Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

…the real reason this city exists…

Ever since arriving in Playa Del Carmen I’ve been fascinated by its history.


Don’t think I just sit on the beach drinking tequila all day!

When I speak to the locals, they all tell me different stories – some more historic, and others grandly embellished.

Except they all tell a different story about the same thing.

It’s like Chinese whispers – they don’t have a clue.

But one thing they do agree on is the Playa Del Carmen ferry dock.


Map of the Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

Here is a map that shows the exact location of the ferry dock. Leave this page open in your smart phone while you are walking around town so that you don’t get lost  on your way to Cozumel.

Remember: you can move the map in any direction by swiping your finger (or with your mouse on your computer).

For your convenience, I’ve also Included the location of the Cozumel ferry dock. Thus you can use this same map for getting back to Playa Del Carmen.

Please use it!


History Of The Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

The first tourists that came to Playa Del Carmen weren’t even coming here.


“How does that work?”

Well, Playa Del Carmen was simply where they built the ferry dock.

The dock had one sole purpose: to simplify the connecting points between Cancun and Cozumel.

It was too expensive to travel the entire distance by water, so tourists from Cancun would begin in a bus or car, make a stop here in Playa, and finally board the ferry to Cozumel.

That was in the 70s.

But some of them obviously had good taste, because they started hanging around in Playa Del Carmen rather than go to Cozumel Island.

Without this ferry dock nobody would have come here in the first place.

Location Of The Main Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

There are actually two ferry docks.

But the important one is just south of Playa Del Carmen’s center.

Just follow 5th Avenue to the end and where it reaches Calle 1 Sur.

There is another dock in Playa Del Carmen, but no boats arrive here; actually, it’s not really a dock, but more like a pier.

The Ferry Dock has a strategic location, as it divides Playa Del Carmen from the exclusive tourist resort area of Playacar.

It’s impossible not to find it.

You can also just walk along the beach to the south side of town and you’ll see it.

The concrete looks quite hideous when contrasted with the beauty of the beach.

It’s from this ferry dock that you take the passenger ferry to Cozumel.

Read more about this passenger ferry here.

I also wrote an article about the confusing ferry schedule which you can read here.

Where To Buy Tickets For The Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

When going to the dock, my best advice is to buy your tickets at the dock itself.

Why? Read on….

At the end of the dock, you’ll find three different booths.

There is one booth for each of the three companies mentioned above.

What To Do At The Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock?

The ferry dock is a pretty lively place.

A Mexican louse or two will probably approach you offering you tickets to some tour, so the best tactic is to ignore them. and give them a mean, “LEAVE ME ALONE” kind of look.

That’s right, glare at them.

I know, you may feel bad doing it, but these people are true parasites.

So, after you get through the street sellers and their pitches, you can buy a beer or cocktail here while you wait for your ferry.

If you’re not quite yet ready for a beer, just people watch.

It’s always fun in this kind of environment.

You will see people from everywhere  with an outward expression of all sorts of beliefs and principles (tattoos, piercings, sports caps, skimpy bikinis, etc.).

If you’re lucky you might see an old local fisherman. These people have been around for a long time so they are always fun to chat with.

You’ll also find a few souvenir stalls that will keep you entertained briefly.

Just take my advice and avoid the street sellers.

Anything Else About The Playa Del Carmen Ferry Dock

Some people look at the ferry dock and think it’s so ugly compared to elsewhere in Playa Del Carmen.

Just remember, the ferry dock came first – NO FERRY DOCK, NO PLAYA DEL CARMEN.

So that just shows how Playa Del Carmen has improved its taste.

You’ll have to come here if you want to visit Cozumel.

But if you don’t, it’s worth having a little look at just for the sake of history – both your own and Playa’s!

I’m sure I will see you on the dock sometime in the future, waiting for the ferry to pick you up…

Lots of love,


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