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…a choice destination for all things nuptial…

Last week I was best man at my buddy’s wedding in Playa Del Carmen.

He was going to get married in the States.

Then I told him that it was 84 degrees Fahrenheit in Playa Del Carmen, and most brides went barefoot to their wedding on the beach.

Right away he said he wanted a Playa Del Carmen destination wedding.

The main reason was because his fiancée has a tendency to buy extremely expensive shoes.

The other reason was because he needed an excuse to drink multiple shots of tequila on his wedding day.

Now that he’s married, he can’t believe he even considered any other destinations.

Sun, sand, tequila, and salsa music…what more can you ask for on a wedding day?

Oh yeah, the best man trying to hook up with the bridesmaid and getting laughed at repeatedly.

Why Playa Del Carmen Is A Great Destination For Weddings

Most weddings are dull and stressful.

People spend thousands of hours worrying about invitation styles, frilly decorations, and all these little details that nobody even notices.

Then the big day comes, and it’s raining.

Or the wedding car breaks down on route.

Three weeks after the wedding and nobody can even remember what happened (usually the day after for me).

At most weddings, everything just blurs into one.

Not in Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen is a great destination for weddings because everything is so chilled.

I could go on about beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, great value 5 star resorts, cheaper food and drinks.

I could write something about Playa Del Carmen being a destination where you can get married on the beach at sunset.

Or sunrise.

Or in a stunning little church overlooking the bay.

But the best thing about Playa Del Carmen as a wedding destination is that everyone is so relaxed.

Forget waking up and worrying about the little details.

In Playa Del Carmen you just have to put your dress on and walk down to the beach.

Even if you’re late, it doesn’t matter.


This is Mexico.

Romantic Activities That Makes Playa Del Carmen A Great Wedding Destination

Of course you’re going to be doing some romantic stuff when you get married.

But in most countries that just means picking an amazing (and overpriced) hotel room.

Playa Del Carmen offers incredible luxury.

Think about a balcony with a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.

And a room that’s so big you throw all your clothes on the floor just to make it look lived in.

That’s just the start.

How about going snorkeling with sea turtles on the morning of the wedding.

Or hiring a luxury yacht for the after party.

Maybe a massive game of hide and seek for all the guests at the Mayan ruins at Tulum.

Playa Del Carmen is a destination that’s full of memorable activities.

Why not go swimming with dolphins or stingrays.

Or take a romantic tour into the jungle.

You could even go skydiving.

Can I Get Married In Playa Del Carmen?

It’s perfectly legal for you to get married here.

You just need to arrive in Mexico at least three days before the wedding to complete the paperwork.

You’ll need a valid passport and also have to take a blood test.

Other than that, you’re ready to go, and a locally appointed official will conduct the ceremony.

And it shouldn’t be too hard to convince your friends to come to Mexico.

Seems like a perfect excuse for a vacation!

How To Plan A Playa Del Carmen Destination Wedding

Getting married in Playa Del Carmen is much easier than you think.

It’s probably a lot simpler than getting married in your home country.

Many high-end resorts offer wedding packages – some even offer all-inclusive weddings.

These usually offer a menu of options and include the services of a wedding planner.

You will need to check out a few different options.

Some are very cheap for weddings with only a few guests.

Others are better for large-scale ceremonies and luxury.

While you don’t get as much choice, the resort weddings are very easy to organize, especially as the personnel at these large resorts speak excellent English.

You can also plan every detail of your wedding individually.

So you select from hundreds of amazing locations for the ceremony, and then plan an itinerary of restaurants, boats, bars, nightlife, and just about any other cool thing in Playa Del Carmen.

If you’re doing it this way, then I really recommend using a wedding planner.

Meet Playa Del Carmen’s Number One Wedding Expert

Brenda is an American who has lived in Playa Del Carmen for the last 16 years.

She runs a non-profit organization, as well as several restaurants and a wedding planning business.

She organized everything for my friend’s wedding.

She made hundreds of different suggestions and then booked everything without my buddy ever having to visit Playa Del Carmen.

Brenda can actually get things cheaper than if you book yourself.

Because she’s so well known, she gets discounts that are passed on to couples.

She also knows of all the hidden spots.

So if you want something completely spectacular in Playa Del Carmen, she will help you organize it.

How Much Does A Playa Del Carmen Destination Wedding Cost?

This very much depends on personal choice.

But don’t all weddings?

I really believe that a Playa Del Carmen wedding is cheaper than getting married in the States.

The food and entertainment is cheaper.

The hotels are pretty cheap anyway.

Most importantly, the booze is really cheap.

So every couple can afford to offer a free bar for all their guests.

And everyone knows that the best weddings are the ones where you get hammered for free.

You could get married for less than $1000.

But it’s more realistic to think about paying around $50 – 150 per guest.

But that includes a lot.

Should I Get Married In Playa Del Carmen?

All my buddies that got married were quite flexible about the big day.

However, they all said that the bride was desperate to do something different on their wedding day.

Brides seem to want a wedding that everyone else remembers.

Well, guests certainly aren’t going to forget a wedding here.

Not only will they remember a ceremony on the beach.

They’ll also remember having a vacation with all your friends and family.

So don’t think about it…discover just how good Playa Del Carmen is as a wedding destination.

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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  1. Hello, we will be visiting Mexico, and staying in Playa del Carmen from 6th till 16th of september. We are interested in having a symbolic wedding ceremony by the beach, no guests, cakes, and other stuff that the standart ceremony packeges offer. Just the two of us, by a decorated altar on the beach, witnesses and obviously a person carrying out the ceremony. Is there an option to arrenge that, and what would be the approximate price? Thank you in advance, have a good day.

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