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… A great way to see the city and get some exercise all at once…

Before I came to Playa Del Carmen I thought bikes were just for the extreme sport dudes. (I was always more the booze cruise kind of guy.)

You know, those good guys that you avoid because they’re better looking and more tanned than you are.

Then I spotted three sets of long legs riding around on two wheels.


Better looking and more tanned?


But these were chicks.

I tried casually following them, but I couldn’t keep up.

These girls could go anywhere quickly and easily avoid unwanted advances from the likes of me.

So I investigated.

In Playa Del Carmen it’s really easy to rent a bike.

And when you have one it’s just a leisurely ride to a different beach or different part of town.

Seriously, it is (by far) the fastest way to get around town!

Where To Rent A Bike In Playa Del Carmen

Finding a place to rent a bike in Playa is very easy.

However, finding a reasonably-priced bike rental is what’s hard.

Here I’m going to tell you EXACTLY where to find the cheapest bikes for rent around the city.

There’s no need to even go looking for a bike.

Heck, I’ll even make it so easy for you to contact this guy it will make your head spin!

All you have to do is fill out the form below.

He will be emailed automatically!

Here’s the best place to rent one in this city:

Playa Del Carmen Bike Rentals #1 – Ian Kelley

Ian Kelley is always my first recommendation.

Because he is a private individual (and not some half-stoned local employee), he provides outstanding service and incredible prices.

Ian will even deliver bikes directly to your hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

And the best part? He’s one of the cheapest bike rentals in town!

But he rents all his bikes quickly (during high season especially) and he’s not always in town.

So, I finally got to meet Ian. I had written about him after reading several reviews online. He seemed like a pretty reasonable guy from what I could tell.

In fact, Ian is a REALLY cool guy who not only rents bikes, but does a bunch of other stuff, too.

First of all, the guy is fit. I mean competition fit!

He’s a fitness instructor and personal trainer at one of the biggest gyms here.

He’s also participated in several bodybuilding competitions – and even won in at least one of them!

He’s also originally from Vermont but permanently moved here when he visited and fell in love with the Caribbean food/culture.

He noticed that nobody seemed to accommodate tall people when renting a bike, so he decided to start his own bike rental business.

Today he has about 30 bikes that he rents on either a short-term or long-term basis.

Ian’s Bike Rental Safety Tips:

  • Don’t go the wrong way down one-way streets
  • Watch out for vans/taxis/tour vans
  • Make sure you have a light on your bike at night (flashlight/headlight)

Those are some suggestions for your own personal safety while riding a bike.

How To Protect Your Bike From Bicycle Thieves In Playa Del Carmen:

Believe me, bikes get stolen ALL THE TIME HERE!!!

In fact, just two weeks before I made this contact form, my own bike was stolen!!!

The worst part is that it was locked up right in front of multiple police officers working on 10th Avenue!!! It can happen to anyone!!!

You need to take heed to the advice below that Ian gave me.

I didn’t, and now I DON’T HAVE A BIKE!!!

Interestingly, it was only about two months after receiving this advice from Ian that I ignored it and my bike was stolen.

  • Only use a U-lock. It is the only secure lock (THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG).
  • Bring your bike inside at night
  • Be careful on 5th Ave/10th Ave/etc (THIS IS ALSO WHERE I WENT WRONG).

Ian’s Bicycle Rental Prices

  • 1-3 Days: $13/day
  • 4-7 Days: $38 USD (flat rate)
  • 8-14 Days: $5 USD/day

The rental bikes come with a basket, a traffic bell, and a U-lock.

Optional Bike Accessories For Rent:

  • Child Seat – $15 USD (for the length of the rental)
  • Lights for night riding – $15 USD (for the length of the rental)
  • Helmet – $10 USD (for the length of the rental)
  • Pegs for a passenger – $5 USD (for the length of the rental)

So if you meet some women on bikes, now you to know a good place where you can rent two wheels.

PlayaRida Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

There is absolutely no need to remember fancy phone numbers or use the roaming function on your phone.

In fact, I’ve made contacting Ian INCREDIBLY EASY!

You can use the form below to send Ian a message to let him know that you want to rent a bike.



    What Kinds Of Bikes Can You Rent?

    If you want to look like the macho sports man, then you can rent a mountain bike.

    Just remember there are no mountains here.

    I’ve seen dudes riding along the beach on their mountain bikes.

    They thought they looked cool.

    I think they looked exhausted.

    I’d rather rent a beach cruiser.

    It’s only got one gear, but hey, what more do you need if you’re not heading into the jungle.

    Most places offer cruisers and NOT mountain bikes.

    But there are two other reasons for this:

    1. Cruisers are much cheaper than mountain bikes (because they’re simpler)
    2. Bikes often get stolen here – and, yes, it’s the Mexicans who steal them. Do you think vacationers are into stealing bikes?

    So, if you’re a bike rental center here, which type of bike would you buy knowing you may have to replace it?

    That’s right, and that is exactly what they do.

    Where Can I Go On My Bike?

    Well, anywhere…duh.

    Most people just use bikes to cruise around Playa Del Carmen.

    Most point-to-point destinations are no more than 15 minutes, and you get a nice tan while riding.

    But you can’t ride a bike along 5th Ave.

    It’s illegal – although not strictly enforced (as is usual with Mexico) during the slow times of the year.

    Better to take 10th Ave which has a dedicated path for those on two wheels – but beware, a lot of people walk on it, too. So you really have to be careful.

    I think the best journeys are in the northern part of Playa Del Carmen, going up and down and checking out different beaches.

    Although, I have one recommendation: don’t try riding in the sand; you’ll probably do a faceplant like I did.

    What If I Want To Get Out Of Central Playa Del Carmen?

    If you go on a longer mission away from Playa Del Carmen, then get a good map first.

    You don’t want to end up on a highway full of Mexican traffic.

    But it’s a great adventure, and you can get a long way from the tourist crowds.

    Ride down to Xcaret and find out exactly why everybody raves about it.

    Or head into the jungle and explore natural paths through the forest and some spooky caves.

    Is It Safe To Go By Bike?

    Some people see footage of Mexico City highways and think: “Ride a bike in Mexico! Never!”

    Playa Del Carmen isn’t anything like that.

    But you do need to use some common sense.

    Here is some simple, yet good advice while riding:

    1. Firstly, follow the road directions. Mexican drivers won’t look both ways, so if I see someone riding the wrong way, I get nervous.
    2. When cycling near the beach, remember to watch where you’re going. I saw one guy riding along just staring at this chick playing volleyball. He rode straight into a palm tree. I just laughed. It could have been me.
    3. Helmets aren’t required by law, but wear one if you’re going anywhere with lots of traffic.
    4. Use hand signals, yell, scream, shout, and do any other thing possible to attract the attention of Mexican drivers. Mexican drivers are complete idiots, and believe me, they are not going to shed a tear at night if they run you over. Also, taxi drivers are the worst, and they love when it rains so that they can drive quickly by puddles and splash bikers.
    5. Also, remember the sunscreen and a hat.


    I’m not pretending to be your mother, but the Caribbean sun is quite punishing.

    Will You Rent A Bike?

    I do hope to see you on a bike in Playa Del Carmen.

    And I’m not just talking to you women with tanned long legs.

    I’ve noticed that everyone on bikes kind of greets each other as they ride. There is camaraderie.

    They give a little wink to say “Ah, we also know the secret.”

    Bikes are cheap, make it easy to go everywhere, and they’re incredibly simple to rent.

    I’m sure I will see you biking around Playa in the near future!

    Lots of love,


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    Now it’s your turn. Do you have any experience, tips, or suggestions about renting a bike in Playa? Please share them in the comments section below!

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