Jungle Tour Playa Del Carmen

…this city has activities, beaches, bars, and…JUNGLE….

When I was kid, Walt Disney’s “Jungle Book” was my favorite film.

I watched it so much the machine chewed up the tape.

Then when I was a bit older I got obsessed with “Pocahontas” but enough about that.

Coming to Playa Del Carmen a part of me still hoped to find talking animals in the trees.

To my disappointment, I’ve never seen Mowgli here.

But going on a jungle tour brought me close to some strange looking creatures, and was far more exciting than watching videos.

The jungle surrounds Playa Del Carmen.

So if you don’t visit the jungle you’ve missed out on a huge part of what makes Playa Del Carmen so special.

What Will I Find In The Jungle?

No jungle comes without trees, and you won’t have seen trees as spectacular as the Playa Del Carmen jungle.

Go along dirt roads and jungle trails where nature completely surrounds you.

Keep your eyes peeled for spider monkeys swinging around.

Jungles are the most bio-diverse parts of our planet, so every corner brings something new to delight your eyes.

Deep in the jungle are hidden caves, local Mayan families, and the crystal clear water of cenotes.

Then there are the ancient ruins that provide the contrast to the trees.

You can abseil down to hidden water, snorkel amongst crazy rock formations, and zip line through the trees.

Which Type Of Jungle Tour Should I Take?

The best thing about the jungle is that each corner brings something new.

You never know what’s just through the trees.

There are many ways to explore it.

You can go by safari truck or vehicle along the dirt roads to the different attractions.

Or take an ATV Jungle Tour and rumble along the jungle paths.

Read more about this here.

Walking and mountain bike jungle tours are also possible.

They get you closer to nature, but the slower pace means they don’t visit as many attractions.

What’s Included In A Standard Jungle Tour?

Different companies offer different packages, but in general, jungle tours include similar experiences.

You’ll be deep within the jungle.

So get ready for those funny looking monkeys and creeping branches that trip you up when you walk.

Most will visit a cenote, a place where the ground has given way to leave underground pools of water.

You can reach these spectacular openings by abseiling and then swimming and snorkeling in the cool water.

You’ll zip-line through the trees and enjoy the jungle from a different angle.

The jungle is also an excellent opportunity for authentic interaction with local Mayas.

Learning about their culture is essential to understanding the Playa Del Carmen area.

What To Expect From Your Guide?

A good guide can really make a trip.

  • They should be enthusiastic and get everybody going even when the tour starts at 7am.
  • They should have a great knowledge of the jungle.

I went into the jungle on my own and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

I was walking past all these cool things that didn’t even register.

Then I took a tour.

I found out about different tree barks and where to spot certain creatures.

  • How do the Mayans use a strange leaf?
  • How old are these trees?

Your guide’s knowledge makes an adventure tour a very informative one.

Most guides speak English and Spanish.

But you can request a guide that speaks other European languages like French, German, or Italian.

Is It Safe In The Jungle?

Unlike Jungle Book there aren’t any man killing tigers in the Mexican jungle.

But you do have to be careful, particularly if you venture off from your guide.

This way?

No, that way?

Wait, every way looks the same!

The jungle can completely disorientate you so stick to the clear paths.

Rather than tigers, the biting animals are generally insects like mosquitoes and leeches.

Cover up, wear insect repellent, and ensure you have good closed footwear – not flip-flops!

If you’ve got children under six then better wait until they get older.

How Much Does A Jungle Tour Cost?

A full day jungle tour costs $100-120 USD for an adult and $70-80 USD for a child aged 6-12.

It sounds a lot, but when you think of all the different activities it’s actually great value.

Rappelling, zip-line, snorkeling, 4×4 ride, and Mayan culture experience is a lot to fit into one day.

Most importantly, the tours take you deep into the jungle.

You’re not just seeing a few trees.

This is a whole different world.

Should I Go On A Jungle Tour?

When I speak to tourists around Playa Del Carmen many tell me that the jungle tour is their favorite excursion.

It’s easy to spend your whole holiday only experiencing Playa Del Carmen’s more famous ecosystem, the beach and ocean.

But there are few places in the world where it is as easy to go deep into authentic jungle.

Live the adventure, and I hope to see you on one of the jungle tours soon!

Lots of love,


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Now it’s your turn. Do you have a jungle tour experience that you would like to share with us? Please leave them in the comments section below!

2 comments on “Jungle Tour Playa Del Carmen

    • Nick,

      No trails in the jungle. If you find one and it’s not on a tour, DON’T FOLLOW IT! It probably either leads to a dead-end private estate or maybe to some cartel hideout.

      However, there are loads of places to walk around here (beaches, bike paths through the city, sidewalks, pedestrian-only Fifth Avenue, etc).

      Finally, there are a few bike clubs here, but they seem to operate intermittently. I used to know one that went to a super private cenote that was not accessible except via mountain bike trails. Not sure if they’re still around though.

      Good luck, Nick!!!


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