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…a great way to get a feel for Playa without actually visiting…

My buddy called me the other day from the States.

He was complaining about everything; the weather, the food, the women, etc.

I said, “Dude, just come to Playa Del Carmen and stay with me.”

But he’s not the most adventurous type and started listing the reasons why he wouldn’t like it.

His listed some reasons why he couldn’t come, like the weather, the food, and the women…(some things dictate everything…)

He’s not a big reader so I needed to find another way to convince him about Playa Del Carmen.

So I started looking online for Mexico travel videos.

The video that you see below was a professionally made pilot for a travel video series that never came to fruition. It is by far the best video on Playa Del Carmen that exists on the Internet and on YouTube! Watch it and get excited!

Why Watch Mexico Travel Videos?

Most stuff on YouTube is utterly pointless.

Cat jumps into a window.

Woman tries dancing upside down and falls through glass table…amusing for all of 3 seconds.

And there are some terrible Mexico travel videos.

Some people think that because they’ve got a handicam they can post 9 minute videos of themselves sunbathing.

But there are some cool videos around.

They really get you excited about Mexico – and Playa Del Carmen specifically.

They give you a little glimpse.

Not much, but just enough to convince you to visit.

Some Great Mexico Travel Videos

When you’re on YouTube there is too much choice.

I feel bombarded, and then I get frustrated waiting for that skip ads timer to run down.

Rather than spend ages searching for the good videos, I’ve provided a list of some of the best.

Call it Rufus’s Mexico YouTube Playlist.

Some Great Playa Del Carmen Videos

Quite a few people have made videos about Playa Del Carmen.

They’re really useful to get an idea about what might be waiting for you.

But if you search “Playa Del Carmen videos” you just get an old American guy with his handicam – JCVdude is his YouTube username.

Try these instead:

What Have We Learned From All These Mexico Travel Videos?

I hope the above videos have given you a glimpse into life in Playa Del Carmen and Mexico.

But don’t forget about poor Rufus!

You should still read what I write and not just spend all your time scouring YouTube.

Still…it does make the place look pretty amazing!

I hope to see YOUR travel videos on YouTube next!

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have some tips or suggestions about travel videos that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments section below!

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