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I was walking along the southern beaches of Playa Del Carmen yesterday and I couldn’t help laugh at the line different sights.

It was something like: 5 star resort, all-inclusive resort, overweight American parents shouting at their kids, another synthetic-style resort, sunburned group of Brits smothered in cooking oil, another all-inclusive resort, average looking Swedish chicks who refuse to return my wink…

The southern beachfront began to feel a little monotonous.

It’s overpopulated by the big 5 star resorts and all inclusive places.

It’s also overpopulated by a combination of irritated families, sunburned wrinkled Europeans, and women who think they’re way hotter than they are.

There had to be more.

And there is!

Thankfully, just a block away from the beach there are alternative accommodation options and a different kind of tourist.

One of these alternative options is a condo hotel.

What The Heck Is A Condo Hotel?

A condo hotel is exactly what it sounds like – a combination between a condo and a hotel.

So, essentially, there are condominiums that are set in a resort-style environment.

You get the space and freedom of having your own apartment.

But with the amenities of a resort – like a pool, spa, concierge, and reception area.

You also get a more exciting breed of tourist than the stale lot who stay in all inclusive resorts.

This is also a great option for long-term rental, and you can get some amazing deals if you plan to stay for a month or more.

Why Renting A Condo Hotel In Playa Del Carmen May Be Your Best Option

Most hotels and resorts are filled with restrictions.

They have security at the reception desk, so it’s difficult to bring somebody back if you get lucky.

Most Playa Del Carmen resorts base their prices on how many rooms you rent – and how many people are staying.

So you normally have to pay extra for your buddy who sleeps on the sofa.

If a room has two double beds, then you get charged more if four people stay instead of two.

But it’s the same room!” you might say.

However, a condo hotel just charges for the room.

So if you’re a group, it makes financial sense to stay here.

Remember, you’ll still get the same quality of amenities and facilities as a resort.

Except you’ll get a few more, like a massive kitchen and fridge to stock all that Mexican beer.

The condo hotels are different than Playa Del Carmen villas.

They still have cleaners and maids who will keep everything in decent condition.

However, you shouldn’t expect the same level of personal service as in a resort.

How To Find And Book A Condo Hotel In Playa Del Carmen

Most condo hotels can be booked online through intermediary websites.

You should be able to compare facilities, prices, location, and amenities.

You will almost certainly have to pay a deposit beforehand.

For some, this can be done with a credit card.

With others, it will be an international bank transfer.

Before paying a deposit make sure you check out reviews of the condo hotel and confirm that you’re dealing with the owner / manager.

Another option is to take a look at my shortlist of the top four accessible condo hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

All of these are very popular and good choices if you’re a small group on vacation here.

Condo Hotel Playa Del Carmen 1 – El Taj Oceanfront And Beachside Condo Hotel

This one is actually on the beach and is one of the best places to stay in the whole of Playa Del Carmen.

In many ways, it’s an idyllic beachfront resort, with stunning views, exceptional amenities, and the most sumptuous of locations.

But it’s not a stuffy resort.

It’s got spacious rooms with glorious views, great service, and lots of extras like a top notch sound system and MP3 player in the room.

Condo Hotel Playa Del Carmen 2 – Mayan Villa Condo Hotel And Beach Club

This place is managed by the same people as the El Taj and it’s just as good.

They’ve got a great range of condos, including exclusive three bedroom options with more bathrooms that you need.

An outdoor rooftop jacuzzi area is perfect for drinking cocktails over a lingering sunset, while the pool offers a relaxed haven just around the corner from 5th Avenue.

Condo Hotel Playa Del Carmen 3 – Porto Playa Condo Hotel & Beach Club

If you want a beautiful condo hotel for a romantic break, then this is a place.

It’s not great for inviting people back and having an all-night party.

But if you want rest, relaxation, and to finally finish reading Game of Thrones, then this is a winner.

Ask for a room with a pool and ocean view, as they’re much nicer than the outer-facing rooms.

It’s only a few minutes walk to the beach and 5th Avenue, and the rooftop jacuzzi and BBQ adds an extra wow factor.

Condo Hotel Playa Del Carmen 4 – Villa Sacbe Condo Hotel And Beach Club

If you plan to spend a lot of your vacation partying, then this is an excellent choice.

Some guests complain about the noise at night, but if you’re out partying and drinking, you definitely aren’t going to notice it.

Plus, there’s not really any security or concierge (at the time of this writing), so you can bring the whole of the club back to your condo if you wish.

It’s not as big and beautiful as the others, but the bigger condos are much cheaper than the other three on this list.

A Final Word On Condo Hotels

Most people search for Playa Del Carmen accommodations and get completely preoccupied by resorts and all inclusive places.

Unfortunately, they think that this is the only way to go in Playa Del Carmen.

Don’t believe this myth.

A condo hotel offers an excellent alternative, especially for groups.

This list of four condo hotels just includes the ones I’ve checked out.

There are many more options if you search online.

Remember, you don’t need to come to Playa Del Carmen and be the standard tourist! BORING!!!

That’s why I really recommend a condo hotel.

I hope to see you at one soon, and leave a comment below to let me know how your stay turned out!

Lots of love,


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