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An old classmate recently called me up, demanding that I tell him which is the best hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

I hadn’t seen the guy for years, and he was all challenging and aggressive on the phone.

I was like, “You’re not Hugh Hefner, you’re the same kid that pissed on himself in elementary school…”

He thought he was Billy Bigshot and kept going on about how his time was precious.

I wasn’t on his high-powered vibe, so I asked who he was coming with.

If he’d of said he was traveling with three hot playboy bunnies, I would have given him some great recommendations.

As he was only coming with the wife, I directed him to the most overpriced and overrated hotel in the whole of Playa Del Carmen.


However, my dear readers, I know none of you are like that old classmate of mine.

Thus, I’m going to reveal to you my view on the best hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

First off, let me give you one sincere truth…

The Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen Are Not The Most Expensive

There is nothing wrong with paying a lot for a hotel.

But there’s a whole lot wrong with spending loads on a hotel that doesn’t offer anything special.

The resorts are the worse.

They double the prices because they know that some people always think that price equals quality.

The three hotels I chose on this list are in the low to mid price range.

However, they still have great amenities and ideal locations.

But these three Playa Del Carmen hotels have found the right balance between price and added extras.

How To Pick The Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

Wherever you go in the world, you’re always looking for the same things in a hotel.

1. Great Service

In Playa Del Carmen it’s very hard to find a hotel that doesn’t have great service.

Mexicans are a friendly bunch (albeit, dishonest bunch) most of the time.

I don’t think they’re even trying to offer great service.

They’re just being themselves.

To be in my top three Playa Del Carmen hotels then they needed to have exceptional service.

2. Location, Location, Location

It’s very important.

But in Playa Del Carmen almost every hotel has a good location.

You’re always within walking distance to the beach and 5th Avenue.

However, the closer you are to the beach and 5th Ave, the better.

I believe your vacation is going to be easier and more enjoyable if you’re only five minutes to both of these places.

3. The Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen Must Have Personality

The big hotel chains have started to eat their way into Playa Del Carmen.

There’s nothing sadder than walking through Playa Del Carmen and seeing the Holiday Inn sign.

Honestly, who stays at a Holiday Inn in Mexico?

I can hear the arguments from some: “But the rooms are just like at home.

That’s because it’s an American chain!

Seriously, all these chains that are trying to ruin Playa Del Carmen should go to hell.

They even try and promote each other.

I bet at Holiday Inn they give out free vouchers for the new Subway restaurant.

Playa Del Carmen is a city full of personality.

And many of the hotels reflect the originality that is so apparent here.

Many have their own inimitable style.

So, the hotels I’ve chosen in my top three are those that are completely unique.

If you go to any of these, you’ll always remember them.

Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen 1 – Acanto Boutique Hotel

Let’s start with the location.

Acanto Boutique Hotel is down a quiet side street but just a couple of minutes from the beach.

The action of 5th Avenue is just around the corner.

But you’re not going to be annoyed by 4:AM club music or drunken bachelor parties getting lost on their way to the beach.

This hotel has serious style.

Walk in the doors and you’re hit by an elegant décor that wouldn’t be out of place if you were paying $500 USD for a room.

There’s an encompassing feeling of luxury.

But not in a stuffy snobbish way.

Everything here feels very natural.

The rooms are spacious and come with massive double beds.

Apartments come with kitchenette facilities, although I’m not sure why you would need an oven in Playa Del Carmen.

Why Is Acanto Boutique Hotel Unique?

Acanto Boutique Hotel gets a wide range of guests.

It’s very popular with couples of all ages.

But I’ve also seen groups of chicks and families staying here.

It’s certainly not the cheapest Playa Del Carmen hotel.

At $165 USD – $300 USD/night (dependent on the season), you could find a hotel for half the price.

But Acanto Boutique Hotel is worth every cent.

So why is it so unique?

The hotel is centered around a tropical courtyard and pool.

It’s like a private haven away from the world.

At many hotels, the pool gets too busy and you can’t relax.

Not here, it’s perfect for taking an hour out and recharging the batteries.

Then head up to the rooftop and savor the views of the Caribbean.

And while you’re there, dip into the hot tub.

If I have to recommend a Playa Del Carmen hotel to a youngish couple, then I almost always suggest this one.

Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen 2 – Hotel Cielo

If you like small hotels, then this is an absolute gem.

There are only 18 rooms, and the owners stay there as well.

Wonderful attention to detail is imbued in all of the rooms.

It’s centrally located, on 4th Street between 5th Ave and 10th Ave.

So, whatever time you stumble home, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost.

From some of the rooms you can see the ocean…it’s only a 5 minute walk away.

The adjacent restaurant, Carboncitos, is one of the best in Playa Del Carmen.

The hotel gives you 50% off in the restaurant – that means you can have some cheap fresh pineapple juice for breakfast.

If some of your group are taking hours to get ready for a night out, then wait in Carboncitos and down some of their excellent margaritas.

Why Is Hotel Cielo Unique?

Hotel Cielo doesn’t have the same stylish décor as Acanto Boutique Hotel.

They keep things comfortable and simple.

If you want snazzy, then go elsewhere.

If you want excellent value and cleanliness, then Hotel Cielo is the one.

Rooms start at just $79 USD/night in low season.

Which is pretty much as cheap as you get in Playa Del Carmen for a decent hotel.

Even in high season, you shouldn’t pay more than $139 USD/night – again, there are few Playa Del Carmen hotels that can rival this price.

So, Hotel Cielo’s most unique point?

It has to be the staff.

They’re incredibly enthusiastic and will spend hours and hours offering advice and tips to guests.

You can get great service in many Playa Del Carmen hotels, but I don’t think any can rival Hotel Cielo.

Best Playa Del Carmen Hotels 3 – Luna Blue Hotel

There are some hotels that try and offer everything, but then don’t do any of it very well.

Then there are other hotels that stick to the basics and make sure everything they do is perfect.

Luna Blue Hotel is in the latter category.

It’s not really a hotel where you would take photos and post them on Facebook to wow your friends.

But they absolutely nail the basics.


Half a block from 5th Ave and 2 blocks from the beach.


Friendly, welcoming, and actually have a personality.

There’s nothing worse than clone hotel staff who don’t dare do anything wrong.

At Luna Blue Hotel, they’re attentive and enthusiastic, but with a sense of humor and a personal touch.


Exceptionally clean, very comfortable beds, decent air conditioning, and a cute little balcony to enjoy.

Do you need more?

Oh yeah…I forgot about the hammock.

If you want to spend your vacation watching cable TV, then go elsewhere.

But who actually does that?

Why Is Luna Blue Hotel Unique?

Few Playa Del Carmen hotels can match Luna Blue Hotel for value.

It’s just $80 USD – $140 USD/night for a room.

Nobody can complain about that.

The Luna Blue Hotel’s personal touch comes with a courtyard and pool.

Tropical trees enclose everything and offer tranquility in the middle of Playa Del Carmen.

In the evenings, there is often live music in the courtyard.

It’s perfect for when you want a quiet night having a few drinks with friends.

Anything More About The Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

Remember, this is all just personal opinion.

Whenever I’m asked for suggestions, I usually recommend one of these.

So don’t blitz through your money on an overpriced resort that’s full of annoying tourists.

Take one of Playa Del Carmen’s best hotels instead.

I hope to see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any suggestions about the best hotels here? Please leave them in the comments section below!

2 comments on “Best Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

  1. Rufus,
    hello again….been reading more of your webpage….a lot of information there, thanks! i have a 14 and 17 year old who the wife and I will be bringing with us, we would like to spend a couple of days doing excursions and general stuff AWAY from the hotel, shopping and lounging on the beach. would you still recommend Acanto Boutique Hotel? also, we would like to have the capability for the hotel (concierge) to help with planning/scheduling of our activities away from the hotel. We plan on staying 5 nights. any recommendations?
    Thanks again,

    • Paul,

      I have never heard anything bad about the Acanto Boutique Hotel. Needless to say, that does not mean it’s a great hotel, but I have never heard anything other than good things about it. In some ways, I guess that says something.

      In regard to the best choices for things to do, there are so many options it’s exhausting to think about all of them. You will have to decide what type of activities you would all enjoy. Because of the uniqueness of the area, I would definitely recommend going to at least one cenote while you are here. Moreover, if you want to swim with sea turtles, Akumal is a very beautiful place to do so. The beach is also very serene there. In addition to those places, there are a few archaeological sites, but your children might get bored at them. Zip lining and swimming with dolphins are also both very popular.

      What you probably want to do is talk to a good tour provider immediately upon arrival. But even before then, make sure you look at a list of the things to do to have an idea if you want to participate in water sports, land activities, visit some special ecological parks, or whatever. There are many, many options, so at least have an idea of some of the things you want to do before you arrive. Other than that, the sky’s the limit.

      I hope all of you have a great time, and don’t forget to send me some photographs of your trip. There’s nothing that I like more than posting photographs from visitors on this website!

      Take Care,


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