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… let’s hope you don’t have to use this page…

So, in your constant quest for adventure, you injured yourself.

You fell off a balcony when you passed out standing up. A scuba diving tank fell on your foot as you were loading it on the boat (actually this happened to my neighbor!). A taxi didn’t stop as you were riding along a bike path, and you ran into him.

In essence, you had a boo-boo. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.


  • In case of emergency in Mexico,  dial 911 (NOTE: The emergency number used to be 066, but changed to 911 in 2017.)

The rest of the numbers below are to help you in case of non-emergencies.


Hospital San Carlos Riviera Maya

Hospital San Carlos Riviera Maya is a private hospital. Believe me when I say that this means a lot in Mexico.

Many of the hospitals in Mexico are state run. Generally speaking, you want to avoid them.

Think: long lines, little English spoken, and doctors that don’t have the experience to work at one of the private hospitals.

Here you will receive superb service – but there’s a price to pay. The service will cost you more than the state-run hospitals.

$100 USD to see a doctor (Be sure to pay in pesos, as they will not give you a good exchange rate otherwise)

US Embassy / US Consulate

Canadian Embassy / Canadian Consulate

I hope the information on this page helps, and I hope you never have to use it!

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