Playa Del Carmen Deep Sea Fishing

…a “reel” adventure on the high seas…

Every time I’ve been out deep sea fishing the captain tells me that the warm waters around Playa Del Carmen are some of the best in the world.

I’m not sure how they know, as they’ve never left Mexico.

But I regularly see people walking proudly along the beach with some impressively big fish.

And they’re usually only the smaller ones that you’re allowed to keep.

The channel between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel contains a who’s who of deep sea game fish, like Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, and Wahoo.

You don’t have to know anything about fishing.

The guides have been fishing here for decades so they know exactly what to do.

I mainly just sit next to the cool box.

However, even I’ve landed some giants.

Although the kindest thing a guide ever said about my technique was that it was “unorthodox.”

So whether you’re an expert or novice, come with me into the blue fishy waters of Playa Del Carmen.

Different Deep Sea Fish In Playa Del Carmen

The reason for deep sea fishing in Playa del Carmen is catching something that’s over a meter in length.

Dorados are a ray-finned fish that also go by the name of mahi mahi or common dolphinfish.

They’re the smaller, easiest to catch, big fish in these waters.

During the summer fishing season they’re hunted by large numbers of blue and white Marlin.

It’s these Marlin that the local guides get most excited about.

Most catches are above 50lbs and these are the bad boys that look best in photos.

Between May and July there’s an excellent chance of catching White Marlin.

Blue Marlin are trickier, but they are seen all year round.

Been There, Done That. What Else Have You Got?

The razor sharp teeth and speed of the Wahoo make it one of the most prized catches.

The favorite of the pros that come to fish here are the 1.5 meter plus Sailfish.

They jump clear out of the water and seem to tease fishermen who can’t get catch them.

Tuna, kingfish, and barracuda also live in these waters.

So when you’re trolling there are plenty of different options depending on the season.

That’s one of the reasons ESPN is always down in Playa Del Carmen filming deep sea fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Video Filmed In Playa Del Carmen

Videos always make me excited – especially saltwater fishing videos.

This one was no exception and captures the essence of being out at sea reeling in some badass catches.

If you want to get excited about coming here to fish, give it a watch.

Do I Catch And Release Or Will I Be Eating Fish For Dinner?

Catch and release rules apply to all billfish.

So no taking a blue Marlin or sailfish and putting it on the BBQ.

However, the dorado is a very tender fish and tastes great.

Barracuda, wahoo, tuna, and kingfish can also all be kept and cooked afterwards.

Usually one of the guides will fillet your catch.

You can cook them yourself – sometimes even right on the boat!

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are lots of restaurants who will do a better job with your dinner.

Different Seasons For Deep Sea Fishing In Playa Del Carmen

One of the reasons deep sea fishing is so popular here is that it’s a year round sport.

Barracuda, wahoo, and tuna are readily available throughout the year.

So there will always be a hearty dinner after your trip.

But the big billfish are slippery and you need to fish in season.

Spring to summer is the peak time and people come from all over the world to Playa del Carmen for the sailfish between March and July.

For Dorado come April to June, and white marlin May to June.

However, anytime up to August / September there’s still a very good chance of catching any of these big billfish.

Types Of Deep Sea Fishing Trips In Playa Del Carmen

There are three different options for a deep sea fishing trip in Playa Del Carmen.

All of them are on the same type of boats but offer different services.

The most common is with a local company that specializes in fishing trips.

These private trips come with all the bait and tackle.

Furthermore, they’re captained by someone who has years of experience fishing in these waters.

A local assistant also helps out those who have no experience and fillets your fish.

If you have all your own equipment and know what you’re doing, it’s cheaper to just rent a boat with a captain.

Most fishing trips are charged by boat.

But if you’re just one or two people they also run shared fishing trips for around $200pp for a full day ($100 for half day).

How Much Does It Cost?

If you can fill a boat then it will cost around $100 per person for a full day.

You can find small 20′ – 30′ boats for 3-4 people for less than $500 for a full day with rods, bait, and tackle.

The larger boats take 10 – 12 people and are just under $1000.

These all come with a knowledgeable captain and mate, soft drinks, and an ice filled cooler.

But bring your own beer.

Half days are 7-11am or 2-6pm and cost about 60% of the full day price.

A small tip is expected. And if you’ve been successful then make sure you reward your captain’s knowledge.

If I Pay $100 Will I Catch Some Fish?

Especially during the peak season, Playa del Carmen is rated as one of the best places in the world for deep sea fishing.

For an expert it’s going to be party time in these waters.

And if I can land some big catches in these waters, then I’m sure any novice can also join the fun.

Luckily, if you don’t catch a fish, there’s a cooler packed full of beers and a day out on the ocean to enjoy.

I hope you send me a picture of you holding a huge fish in your hands soon!

Lots of love,


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  1. who would I contact for a shared charter. it will only be me. will be in playa del carmen from 6/30 to 7/05/19

    • Daniel,

      I have forwarded your information to someone who can help you set up the shared charter.

      I hope you enjoy your deep sea fishing trip here in Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area!

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