Playa Del Carmen ATV Tour

…taking the modern-day Tarzan tour…

Ever since my first college vacation I’ve been obsessed with riding an ATV.

There wasn’t much opportunity when I was in the States. Driving an ATV through a downtown neighborhood just makes you look like an obnoxious fool – and could easily land a person in jail!

So when I got to Playa del Carmen I was obsessed with going on ATV tours.

Every few days I was roaring through the jungle.

I even fell off and tumbled into a tree, but we won’t say anything more about that embarrassing incident. Could’ve died – didn’t.

There are many different ATV tours to choose from, and if the tour companies did loyalty cards I’d be due a free trip.

But enough about me.

What can YOU expect on an ATV tour in Playa del Carmen?

The big highlight of an ATV tour is the different landscapes you’re going to drive through.

Ride through winding jungle paths and then roar across virgin stretches of sand.

Through the jungle there is wonder everywhere.

Like exotic animals, strange spiders, and weird plants that come straight from a science fiction movie.

Most tours are two hours long and cover these driving highlights.

So there’s more than enough time to perfect your ATV driving skills.

Where Will I Go On The ATV Tour?

When picking an ATV tour the question you must answer is what do you want to discover.

An ATV tour isn’t just about driving around, it’s all about finding some of the unseen treasures of Playa del Carmen.

How about exploring some hidden caves or climbing up ancient Mayan ruins that few people know about.

Or coming to a clearing in the jungle where you can swim in the clear water of a 60-foot deep cenote.

Sticking with the water theme, some ATV tours take you to coral reefs and tropical snorkeling.

Hopefully you’ll also spot some spider monkeys playing around in the trees above the path.

The most popular tours are either the secret caves, or the beach, cave, and cenote ATV tour.

I Think I’m A Race Car Driver. Are The ATV’s Going To Be Fast Enough For Me?

Some people want to drive at 100 mph.

While others don’t dare accelerate much above walking pace.

Most tour companies try and split the faster and slower riders.

So the fast people don’t get bored and the slow people don’t get scared.

The sections of jungle can be tricky and are a good test of your ATV driving skills.

Jungle ATV’s are one of Playa Del Carmen’s number one rated tours because there’s a lot of adventure, but also some bits of adrenalin.

What Else Can I Do On An ATV Tour?

Many people like to combine an ATV tour with another tour.

In particular I like to combine it with a snorkel at one of the hidden reefs.

The ATV helps you discover a new area.

So why not take advantage of what is on offer.

So on the beach that means swimming with turtles.

But in the jungle that can be zip lining through the trees like one of those spider monkeys.

What Do I Need To Bring On An ATV Tour?

Now, if you’ve got the driving inability of someone like me then it’s good to have a stock of plasters in your pocket.

Only joking, you’re probably only going to come off when you try and accelerate like a drag racer.

There’s not much you need to bring other than a bit of common sense.

Good walking shoes are helpful, as is a swimsuit for the cenotes and ocean.

I once forgot the most important thing and boy did I pay for it.

I looked like a lobster after setting off without sunscreen.

The Caribbean sun filters into the jungle, you know.

How Much Does An ATV Tour Cost In Playa Del Carmen?

A wild ride through the Mayan jungle is much cheaper than you might expect.

If you’re riding double then a two-hour trip will cost around $50-70 USD.

Single riders will have to pay an extra $10-20 USD.

Longer tours are obviously more expensive.

Like around $110 USD for a combined snorkeling and ATV trip.

But it’s worth the extra $$$.

Who Offers These Trips?

I’ve been on ATV tours with a few different companies and it’s hard to recommend one over the others.

They each offer something slightly different, whether that’s a unique tour or a unique ATV.

Jungle Jim’s ATVs are great for some combo action and mixing ATV with snorkeling or jungle zip lines.

ATV Explorer are the cheapest for a standard two-hour tour.

All the companies offer pick ups and drop offs from your hotel so no need to start your journey on foot.

And they all have good guides – and most importantly, good helmets.

What are you waiting for?

Get on an ATV tour, and if you see someone fall off and crash into a tree then you’ve likely found me.

I will see you in the jungle soon!

Lots of love,


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