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Whenever I return to the States, my friends all say something like, “Can you give me some travel advice for Mexico?”

I’m always like, “Dude…where do I even start?”

Drink mescal, lounge on the beach, go to Playa Del Carmen, and try not to do anything stupid.

But that’s not really helpful, is it?

Especially since I’ve spent over three years living in Mexico.

And especially since not one of my buddies can go more than 24 hours without being an idiot.

However, my new year’s resolution was to be a bit more helpful and give some really solid Mexico travel advice to my friends.

So I did, and it seemed to be successful.

Because my buddies came to visit Playa Del Carmen, and after two weeks the grand scores were; only 1 bout of bad sunscreen, 0 lost passports, and only 1 suspected sexual transmitted disease.

Anyway, here is my short and sharp Mexico travel advice.

Plan Your Trip Before You Leave

Mexico is pretty big.

And parts of it have got more drug cartels than cocktail bars.

So make a plan of where you want to go and check that all of it is going to be safe.

Make sure you put Playa Del Carmen into your itinerary.

It’s safe and amazing (okay Rufus, get off the Playa Del Carmen megaphone…)

Have a rough idea of an itinerary.

It will save time later.

Make sure your passport is valid for six months from the date of entry – you’ll be surprised how many people arrive at the border only to realize their passport has expired!

Is this last one really Mexico travel advice?

Or is a qualification test for stupidity?

What Activities Can I Do In Mexico And Playa Del Carmen?

Have a look at the activities you can do before you arrive.

When you arrive in Mexico, everyone will offer innumerable amazing-sounding activities.

Then, before you know it, your money has run out, and you’ve missed out some things you always wanted to do.

My travel advice is to read up about some of these things and decide how best to use your time and money.

You can do things like the following:

Costs Of Traveling In Mexico

There are no set costs for traveling in Mexico.

You could spend $20 a day or you could spend $2000 a day.

In general, if you do as the locals do, then traveling in Mexico is very cheap.

But it’s hard to do as the locals do when you’re on vacation.

As soon as you start going to nice restaurants and doing the activities, then the prices shoot up.

Even so, Mexico is a cheap country to vacation in, and you get great value for your $$$.

To have fun in Playa Del Carmen then, you really don’t need that much money.

Before you leave make sure you know the current exchange rate between the Mexican peso and the USD.

This is really important travel advice because it stops you from getting ripped off when you arrive.

Mexico Travel Advice – Getting The Best Deal On Your vacation

If you want to vacation in Mexico and Playa Del Carmen for cheap, then here is some quick travel advice:

  • Don’t travel in peak season. Preferably travel in low season when the hotels are empty and would prefer to do a deal.
  • Check out all the different online sites for flight deals. Especially out of season you can get great hotels for cheap.
  • Mexico has some great accommodations. You don’t need to stay in a 4 or 5-star resort to get a nice hotel. They also have some really cool hostels you could stay in – they have a great atmosphere.
  • You can also get great deals if you book at the last minute. In low season you can just book your flights and then find a cheap hotel deal a few days before.

What To Do When You’re In Mexico

The best travel advice I can give is to just use your common sense when you’re in Mexico.

Respect the local culture, don’t do anything completely stupid, and come with a free and open mind.

The locals are very friendly, and you’ll soon make some Mexican friends.

Especially if you take my advice and learn some basic Spanish.

What Not To Do When You’re In Mexico

Remember that Mexico isn’t your own neighborhood back home.

You can’t walk around doing as you please, particularly given how unfriendly the local Mexican police can be.

Don’t do stupid things like pee on the sidewalk or get naked on the streets.

Don’t get into any fights.

That’s a sure way to learn what the inside of a Mexican jail cell looks like.

Don’t try to buy any drugs off the dudes on the street.

If you must buy drugs then ask a friend or somebody who lives here.

But don’t ask me for help with that; I’m not into that kind of thing.

Don’t drive the locals NUTS by acting all arrogant or being ignorant of local culture.

That means no walking through the streets singing bad football chants or thinking you’re above the locals.

Some Final Mexico Travel Advice

Getting home safely shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve followed my advice.

How to get home will be in your itinerary!

Don’t forget to buy a few souvenirs of your time in Mexico.

You’ll regret it later if you don’t.

And remember, this is Mexico…slow down, relax, take things easy.

Nothing happens quickly here, which is a fantastic way of life if you’re on vacation…

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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