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…a great place to visit – but only once…

Cancun is famous all over the world.

I’m sure if you asked people around the world to name a place in Mexico, they would say Cancun.

But Cancun isn’t really Mexico.

It’s more like an American city in Mexico – not just any city, but something like San Diego for Orlando, but with the Mexican feel.

Frankly, it’s been completely Americanised and over-developed.

If you stay in Cancun you might go two weeks without hearing a single word of Spanish! Not joking!

But that’s not to say Cancun doesn’t have a certain appeal.

If you’re staying in Playa Del Carmen, then it’s definitely worth a day trip.

What Are The Differences Between Playa Del Carmen And Cancun?

The main difference is the Americanisation and over-development.

Sure, Playa Del Carmen has been developed, but that’s nothing on the scale of Cancun.

Cancun is more expensive.

And that’s for everything.

Hotels, beers, souvenirs, restaurants.

So a holiday in Playa Del Carmen is cheaper.

Cancun is mainly home to package tourists.

That means groups of young people getting wasted, families with children, and the general boring, snobbish types who never leave the grounds of their all-inclusive resort.

So Why Do I Need Cancun Mexico Travel Information?

After saying all that, Cancun is definitely worth visiting.

The main reason is that it’s fun.

It has tons of bars and loads of young people wanting to get completely wasted.

Yes, it’s a bit brash and over the top.

But you’ll meet a lot of people, and if you’re on the pull, then Cancun is your best chance of getting lucky.

Cancun City is also an interesting place.

Most people in Cancun stay in the hotel zone, but the city is a fascinating area.

Why It’s Fun To Do A Cancun Excursion

I wouldn’t be giving out this Cancun Mexico travel information if I didn’t go to Cancun myself.

I sometimes make a little Cancun excursion for a laugh and a giggle.

Go to the beaches in Cancun and go cruising for women – not much else.

There are definitely more single women and groups of women in Cancun than Playa Del Carmen.

I wouldn’t say they’re better looking.

But they’re a bit easier to talk to.

It’s worth visiting just to see Cancun and how crazily developed the whole place is.

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s not interesting.

Downtown Cancun is a big city.

So big that if it was in America it would be in the top 30 biggest cities.

While it’s crowded and intense, you can wander around and find many hidden treasures, like cute side-street bars or restaurants.

The Must Do Activities In Cancun

Ask people in Cancun what their favorite holiday moment has been, and they’ll say something that isn’t in Cancun.

Like an excursion to Xcaret or going to Playa Del Carmen!

But there are some activities that Cancun is famous for.

And not just drinking.

There are a huge number of water sports you can do on the lagoon side.

Stuff like jet skiing and kayaking.

You can do them in Playa Del Carmen, but in Cancun there is a never ending choice of them.

If you want to go swimming, then pick a beach on the eastern side, as these have softer waves.

There are also a number of golf courses in Cancun.

Golf isn’t my thing but if you want choice over where you hit a ball then come to Cancun.

A Night Out In Cancun

But most of all come to Cancun for a night out.

There are more bars than Playa Del Carmen, and something happening every night of the week.

Some are expensive, some cheap, all of them will get you drunk.

Plus there will be a lot of people trying to achieve the same goal as you are; getting so wasted that you fall over.

Staying Safe In Cancun

One of the most important bits of Cancun Mexico travel information I can give you is how to stay safe.

Cancun does have a reputation for petty crime, particularly if you are heading out of the hotel zone.

But with some basic precautions there is nothing unsafe about going to Cancun.

Firstly, when you’re on the beach, keep track of your belongings.

It’s no good going swimming at midnight and then complaining that your shorts got stolen from the beach.

That’s just stupid.

Try not to look too much like a tourist when you go into Cancun city.

That means not carrying your camera around your neck or wearing those tiny shorts that seem to be coming into fashion.

Don’t advertise your wealth. Why would you want to in the first place?

So keep the credit cards and iPhones tucked away and not on display.

How To Get To Cancun?

Cancun is very easy to reach from Playa Del Carmen.

If you go in the day then there are buses from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun City.

If you’re going for a night out, then rent a minivan or taxi.

If you don’t have transport booked to come back, then the local taxi drivers will rip you off at 3am.

They know you’re drunk!

So best you have it booked and know there is a simple route home.

While Playa Del Carmen is a much better destination than Cancun, they’re less than an hour apart, so it’s easy to make a little excursion and check it out.

I hope you check out Cancun, compare it to this city, and then you can have your own informed opinion as well!

Lots of love,


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