because it’s pretty much the same good service everywhere.

Another unimportant point is the food and drinks.

Mexico has amazing drinks.

At every resort you’ll be surprised by the quality of what’s on offer.

Margarita, Corona, tequila…the local drinks are some of the best in the world.

Of course great food is important.

But every all inclusive in Playa Del Carmen has a variety of restaurants and a wide range of excellent cuisine.

I think it’s very difficult to distinguish these resorts based on food.

If you want something different, spend an evening away from the all inclusive and check out one of Playa Del Carmen’s unique restaurants.

How Do You Pick The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen?

In order to pick the best all inclusive resorts in Playa Del Carmen, I looked at three specific criteria.

Firstly, it has to be centrally located.

Playa Del Carmen is not some tiny tropical island where there is no things to do outside the hotel.

The city has so much going on.

There must be over 500 restaurants and who knows how many bars in Playa Del Carmen.

Then there is the fascinating multicultural vibe you find everywhere.

And the hundreds of activities and tours to take.

Some of the all inclusive resorts are located out of town.

Staying at this type of resort usually means that every guest centers their vacation on the resort.

Big mistake.

Not only are people missing out, but the resort pool is always packed because nobody ever leaves.

I think the best all inclusive resorts in Playa Del Carmen have to be within walking distance of town.

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen Must Offer Great Value

I’m sorry, but the prices of some of these resorts are the real kicker.

Unless you can drink your own bodyweight in mescal, or you can eat seventeen meals a day, you’re paying a lot for the “all-inclusive” part of the deal.

You could probably get a whole bar full of people drunk on the price of one night in all inclusive.

$3000+ USD per night? I don’t care how swanky it is, that’s just ridiculous.

However, the ones I’ve chosen represent good value.

There’s nothing wrong with paying a lot for an all-inclusive resort, but there’s something wrong with paying a lot for something that you’re not going to benefit from.

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen Must Have Personality

Why are so many resorts scared to be unique?

If Iberostar built an all inclusive resort on the moon, it would look like…hmmm, every single other Iberostar that’s ever been built.

Grow some balls and offer some personality!

Playa Del Carmen is in Mexico, and if the international chains can’t get that idea into their head, they should find another strip of white sand to build on.

Fortunately, there are some all inclusive resorts that have a bit of personality.

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen 1 – Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera

And the winner in the 5 star luxury category is…

If you’re planning to spend a lot of money on your resort and vacation then Secrets Maroma Beach Riveriera is the one.

There are plenty of indulgent room choices, like those with a swim up pool so you can go from the room to the bar without leaving the water.

The rooms are a ridiculous size. The

How is it possible to have a hotel room that’s three times the size of my own apartment?

I couldn’t believe it when my buddy stayed here.

Honestly, you could get lost in your own room.

There are a few 5 star resort options.

However, I would say this is the best all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen for those who want to seriously indulge and treat themselves.

Of course it’s on the beach.

And it’s a nice 20 minute walk along the sand to 5th Avenue.

It’s actually not that expensive, but the price really depends on the room that you choose and the time of year.

In low season, it’s possible to get a cheap suite for $200 USD/night.

That’s seriously cheap for a 5 star resort.

However, in high season it could be quadruple that.

An added bonus is that it’s only for adults 18 and over.

There’s nothing worse than screaming children interrupting your tequila drinking games.

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen 2 – Paradisus Playa Del Carmen La Perla

This is another 5 star all inclusive resort that caters to adults (no children allowed, but read on).

So is it better than Secrets Maroma?

The answer to that question will depend on you.

Paradisus Playa Del Carmen is the resort that you will want to take photos of.

Then you can post them to Facebook so that everyone thinks, “That lucky son of a…”

Somebody else then posts their amazing resort photos.

But don’t worry.

You’ve saved the best Paradius photos and can trump anyone who tries suggesting that they’ve got a more beautiful resort to share.

I think this place is stunning.

It’s elegant and stylish, but not completely over the top.

There aren’t any cheap rooms.

If you find anything under $560 USD, then you’ve done extremely well.

Every room could be called a presidential suite if its was in any other hotel.

It’s on the beach (of course), and it’s only five minutes outside Playa Del Carmen, so it’s got an absolutely prime location.

Consequently, I recommend spending as little time at the resort as possible if you’re staying here.

Not only do you get to see Playa Del Carmen, but also every time you return to the resort you’re like, “Wow…are we honestly staying here?!

If you want the most beautiful all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, then I recommend Paradisus Playa Del Carmen La Perla.

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen 3 – Playacar Palace

Without doubt, Playacar Palace is the best all inclusive choice for families.

I don’t have children here in Mexico, so I won’t pretend to be an expert at taking them on vacation.

But reviewers always rate this is the best family resort over the others.


The resort has managed to separate children and adults in parts of the hotel, while also providing spaces where families can enjoy themselves together.

In essence, you can escape screaming children.

Or you can watch over your screaming child as s/he screams with a room full of other children.

This means it’s a popular resort for both families and couples. Just don’t go here if you’re single.

Plus, there are excellent food menus for children of all ages.

As it’s only five minutes from the center of 5th Avenue, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to explore the town.

The Last Word About All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen

If it’s your thing then I really recommend one of these three all inclusive resorts.

You’re going to be paying big $$$ anyway, so why not get the best experience for your money?

Please leave some comments below about your experiences in these all inclusive properties.

I’d like to see if my claims are supported!

Finally…if you see a guy getting kicked out of the resort bar, then you’ll know that I’m back to my old tricks!

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any suggestions about the very best all-inclusive resorts here? Please leave them in the comments section below!

2 comments on “Best All Inclusive Resorts In Playa Del Carmen

  1. Is the Iberostar resorts all that bad? We were looking at the Lindo one, or Maya. We have an age group of toddler to seniors. Thought they offered a lot for your money. Is this not so? They are just boring to look at and don’t offer enough culture? What all do you mean? Thanks for clarifying. Love your info on everything by the way.

    • Sherry,

      Honestly, I have not stayed at either of these all-inclusive resorts. I looked at pictures of both. Both of the all-inclusives appear quite beautiful. However, all of the big resorts (all-inclusive or not) have a stale sort of feel to them. In some ways they lack the intimacy of a smaller property. But you get all kinds of amazing things to make up for that deficiency.

      The problem with all-inclusives is that there is a “one size fits all” approach to accommodations. When you stay at an all-inclusive, you’re stuck in a sort of “bubble” that isolates you from other things. For example, instead of exploring the city and its 100’s of restaurants, you eat at the resort – you paid for it already; why pay for it again, right? With this sort of approach, you miss out on some great opportunities to try new things and explore the real food from the area.

      I hope this makes sense.

      In any case, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Playa Del Carmen wherever you stay!

      Lots of love,


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