Playa Del Carmen Airport Code


The Playa Del Carmen airport code is PCM.


💡Look for CUN, the Cancun airport code. You will fly there, and then you will take a transfer to Playa Del Carmen.

Read on, and I will tell you more. But first, let me tell you about last night…

You know those mornings when you wake up and think, “What happened last night?

But then you don’t want to ask that question because you know the answer will involve something that’s extremely embarrassing on your part.

Well, as I survey my living room, I’m trying to piece together what happened without having to call a friend.

I usually begin by searching for evidence and then start putting the pieces together.

  • First bit of evidence: empty bottle of tequila.
  • Second bit: my aviators are on the table.
  • Third bit: the Top Gun album still playing on the stereo.

Shit. Not again.

I make a phone call to clarify the situation; it’s as I feared.

My friend confirms that I invited three women back to my apartment by claiming I was a pilot and using Goose’s great line: “Show me the way home, honey.

Then I spent the whole night making Top Gun one-liners and wearing the aviators inside.

This is happening too often.

Take a close look at the map below to help you better understand everything on this page, and then read on, my friend.


“What’s Your Crazy Story Got To Do With The Playa Del Carmen Airport Code, You Fool?”

Apologies for the long-winded introduction.

I’ve been hanging around the Playa Del Carmen airport too much.

Ever since I learned about air-taxis, I can’t keep my eyes off that runway.

I keep thinking of a taxi (car) with wings flying through the air.


I also stupidly think that I can pretend to be a pilot just because I’ve learned a few airport codes!

In all honesty, my dad is a pilot.

As a matter of fact I grew up with a Cessna 172 Skyhawk in the backyard.

Unfortunately, my dad sold it when I was 16 years old, so I have never had the opportunity to get my pilot’s license – yet.

The Playa Del Carmen Airport Code

The Playa Del Carmen airport code is PCM.

They have codes for every airport in the world.

Some of them make sense.

Like JFK for JFK Airport in New York.

Does PCM make sense?

Kind of. But not really. Why not just use PDC for Playa Del Carmen?

I did some research.

The most sensible Playa Del Carmen airport code (PDC) is actually assigned to Mueo Airport.

That’s a place that doesn’t have P, D, or C in it’s title.

Mueo is a destination I’m sure you’ve all heard of.

I mean not a day goes by without me thinking, “Oh I wonder what’s going on in Mueo?

Mueo is situated on the Pacific island of New Caledonia.

It’s probably some dodgy tropical place where they still have cannibals. How dare they steal the Playa Del Carmen airport code!

I’m certain they’ve never heard of Top Gun on this island. I bet they’re missing out on the movie’s iconic soundtrack…

Why You Need To Know The Playa Del Carmen Airport Code?

So every airport has a code. Which makes it simple when a pilot wants to land somewhere.

Why is that important?

Because of air-taxis!

The Playa Del Carmen airport does not have any scheduled flights.

Instead it’s used by private planes and the dudes who run the skydiving business here.

It could also be a prime place for drug smuggling.

Hence the large military presence at the airport.

But the best thing about Playa Del Carmen airport is the air-taxis.

What On Earth Is An Air Taxi?

You’ve got loads of famous taxis in the world.

Yellow ones in NYC, black ones in London, three-wheeled ones in India.

Hell, I’m sure there is somewhere in the world where the taxis even carry their customers.

In Playa Del Carmen you’ve got plane taxis.

That’s right. Welcome aboard your private Cessna plane!

These air taxis travel all over the Riviera Maya, so if you want to arrive at Chichen Itza in style, then why not go by plane.

For around $500 you can rent the plane and fly from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen, which beats getting mobbed by the taxi touts on arrival at the airport.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t taken an air taxi.

But if I ever get married (“as if, Rufus!”), then I’m getting an air taxi to fly me around the Riviera Maya for the day.

Just imagine: “You are now cruising at 16,000 feet and the weather doesn’t look too good in Cancun so we’re going to do a U-turn and land on the beach in Tulum…”

Hilarious Airport Codes From Around The World

So most people might now have a use for the Playa Del Carmen airport code.

It’s PCM in case you weren’t paying attention to this rambling.

Here are a few others:

  • CUN The airport code for Cancun International Airport is CUN.  Be careful how you pronounce this one! Moreover, double check your spelling, too. Adding extra letters could be catostrophic! However, f you’re at an airport and you see CUN on the ticket then you know that you’ll be landing just 45 minutes from the paradise of Playa Del Carmen.
  • MEX Mexico City has a great airport code – MEX.
  • BOO Although I’m sure that the passengers won’t be clapping the landing at BOO.  That’s Bodo in Norway.
  • DOH Homer Simpson’s favorite airport is definitely Doha in Qatar (DOH).
  • FUN The airport I’d most want to land at is FUN.  That’s Tuvalu International.
  • FUK Or perhaps FUK (Fukuoka, Japan)
  • SEX Or SEX (Sembach), Tuvalu?  Sembach?  Where the hell are these places?
  • PEE The ban on not going to the toilet during take off or landing is not applied when landing in PEE (Perm in Russia).
  • POO Or POO (Pocos de Caldas in Brazil).


A Final Word About The Playa Del Carmen Airport Code

I’m going to blame the Top Gun party on having the PCM code in my head all day.

And if you’ve read all this, thin you’ve certainly got patience, as I could have just put,

“The Playa Del Carmen AIRPORT CODE IS PCM…”

I hope to see you here soon!

Lots of love,


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