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…so much to do, so little time…

If you think there are a shortage of activities to do in Playa Del Carmen, you’re wrong – dead wrong!

Playa Del Carmen is generally considered a beach resort.

However, the surrounding area generously grants a giant list of options that will keep even the most gregarious among you drooling on your pillows in pleasure.

Playa Del Carmen is surrounded by some of the most desirable destinations in the world. It has beautiful beaches, a top-notch nightlife, and more than a hint of history.

There is a touch of Mayan mythology, an assortment of extravagant excursions, and entertainment that caters to all age groups and genders.

In fact, there are so many things to do, the most difficult decision you will debate while planning your trip is figuring out which of the activities you are most apt to engage in.

I produced this page because I wanted to provide a place that listed the most common activities, but also offered a broad range of options for even the most demanding among you.

Although I have attempted to be comprehensive and complete, make sure you return to this page as you plan your trip in order to stay updated on any additional activities that have come to my attention.


If you haven’t already looked at some of the maps of Playa Del Carmen, then you should know that the main street of the city is called Fifth Avenue.

It is where all the benefits begin.

It will likely be your starting point as you explore the city.

Because you will have a limited time, there are probably too many things to do here. You will need to budget your time wisely.

I would suggest shopping on fifth Avenue for starters, as it offers a wealth of opportunities for finding the perfect souvenir to send back to the states.

Although Fifth Avenue is not generally considered downtown Playa Del Carmen, it is the most ostensible location for tourist activity.

As you stroll the street, you’ll notice there are places to get a massage, rent a scooter, or even borrow a bicycle.

In fact, renting a scooter can be quite fun and will allow you to get off the beaten path and see things that most tourists often overlook.

Renting a bicycle is also fun. It is also an excellent way to exercise.

In any case, you will need to take care around the traffic.

Mexican drivers are notorious for their negligent driving habits.

However, if you really want to lash out at them in their own language, you could attend some Spanish lessons or visit one of the other local language schools.

WARNING: You will find a lot of decadence after dark. There are bars, nightclubs, beach clubs, and sports bars that provide excellent entertainment.

Moreover, if you are excessively extroverted, you might be able to whip up some wild sex with a willing local–or even talk a fellow tourist into experiencing your escapade.

Finally, (and because i don’t want to exclude anyone) if you are part of one of those secret societies you find in most resort retreats, there are even swingers groups and gay bars.


In addition to the normal activities you might find on land, Playa Del Carmen offers an outstanding outlet for outdoorsmen who wish to mix sun, salty seas, and satisfaction.

True to its original identity, fishing is still a fantastic way to experience the character of the area.

In any case, if you do go fishing, you will need to decide on what type.

The most popular are deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, and regular fishing using the classic hook and bobber technique.

You will also need to decide what type of craft you want to charter.

Boat charters usually range in price and availability, so it is best to reserve them early if you know the exact date you will be coming.

Hardly open to debate, the most picturesque photographs involving Playa Del Carmen usually prefer to include people posing in bathing suits on the beach or participating in one of the most common beach activities.

I can’t say I blame them.

Although I have suggestions about which is the best beach in Playa Del Carmen, the fact of the matter is that they are all good.

Who can resist the temptation to take photographs of themselves on white sand beaches standing next to baby blue water binging on a blissful cocktail in paradise?

Jealousy amongst your Facebook friends? Inevitable envy in the office when you return?

Not unexpected.

It is all par for the course.

Take it in stride.

Although it is nice to impress your coworkers, the more pure among us have a more humble and hedonistic habit of finding fun activities and an appetite for the sublime that frequently needs satisfying.

You will find it all here.

In fact, if you are looking for pure satisfaction, you may want to try snorkeling or scuba diving.

Both are quite rewarding, and the wildlife that you will witness is nothing short of spectacular.

For the more adventurous, you may want to go diving in one of the local cenotes (say-NO-tays). You could also attempt to go topless if you are so inclined.

Parasailing is also a great way to let off some steam.

It is relatively inexpensive, invariably exciting, and indispensable to those who would like to see the beach from a few hundred feet above the splashing seas.

If you want your own craft to control, you could also rent a jet ski.

You will find several places that rent jet skis along the beach.

The prices are normally negotiable – depending on the number of people in your group.

Renting a jet ski is a great way to quickly see the entirety of Playa Del Carmen’s beaches without having to walk them all.

Finally, for those of you who would like to be social with other species, you can go swimming with dolphins or sail farther out to sea and even go swimming with whale sharks.

Both of these activities are extremely exciting.

If you choose to swim with dolphins, you will also have to decide the amount of time you want to swim with them and which package you will buy.

The dolphin trainers will even teach you how to train dolphins for an extra fee.

Wow! Imagine yourself as a dolphin trainer!


All of you sportsmen out there will have no problem at all finding activities to suit your appetite for adventure.

If you are a gifted golfer, Playa Del Carmen offers several great courses. Golfing here is great.

Although the golf courses are not extremely cheap, they do offer some amazing views in a perfect environment for both the experienced and those with less tee time under their belts.

If you have the strength and stamina, you could even try kite boarding.

Due to the constant ocean breeze, Playa Del Carmen offers a great opportunity for some fantastic kite boarding.

Finally, if you want a birds eye view of the beaches and surrounding cities, give skydiving a go.

Although some people may not consider skydiving safe, the instructors in Playa Del Carmen have participated in thousands of safe jumps and are very experienced.

However, you may want to bring an extra pair of underwear in your bag (just in case)!

Skydiving in Playa Del Carmen is just that much fun!


By now it is likely apparent that Playa Del Carmen has plenty of activities to participate in.

However, those of you with a self-diagnosed case of ADHD may need more.

No problem.

Remember: Playa Del Carmen is not an isolated island in the middle of the mare (“ocean’” in Spanish).

There are many activities just outside the city that are equally exciting.

One of the favorite activities among tourists is zip lining.

Zip lining – in and of itself – is fun.

However, when you add the jungle, cenotes, and historical hikes to the tour, you complete the adventure.

Keep in mind that the zip lining tours are physically demanding.

Don’t participate unless you are ready to put forth your best self.

If you like a mix of power, speed, and scenery, you might want to try one of the ATV jungle tours.

While participating in this activity, you will get to ride in ATV on trails through the jungle and even visit some deserted beaches.

And if you don’t get enough exercise atop an ATV, you could always go on one of Playa Del Carmen’s bike tours or jungle tours.


Frankly, this page is getting way too long. Ironically, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the Playa Del Carmen activities available to visitors.

In fact, there are many other seasonal local attractions–and even simple sightseeing can be quite satisfying here.

Also, don’t forget that you can visit places like Tulum, Cancun, and Cozumel.

They, too, each offer hundreds of OTHER activities.

Don’t for a moment think you’ll be passing your days here bored in your hotel bedroom.

It won’t happen.

Also, please don’t pick a fight with your sibling or significant other about which Playa Del Carmen activities are best.

They are all good, and it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are perfect for your personality and personal tastes.

I hope that all of you participate in as many of Playa’s amazing activities as possible!

I will see you here soon…..

Lots of love,


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4 comments on “Playa Del Carmen Activities

  1. Hi Rufus
    Just wanted to say big thanks for your site, it´s fun, informative, it really have all I need :-)

    Hopefully I´ll visit from 30´th of March to 12´th of April :-) :-)


    Hanne from Denmark

    • Huggable Hanne,

      Thank you for the comment! I am glad you are enjoying my website and finding the information informative. You are coming a long ways for vacation (all the way from Denmark), so it is best to do your research BEFORE you arrive rather than AFTER. Vacation time is precious.

      The end of March / beginning of April is the end of the high season here. It is usually starting to get quite warm at that time of year, so make sure you pack your swimsuit!

      There are so many activities and other things to do in this area that I think you will have no problem at all staying busy no matter what your tastes or preferences are.

      Let me know if you need anything else, Hanne.

      Lots of love…..


      P.S. How do you pronounce your name? I’ve never encountered it before. I knew a girl in college named Hannah. I used to call her “Hannah Banana.” She complained and would punch me sometimes, but I think she secretly enjoyed it (except when she dumped me for someone else). Is the pronunciation of your name the same?

      • Hi Rufus

        I´m doing a lot of recearch now and that´s half the fun , to be honest :-)

        You bet I´ll pack swimsuits and shorts, compared to Denmark, Mexico is very hot ! Today we had 2 degrees celcius….

        Whenever I travel in a english speaking country I just say my name is Hannah, because it´s very hard for english, americans, canadians etc to pronaunce the “e” correctly :-) :-)

        And yes, it´s bit of a trip from Denmark, but so was Bali and Thailand :-)


        • Heart-stopping Hanne,

          Believe me when I say that I know what it’s like to do some research. I remember when I first decided to create this website I got so intricately involved with this city that I actually found myself dreaming about it at night – on several occasions. The research was fun, but the experience was even more delightful.

          Two degrees Celsius is quite cold, but I know the worst is yet to come. You are just entering winter, so I’m sure it’s going to get a lot cooler than it is now. I actually like the cold, but not when it gets bitter cold.

          I don’t blame you for using Hannah. I think it’s easy, and quite common. It’s always uncomfortable for other people when they cannot pronounce your name.

          I recently met up with a visitor who contacted me and wanted to go out for a beer. He was American, but had recently married a Dutch woman. Her name was “Gine.” Fair enough, but the pronunciation was completely different from what I had expected. Every time I tried pronouncing “Gine” the same way she did, I felt like a child choking on Count Chocula cereal served without milk. (I don’t know if they have Count Chocula in Denmark, but in the US it used to be popular with kids.)

          By the end of the night I just ended up calling her “sweetheart” because it was so much easier than the alternative. Luckily, her husband was a great guy and didn’t mind. Really, no disrespect was intended; I just didn’t want to butcher her name.

          NOTE TO ANYONE READING THIS: If you meet Hanne from Denmark, you can call her either “Hannah” or “Sweetheart.” She goes by either (but prefers “Sweetheart” if you’re a handsome guy).

          Problem solved, Hanne. If you need anything else, please let me know.

          Lots of love…


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