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Yesterday I was helping a buddy who had just split up with his wife.

He was distraught.

But half a bottle of tequila along with five margaritas were doing the trick.

I managed to get him so drunk that he couldn’t remember his name, never mind the name of his ex-wife.

Somehow we ended up meeting this quite cute German woman, who was clearly as drunk and depressed as my buddy.

Ding ding! Light bulb! My job is over!

So I left them in the bar only to get woken up at 4am by my drunk buddy climbing in through my apartment window.

“What happened you raving fool?”

He had gone back to the woman’s hotel, but the strict security hadn’t let him in.

So I woke up this morning with my buddy who’s still complaining about his ex wife.

And I decided that I would help the world by writing about how renting a condo in Playa Del Carmen is a better option than a hotel.

How Easy Is It To Rent A Condo In Playa Del Carmen?

Some people like resorts and hotels and staying in the same place for their whole vacation.

Others like a lot more freedom and will sacrifice the hotel’s amenities for having more space.

There is a huge Playa Del Carmen condo rental market.

It thrives all year round and offers excellent value for the money.

Most of them are rented on a per-night basis, much like a hotel.

And much like a hotel, the prices go up and down dependent on the season.

Playa Del Carmen Condo Rental Is Great For Groups

Most hotels charge on a basis of two people per room.

Then they charge extra for each person that stays in the room.

In fact, most resorts don’t even list a price for adding an extra bed.

But you can expert to pay a lot.

If you’re a large group, you end up having to get five or six separate hotel rooms.

But then don’t get a large communal space.

Playa Del Carmen condos are normally rented on a per-condo basis.

So you’ll pay the same whether you have one person or 15.

Consequently, if you divide the cost up amongst multiple people, it can be significantly cheaper to get a Playa Del Carmen condo rental.

If you’re a group, you’re going to want to hang out together anyways.

That might mean partying like rockstars, having a rowdy meal, or generally just enjoying each others company.

Do this in a hotel room, and you’ll be squashed.

And the neighboring guests will certainly complain.

In a combo you’ve got loads of space to hang out as a group and do whatever you want.

Other Advantages Of Playa Del Carmen Condo Rental

Most Playa Del Carmen condo rentals are essentially furnished apartments.

They come with everything you could need like fridge, stove, cooking equipment, etc.

Some people like to wake up to a stale hotel breakfast with bad coffee and yesterday’s bakery rejects.

In a condo you have to make your own breakfast.

Which is usually a good thing if you have any taste buds.

It’s no secret that Playa Del Carmen’s hotels and resorts have amazing amenities.

But most Playa Del Carmen condo rentals are situated in plush and swanky developments that rival the hotels.

So you’ll probably still have the swimming pool.

Except it won’t be overrun with overweight sunburned British families.

Even More Advantages Of Playa Del Carmen Condo Rental

Each Playa Del Carmen condo rental will give a maximum number of people.

But that normally means how many beds there are.

So if you don’t mind sharing the beds, then you can squeeze more people in to further decrease the cost.

Most importantly, you have freedom.

Nobody will tell you to turn the music down or stop you inviting half of 5th Ave back for a party.

Finally – and I realize we’re back where we’re started – with a Playa Del Carmen condo rental you can actually get lucky and bring whoever you want home.

Not just pick up somebody cute and then have to say goodbye at the hotel reception.

Prices Of Playa Del Carmen Condo Rentals

Like the hotel market, you have lots of choices when it comes to the location of condo rentals.

In general you’re going to pay more if you’re closer to the beach and 5th Ave.

Like any rental, the price is also dependent on the size.

For example, a 5th Avenue, 2-bed condo with jacuzzi might be $1500 a week.

But you could get a place that sleeps 8 for the same price if you don’t mind being 20 minutes walk away.

Prices of Playa Del Carmen condos are negotiable.

In many cases, you’re dealing directly with the owner, so you can usually offer a cheaper price that gets accepted.

You are almost guaranteed a cheaper price by staying for longer or booking far, far in advance.

It goes without saying that the prices of Playa Del Carmen condos are also dependent on the season.

In general you can pay around $200 – $300 per person, per week for an excellent Playa Del Carmen condo in a prime location.

Disadvantages Of Playa Del Carmen Condo Rentals

It’s good to put all this freedom and value in context.

If there were no disadvantages, then there wouldn’t be any hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

Perhaps a hotel is a better choice if you’re the kind of person that always picks up a cutie of the opposite sex – then wakes up in the morning thinking “What was I thinking?”!!!

Playa Del Carmen condo rentals also usually don’t offer any packages.

They usually don’t have relationships with tour companies, so you will need to organize all the activities on your own.

Many condo rentals only accept cool hard cash.

No credit cards.

However, some will accept alternative payment like PayPal or Bitcoins.

Also, if something goes wrong, you won’t have a concierge or reception to complain to.

You might have to wait a full week for the owner to turn up and fix the fridge.

It’s also harder to get feedback before you book.

Unfortunately there isn’t a TripAdvisor for Playa Del Carmen condo rentals.

Where To Find And Book A Playa Del Carmen Condo

When you’re looking for a Playa Del Carmen condo, you first have to think about a realistic budget for your group.

If you want to spend all your money on tequila and partying then you might want to cut back on the condo spend.

There are a variety of different websites you can use to find and book a Playa Del Carmen condo.

You could choose a large international website like or

But it’s also possible to choose a local site.

The local sites have cheaper prices but you won’t be able to get much background info on the condo.

One that I would recommend is Vivanuncios or Andale.

The best value condos are on here but it helps if you can speak a little Spanish.

Also check out the Playa Del Carmen pages on sites like and

The latter is owned by TripAdvisor and offers user reviews in places.

Anything Else About Playa Del Carmen Condo Rental

Before booking any condo try and have some direct contact with the owner.

When using a middleman or booking site, it can be hard to judge if the owner is a sound respectable dude.

The only other thing I will say about it all is that when you’re having a party at your fully-equipped condo, then make sure I get an invite.

Especially if you have some single female friends for the poor depressed buddy of mine that’s chewing my ear off!

I will see you here soon – hopefully in your own rented condo!

Lots of love,


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