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A few weeks ago I tried to convince some buddies to book one of the boutique hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

They’re not the most cultured group, and they had no idea what I was going on about.

At first they thought that boutique was some sort of codeword.

They thought that strippers would be dancing in the wardrobes of the hotel room.

Then they gasped in shock when I told them that the rooms didn’t feature 800 cable TV channels.

I explained that a boutique hotel was a small luxury hotel that has a healthy dose of personality.

I told them that every room is different, and that the boutique hotels in Playa Del Carmen have amazing décor.

They said that it sounded like a hotel for chicks.

Bull’s-eye. That was exactly my point.

If you’re three single dudes coming to Playa Del Carmen, then why not stay in the hotels where all the single women stay.

Why Boutique Hotels Are Important In Playa Del Carmen

Before moving to Playa Del Carmen, I also knew nothing about boutique hotels.

The city I came from petitioned for WWF to be added to the UNESCO world heritage list.

Let’s just say it wasn’t very cultured.

Thankfully, Playa Del Carmen has provided an opportunity for adult education, and I’ve learned about the different niches in the tourism industry.

Playa Del Carmen is not Cancun.

It’s not completely overrun by the international chains – yet.

It’s retained a cosmopolitan atmosphere and there are hundreds of local restaurants and bars.

However, you can still walk through Playa Del Carmen and see the same monotonous bullshit that you find everywhere else in the world: like Subway, Burger King, and Holiday Inn.

(To be honest with you, I actually like Subway!!!)

Let’s face it, if you’re staying in the Holiday Inn, you might as well be sleeping in Guatanamo Bay.

Box room, box bed, drab décor, 800 cable TV channels that don’t work, and staff that treat you like scum.

Boutique hotels in Playa Del Carmen challenge the international chains and offer personality to the hotel market.

They offer something very different and very Mexican.

And for that reason they’re absolutely essential to Playa Del Carmen.

What To Expect At A Playa Del Carmen Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels always have a very local feel.

In Playa Del Carmen, you can expect a combination of laid-back Mexican lifestyle, exceptional service, charming traditional décor, and a prime central location.

You can also expect most of the guests to have a bit of personality themselves.

Go to an all-inclusive resort, and you’ll meet the dullest of Playa Del Carmen’s guests.

You’ll meet the people who’ve only seen the airport and the resort, but then criticize Mexico and Mexicans for everything.

(Not the Mexicans don’t deserve it; believe me, they do.)

Stay at a Playa Del Carmen boutique hotel, and you’ll meet people who have more to talk about than what just happened on Facebook.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Boutique Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

When I started looking around Playa Del Carmen for the best boutique hotels I thought I needed some criteria for their inclusion on this list.

When I wrote about the best hotels in Playa Del Carmen or the best Playa Del Carmen resorts I looked at service, location, personality, and a few other things.

But for Playa Del Carmen boutique hotels, I only included them if they were brilliant hotels that showcased a distinct personality.

Each of the hotels on this list offer something different, with exceptional service inherently implied.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 1 – La Pasion Boutique

Across the town square, in a cool part of Playa Del Carmen, La Pasion Boutique is the quintessential Playa Del Carmen boutique hotel.

You’re still less than five minutes from 5th Avenue and the beach, but you’re miles away from the annoying tourist families that crowd parts of Playa Del Carmen in high season.

It’s charming, beautiful, and the staff go over the top to assist guests.

Then there is all the cute little touches that people remember, like the individually-styled rooms.

It’s one of the city’s worst kept secrets, as this place is almost always full – even in the middle of low season.

Prices vary dependent on the time of year, from $120 USD/night – $438 USD/night for a room.

I think that’s a bargain.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 2 – Acanto Boutique Hotel

One of my favorite hotels in Playa Del Carmen, if not the world, Acanto Boutique Hotel has got serious style.

Not snobbish, show-off type of style, but a beautiful and unique style that wouldn’t be out of place if you were paying $500 USD for a night.

As it is you only pay $160 USD/night – $300 USD/night.

It’s spacious, boasts a wide selection of rooms, and offers an ideal side street location that’s just a couple of minutes walk from 5th Ave.

Head to the roof terrace for incredible ocean views, then take dip in the tub with a drink in hand.

A tropical courtyard and pool is the final touch of perfection, offering a private sanctuary to unwind and recover from any heavy night of drinking.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 3 – Hotel Cielo

This is my favorite small hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

Hotel Cielo only has 18 rooms, and each of them features the owner’s incredible attention to detail.

Rooms start at just $79 USD/night in low season, which is pretty much the cheapest you can get in Playa Del Carmen.

Even in high season, the rooms are only $139 USD/night.

Again – what a bargain!

It’s maybe not as beautiful as Acanto, but has exceptional service, cleanliness, and a real Mexican flavor.

Carboncitos is next door, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

You get a 50% discount at Carboncitos, so you can hang out here and drink their tasty cocktails and Mexican beer.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 4 – Le Reve Hotel & Spa

A dreamy romantic hotel for couples, Le Reve is one of Playa Del Carmen’s unknown gems.

If you want something similar to a resort but without the overbearing size, then consider this place.

It’s out of town on a very quiet beach, 5 miles north of Playa Del Carmen.

Then it has beautiful swimming pools that are fringed with palm trees and extend over the sand.

There are only 25 rooms, and each is masterfully appointed.

It means there are few other tourists to share your piece of paradise with.

It’s a taxi ride from Playa Del Carmen’s downtown, so if you plan to really explore the town, I’d consider somewhere more convenient.

If you want a relaxed beach paradise that isn’t a resort, then I really recommend Le Reve.

Rooms are $200 USD/night – $600 USD/night.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 5 – Hacienda Paradise Boutique Hotel By Xperience Hotels

I wasn’t sure about including this one, as it’s not owner run; in fact, it is part of a big hotel chain.

However, Xperience Hotels have managed to nail down the perfect boutique hotel formula.

It’s only a couple of minutes from town, and they’ve gone all out to offer a laid-back Mexican style atmosphere.

Plus it’s cheap.

Rooms are just $105 USD/night – $135 USD/night in low season, and $135 USD/night – $195 USD/night in high season.

And for the originality on offer, it’s a bargain.

Boutique Hotel Playa Del Carmen 6 – Hotel Quinto Sol

If you’re looking for a boutique hotel on 5th Avenue, then Hotel Quinto Sol is for you.

Although it’s not as beautiful as the others on this list, the balconies overlooking 5th Avenue make up for that.

This is one of the best sightseeing spots (specifically, people watching) in the world.

Just hang on the balcony and watch all of 5th Ave unfold.

As it’s on 5th Ave, it’s in a noisy area that continues from about 11:AM to midnight.

If you want beachside serenity, then don’t stay here.

If you want a boutique hotel in the thick of the action, then Hotel Quinto Sol is absolutely ideal.

Rooms just $107 USD/night – $131 USD/night in low season and $155 USD/night –  $191 USD/night in high season.

A Last Word On Playa Del Carmen Boutique Hotels

When I moved to Playa Del Carmen I knew very little about boutique hotels.

Now that I’ve been educated a little, I would probably choose a boutique hotel if I was to come on vacation here – and that’s not just because of the chick to dude ratio.

If you want to experience an authentic side of Playa Del Carmen, then seriously consider one of the hotels on this list.

Then leave a comment and convince everyone else which is the best!

I will see you there soon…

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Am I missing any excellent boutique hotels in this article? Please leave your comments, tips, and suggestions below!

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  1. Hi Rufus

    Great site! I was just wondering if most hotels are guest friendly? If one were to, say, hook-up with someone from one of the clubs?

    Or would you recommend some over others?


    • Dave,

      Unfortunately, hotels and resorts here are NOT guest friendly. They want to squeeze every penny that they can out of visitors, so they will not let you have guests unless you PAY for additional guests.

      Of course, this is Mexico, so sometimes anything goes. You may be able to pay off or tip off either the receptionist or a late night security guard, but if there are multiple people there, they are all going to want to be tipped off. This could get quite expensive. Know that getting away with tipping off security to let guests in is the exception, and not the rule (i.e. it doesn’t happen often).

      The other alternative is to stay in some sort of Airbnb apartment that is rented for vacational purposes. In most of these types of properties, the security is not responsible for who comes and goes. Essentially, you can have as many people as you want in the room so long as you pay the flat rental fee.

      If you are looking to hook up with lots of women while you are here, this is likely your best option.

      Hope this helps…


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