Playa Del Carmen ATV Tour

…taking the modern-day Tarzan tour…

Ever since my first college vacation I’ve been obsessed with riding an ATV.

There wasn’t much opportunity when I was in the States. Driving an ATV through a downtown neighborhood just makes you look like an obnoxious fool – and could easily land a person in jail!

So when I got to Playa del Carmen I was obsessed with going on ATV tours.

Every few days I was roaring through the jungle.

I even fell off and tumbled into a tree, but we won’t say anything more about that embarrassing incident. Could’ve died – didn’t.

There are many different ATV tours to choose from, and if the tour companies did loyalty cards I’d be due a free trip.

But enough about me.

What is THE BEST ATV activity in the area?

My dear visitors, as you know I go through hell and back in order to find the best activities and tours for you in and around the city.

It’s not always easy. It takes a lot of time. In addition, when it comes to ATV tours, it’s important that you choose the right one.

The best combination is to find an ATV activity that includes transportation, a load of fun, and a proven track record of safety.

Believe me–you don’t want to have an accident and end up in the hospital in Mexico. The hospitals are quite different here than they are up north.

Consequently, when I decided to find the best ATV tour in the Playa Del Carmen area, I talked to one of my good friends and associates.

I’m going to introduce you to him here. If you fill out the form below, he can help you find exactly what you’re looking for:

Find Out Your ATV Tour Options–& Reserve Your ATV Tour NOW!


I met Sergio several years ago through a friend of mine, Oscar. I quickly found out that he was one of the smartest guys I had met in the area. Most importantly, he was honest. Out of all the conversations that I’ve had with him, he has never lied to me, cheated me–or even exaggerated anything.

Succinctly stated, Sergio is a straight shooter. I trust him. So should you.

Sergio’s ATV Tour Tips

Here are a few tips that Sergio gave me when I asked him about choosing the right ATV tour:

  • Packages – ATV tours and activities are never sold alone. They are always packaged with other activities. Before booking your ATV tour, you will need to decide what other activity you want to include. These choices usually include zip lining, swimming in a cenote, or snorkeling in the sea.
  • Safety – Although Playa Del Carmen ATV tours are generally safe, you should definitely pay attention to the safety rules and guidelines. They are there for a reason. Most of the ATV tours are located in the middle of the jungle. Consequently, the terrain can be quite rough and unpredictable. Mix in the rainy season, and you have a recipe for disaster if you are not careful. Follow the rules and you will be fine. Refuse to follow them at your own risk.
  • ATV Order – Try to get the front ATV directly behind the guide. Why? Because your Playa Del Carmen ATV tour will take place on a number of different jungle trails. The trails are thin and winding. More than likely, there will be several people in addition to you participating in the tour. All of you will be following the tour guide who will be riding an ATV in the front. In essence, it will be something like “follow the leader.” Although it may seem insignificant at first, it is always best if you are the person in the front just behind the guide. For example, if it is dry season, the last place you want to be is that the end of the line eating everyone’s dust. Moreover, if it is muddy, you are more likely to ride in the fun, fresh mud rather than trudging over the beaten path of the 15 ATVs ahead of you.
  • Book In Advance – If you know you want to go on a Playa Del Carmen ATV tour, reserve your tour in advance so that you can get the date and time that you want. ATV tours are limited in regard to number of people and times. By booking in advance you can make sure that you are included in the tour that best fits your time schedule.

Those are Sergio’s best tips. Of course, if you have other questions you can ask him. Lucky for you, I have made it super simple for you to contact him.

All you need to do is fill out the form below. 

He will contact you shortly in order to help you book your Playa del Carmen ATV tour.


    What can you expect on an ATV tour in Playa del Carmen?

    The big highlight of an ATV tour is the different landscapes you’re going to drive through and the things you will get to see and do.

    A typical Playa Del Carmen ATV tour might proceed like this:

    1. Pickup – A driver will pick you up at your hotel in an air-conditioned van. You will be driven to the activity location.
    2. Safety Briefing – Your tour guide will introduce you to both the safety regulations and suggestions. They will also show you how to use the ATVs.
    3. ATV Ride – You will ride the ATV use to a specific destinat. This may be a snorkeling destination, a cenote, or a ziplining location.
    4. Secondary Activity Introduction – You will be introduced to the second activity. At this point you will receive any instructions, equipment, and safety guidelines for the second activity.
    5. Secondary Activity Participation – You will have an hour or two to participate in the second activity. As mentioned above, this is most likely snorkeling, swimming, or zip lining.
    6. ATV Ride – At this point you will have the opportunity to ride your ATV for the second time. You will ride either the same or a different trail back to the original sister location.
    7. Lunch – You will be served a light lunch with drinks. There may be the possibility for purchasing alcoholic will usually also have the opportunity to purchase photos that were taken by photographers on the sides of the trails that you rode on.
    8. Good-byes / Tips/ Reviews – At this point, your ATV tour guides will say goodbye. They will also let you know that they happily welcome tips. Finally, they will ask for a tour review (sometimes written; sometimes online).

    Although every ATV tour is slightly different, this is approximately what you should expect.

    It may seem mundane or routine. However, speeding through winding jungle paths and racing over large stretches of virgin sand is far from boring.

    And you will likely see some strange creatures along the way–

    Like exotic animals, strange spiders, and weird plants that come straight from a science fiction movie.

    Most tours are 2-4 hours long and cover these driving and activity highlights.

    So there’s more than enough time to enjoy the entire experience.

    Where Will I Go On The ATV Tour?

    When picking an ATV tour the question you must answer is what do you want to discover.

    An ATV tour isn’t just about driving around, it’s all about finding some of the unseen treasures of Playa del Carmen.

    A typical Playa Del Carmen tour includes ATVs and one of the following:

    • Cenote Swim – A cenote is a sinkhole that has been filled with water. Usually the water is filled by an underground river directly below the actual hole itself. cenotes are absolutely amazing. The water is crystal clear, and they are teaming with wildlife. Don’t worry because none of it is dangerous. More often than not, they are accidentally found in a unexpected location and then developed by private landowners and turned into parks.even if you don’t take an ATV tour, make sure you check on at least one of the cenotes in the area because they are very unique and cannot be found at most vacation destinations.
    • Snorkeling – The Playa Del Carmen area is completely surrounded by water. Of course, most people are familiar with the surrounding Caribbean Sea. However, what many people don’t realize is that there is a diverse underground river system spanning the entire area. If you go snorkeling during your ATV tour, you will either explore the Caribbean Sea or one of the openings to the underground river system. Either way, you will likely find it fascinating.
    • Ziplining – Because the jungle here is so dense, the best way to see it is from a higher vantage point. This is exactly what zip lining is all about. Ziplining is both exhilarating and educational. While ziplining, you will get to see the canopy of the forest in a way that you could never see from the ground.
    • Mayan Ruins – Long before the Spanish conquistadors came to Mexico, the Mayans lived peacefully in the Playa Del Carmen area. They left a vast number of ruins behind before abandoning those ruins for unknown reasons. During some of the Playa Del Carmen ATV tours oh, you will have a chance to visit and explore some of the ancient Mayan ruins that were left over from centuries ago.

    Thus, when you were making a decision about which Playa Del Carmen ATV tour you want to participate in, consider the options above.

    How about exploring some hidden caves or climbing up ancient Mayan ruins that few people know about.

    Or coming to a clearing in the jungle where you can swim in the crystal water of a 60-foot deep cenote.

    Sticking with the water theme, some ATV tours take you to coral reefs and tropical snorkeling.

    Hopefully you’ll also spot some spider monkeys playing around in the trees above the path.

    Fill out the form above and someone will get back to you ASAP in order to lay out the options for your ATV tour.

    I Think I’m A Race Car Driver. Are The ATV’s Going To Be Fast Enough For Me?

    Hold your horses there cowboy!

    Some people want to drive at 100 mph.

    While others don’t dare accelerate much above walking pace.

    Most tour companies try to accommodate both faster and slower riders–

    So the fast people don’t get bored…and the slow people don’t get scared.

    The sections of jungle can be tricky and will put your new-found ATV driving skills to the test.

    Jungle ATV’s are one of Playa Del Carmen’s number one rated toursfor two reasons: there’s a lot of adventure, but also some bits of adrenalin.

    What Else Can I Do On An ATV Tour?

    As I mentioned above, most Playa Del Carmen ATV tour companies combine the ATV ride with another activity.

    In particular I like to combine it with a snorkel at one of the hidden reefs.

    The ATV itself is nothing more than a transportation tool to help you discover places in the jungle that you otherwise would not.

    So why not take advantage of what is on offer.

    So on the beach that means swimming with turtles.

    But in the jungle that can be zip lining through the trees like one of those spider monkeys.

    What Do I Need To Bring On An ATV Tour?

    Now, if you’ve got the driving inability of someone like me then it’s good to have a stock of plasters in your pocket.

    Only joking, you’re probably only going to come off when you try and accelerate like a drag racer.

    There’s really not much you need to bring other than a bit of common sense.

    But if you insist, here are a few suggestions:

    • Walking Shoes – There may be a fair amount of walking during your Playa Del Carmen ATV tour, so make sure you wear some comfortable shoes. I would also suggest wearing some shoes that fit tightly. The last thing that you want is your shoes falling off while riding in the mud on an ATV.
    • Sunscreen Lotion – Even though you will spend most of your time under the jungle canopy, The sun Burns quite quickly here. Make sure you apply some sunscreen lotion before embarking on one of these tours. If you don’t, you will regret it the next day. Trust me on this one.
    • Swimsuit / Bikini (NO “BURKINIS” ALLOWED) – If your Playa Del Carmen ATV tour includes anything to do with the water, make sure that you bring your swimsuit or bikini so that you can enjoy every aspect of this activity.
    • Water Shoes – Twenty years ago, nobody had ever heard of water shoes. Now they are not only popular, but almost a necessity. If you have some, bring them if your ATV tour includes snorkeling or cenote swimming.
    • Cash – You should always carry some extra extra cash on you. This may be for buying some sort of premium beverages, purchasing photographs at the end of the tour, or simply as an emergency backup. Either way, it never hurts to have some money with you.
    • Camera /Cell phone – Although there will probably be several photographers snapping photos throughout your tour (in order to sell them to you at the end), bringing a camera or cell phone is never a bad idea. Just make sure that you can stow it away in a safe location while riding your ATV.

    I once forgot the most important thing and boy did I pay for it–


    The other snorkelers thought I was one of the deep-sea attractions–a giant lobster!

    How Much Does An ATV Tour Cost In Playa Del Carmen?

    A wild ride through the Mayan jungle is much cheaper than you might expect.

    If you’re riding double then a two-hour trip will cost around $50-70 USD.

    Single riders MAY have to pay an extra $10-20 USD.

    Longer tours are obviously more expensive.

    Probably around $110 USD for a combined snorkeling and ATV trip.

    But it’s worth the extra $$$.


    Who Offers These Trips?

    I’ve been on ATV tours with a few different companies and it’s hard to recommend one over the others.

    They each offer something slightly different, whether that’s a unique tour or a unique ATV.

    It all depends on what you want to do IN ADDITION TO riding the ATVs.

    All the companies offer pick ups and drop offs from your hotel so no need to start your journey on foot.

    And they all have good guides – and most importantly, good helmets.

    What are you waiting for?

    Get on an ATV tour, and if you see someone fall off and crash into a tree then you’ve likely found me.

    I will see you in the jungle soon!

    Lots of love,


    Rufus signature

    Have you had any experiences riding an ATV in the jungle? We want to hear about them! Please tell us about it in the comments section below!

    2 comments on “Playa Del Carmen ATV Tour

    1. Hi Rufus!

      I am planning on booking an ATV tour next week but I don’t want to go in the jungle if there are a lot of bugs and insects.

      Is this something I have to be concerned about? Shout bring s6kind of bug spray?


      • Leah,

        First of all, thank you for the question. Second, your concern is legitimate. Nobody wants to get bit up by bugs while trying to enjoy a vacation activity–in the jungle or elsewhere.

        I did not include any information about bug spray for several reasons.

        First of all, you probably won’t need it. You will be moving at a pretty brisk pace throughout the tour, so most bugs will not have the opportunity to stay on your body for very long.

        In addition, most of the ATV paths are quite well worn, so, while you will be inherently surrounded by plants and vegetation, the path itself will be well-worn dirt or mud. Consequently, not too many bugs will be stirred up as you are riding through the jungle.

        Finally, depending on which ATV tour you take, you may be going swimming anyways. This would defeat the purpose of any sort of bug spray or repellent (at least for the first half of your journey) because you would the washing it off your body in the water upon arrival at the cenote/snorkeling place. In addition, the ecosystem is quite fragile here. Some of the cenotes in caves are very old. The administrators of the cenotes are very strict in regard to what kind of sunscreen you can use. That is, it must be biodegradable. Mixing sunscreen with insect repellent could cause some serious damage to the underwater ecology within the cenotes themselves.

        frankly, I would not worry too much about insects during your ATV tour. I’ve never had a problem with them on any of the tours I’ve taken in the jungle. I would expect that your experience will be similar.

        Leave the bug spray at home, enjoy your tour, and let me know how it went afterwards!

        Lots of love,


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