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…truly a unique honeymoon destination…

Sometimes I walk along the Playa Del Carmen beach I get a few twinges of jealousy.

It’s as if everywhere I look there are happy couples.

I see them walking hand in hand down the beach, and you can tell they didn’t just meet in a rambunctious bar the night before.

They’re walking along looking at peace with the world, while the closest I get to romance is a night in with a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

Playa Del Carmen is fast becoming a honeymoon hotspot for newly-wed couples of all ages.

The honeymoon suites are filling up, and the champagne corks are getting popped.

But you don’t want to be the kind of couple that ends up on the honeymoon tour bus to unoriginality.

While I might not have been on a honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, I think I know enough to show you how to have both a romantic and private vacation.

Why Choose A Honeymoon In Playa Del Carmen

Weddings are stressful.

So honeymoons should be relaxed right?

Playa Del Carmen is as chilled as it gets.

If you want to lounge around doing nothing in paradise, then you’ve found the right place.

But a honeymoon Playa Del Carmen also has adventure.

The sheer quantity of amazing activities means there is always something that will appeal to both of you.

Most of all couples want some privacy on a honeymoon.

While the most popular part of the beach and 5th Avenue area is busy, there are thousands of secluded places to escape to.

If you want to spend a day without seeing a single other person, that’s very possible in Playa Del Carmen – just not in the tourist areas.

Honeymoon Suites In Playa Del Carmen

Hotels and resorts in Playa Del Carmen have long been catering for weddings and honeymoons.

When it comes to honeymoon suites they’ve gone completely over the top to create something memorable.

For example there are hotels in Playacar and Puerto Morelos that help couples have something very individual.

Like bedroom delivery of a meal from one of Playa Del Carmen’s top restaurants.

Or flowers on arrival.

Most honeymoon suites have private jacuzzis, often with views of the ocean.

And the good news is that they’re much cheaper than honeymoon suites in the States or other countries.

For something a little different you could also rent your own villa with a private swimming pool.

Probably the most romantic honeymoon spot on the whole Riviera Maya is the Banyan Tree Mayakoba.

The Mayakoba suites are set in a mangrove which makes it appear that you have no neighbors.

Romantic Places In Playa Del Carmen

There are some potentially romantic activities in Playa Del Carmen that everyone can do.

Like swimming together with dolphins or exploring the Mayan ruins at Tulum at sunset.

But around Playa Del Carmen there are some activities and locations that specialize in offering romance.

For restaurants I would recommend Oh Lala, an enchanting restaurant on Calle 14 that only receives 24 guests an evening.

Also try Imprevist, a charming restaurant for fine dining lovers.

Reservations are recommended for both of these.

There are many romantic places to explore in the jungle like swimming in cenotes next to waterfalls.

Or touring the ruins at Coba.

It’s easy to organize a unique tour to these places.

Another option is to go horseback riding at Rancho Punta Venado.

For uber luxury, how about renting your own private yacht for the day and cruising around the Caribbean.

Many high end hotels also have spa facilities that include special packages for couples.

How To Plan Your Honeymoon In Playa Del Carmen

Sometimes you travel and take every day as it comes.

But if you want a memorable Playa Del Carmen honeymoon, then it’s good to do a little planning.

You can get some great prices if you book your flights reasonably in advance.

You already know the wedding date, so why not book the honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen?

Check out the reviews of hotels that have been written by couples.

Some hotels are tailored for couples, while others can be full of families and screaming children.

Make a list of all the activities you want to do.

While Playa Del Carmen is relatively cheap, the cost of some of these add up.

Take a look at the link above to see all that I wrote about all the different options available in Playa Del Carmen.

Finally, before you arrive, make a couple of restaurant reservations for places like Oh Lala.

These honeymoon hotspots fill up fast.

Making Special Arrangements For Your Playa Del Carmen Honeymoon

Most hotels with honeymoon suites will respond to anything you would like on arrival.

You’re like VIPs, so send them a message and request something that would make your other half extremely happy.

Like a private candlelit dinner on the beach for your first night.

Why not have a traditional Mariachi band welcome you at the hotel.

Or arrange an airport transfer in a classic car.

The hotels in Playa Del Carmen are very accommodating when it comes to making a honeymooning couple happy.

They will often include some surprise extras like cocktails on arrival.

Should I Choose Playa Del Carmen For My Honeymoon?

Playa Del Carmen is not Cancun (thankfully).

Some people mistakenly think that Playa Del Carmen is going to be insanely crowded like its northern neighbor.

Playa Del Carmen has a small-town, relaxed vibe, and it’s usually not over-crowded – except right around the new year.

Most importantly, it benefits from space.

All around Playa Del Carmen there is nothing but beach and jungle.

So it’s easy to find your own piece of paradise.

Then there are the photos.

In today’s Facebook age nobody cares too much about your standard vacation photos.

But people are going to want to see your honeymoon snaps.

And Playa Del Carmen always looks good in photographs.

The sun is shining, the ocean is blue, and the nature looks like something from a National Geographic program.

If I was going on honeymoon, I would choose Playa Del Carmen.

Although, as I said, the closest I’m getting to romance at the moment is cuddling with an empty bottle of tequila.

You only get one honeymoon (hopefully), so make sure it’s a good one!

I hope to see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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