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…getting here safely and hassle-free…

So I’m sitting on the beach, enjoying a few drinks, admiring the ladies, and my phone rings…

I’ve lost count of the number of times my buddies have called me up and said, “I’m at the airport. Come pick me up.

One of those times my idiotic buddy was calling from the Mexico City airport.

Hmmm, what to do?

Relax on the beach or go drive to Cancun International Airport.

Sorry guys, but Playa Del Carmen airport transfers are so easy and cheap that I’m going to stay on the beach.

The $10 USD Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfer

If you want to keep it cheap, then there is a bus that goes directly from outside the Cancun airport terminal to Playa Del Carmen.

It costs around $10 USD, and the bus has air-conditioning, plenty of space, and occasionally some dodgy music coming out of the speakers.

Just be careful.

Not every bus goes to Playa Del Carmen.

At least half of them go to another part of Cancun, and then you have to change buses if you want to get here.

The only problem with the bus is that there aren’t that many of them.

So you might end up waiting over an hour before you actually are in route to Playa.

The bus stops at the Playa Del Carmen bus station on 5th Ave.

But don’t worry.

The bus is just one option.

Avoiding The Sub-Human Parasites At The Airport

Going from Cancun airport with private transport is pretty straight-forward.

You’ll have to go through a rather strange security process at customs.

They have a random traffic light system.

That’s right, a traffic light!!!

If it comes up red, then you will be asked some questions and you might have your bags searched.

If it comes up green, you’re free to proceed forward.

It’s not really stressful.

Unless your smuggling drugs into Mexico, and then you’re just an idiot.

The stressful part comes when you hit the arrivals area.

Loads of human lice will start offering you a whole load of bullshit.

I understand that everyone has to make a living. Trust me, I do.

However, it’s how pushy these people are that transforms them from human beings into parasitical termites, lice, and roaches.

Some even offer a free Playa Del Carmen airport transfer on the condition that you go to a timeshare presentation.

Ignore all the lice, and don’t stop walking.

Pre-Booking A Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfer

There are literally hundreds of companies you can use to pre-book a Playa Del Carmen airport transfer.

It reminds me of that saying from Thailand – same same but different.

Most will have an air-conditioned vehicle and a friendly driver.

They’ll also tell you where to meet the driver at the airport.

If you have a pre-booked Playa Del Carmen airport transfer then the driver should be waiting for you in arrivals with a name board.


If you don’t see your name, then ask any of the drivers holding name boards.

Most people speak English, and they’ll probably know where your guy is.

A Playa Del Carmen airport transfer is going to cost $60 – $70 USD for 1 – 3 passengers, and a bit more for a minibus.

You Don’t Need To Prebook A Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfer

If you haven’t pre-booked, then don’t worry.

You can simply land, and then decide whether you want the bus, a shared minivan, or a private taxi.

Again, you need to avoid all the annoying people trying to sell you shit.

There are many taxi booths in the arrivals area.

Just take your pick, give your hotel, and they’ll give you a price.

Again, a private taxi to Playa Del Carmen will cost $60 – $70 USD.

That’s per vehicle – not per person.

The great thing about having your own taxi is you can ask them to stop and you can take some photos on the way.

You can also open that bottle of booze you got in duty free and start the Playa Del Carmen party really early.

However, if you do meet other people traveling to Playa Del Carmen, and your group is not too big, we may be able to share a private taxi with someone else.

Some Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfer Companies

As I said before, Playa Del Carmen taxi companies are much the same.

So have a look around and go for the best price you can find.

  • Exeltor are pretty good and about as cheap as you can get.
  • Cancun Cabs are one of the biggest companies you can book with.
  • Cancun Valet specialize in 10-seater vehicles and cost $75 USD for a one way Playa Del Carmen transfer.

Great value if you’re in a group.

Cancun Limo offers limos and SUVs.

It’s one way to really start the holiday in style.

There are also some companies that charge dependent on how many passengers like USA Transfers and Entertainment Plus.

Shared Minivan Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfers

When you exit the terminal, head to the right and you’ll find some guys offering shared minivan transfers.

These cost $25 USD per person and are good options if you’re traveling alone.

They leave every 15-30 minutes, but that does depend on how many passengers they’ve managed to get.

Sometimes they wait a little longer for more people.

Other times they’ll leave right away once they get 5-6 passengers.

It’s also a great way to meet some people who are also staying in Playa Del Carmen.

That’s one thing that is ALWAYS fun because you will most likely come here again, and it is helpful to have friends here.

This service drops you at your hotel.

Anything More About Playa Del Carmen Airport Transfers

When you get to Playa Del Carmen and start lounging on the beach, downing cheap drinks, and checking out the chicks, you’ll know why I don’t want to go pick my buddies up.

I mean, if you’re smart then you shouldn’t pay more than $30 USD each for the transfer.

If you’re one person, then the $10 or $25 USD minivan works for you.

If you’re two or more, then the splitting the taxi cost makes it just $30 USD each.

Unfortunately, you will not likely see you here for, but you can count on seeing me on the beach!

Lots of love,


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