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If you’re used to the types of golf courses that populate most of the US, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when you check out what Playa Del Carmen has to offer.

These courses take the sport to a whole new level.

One minute you’re playing along the coast, with the ocean just a few yards away.

The next minute you’re deep in the tropical jungle foliage that is native to the region.

Areas of exposed limestone accent the changes in scenery.

And the courses just seem to go on forever in their perfect seclusion.

You almost wonder how they manage to fit so much open space in a smallish beach town.

Why Golfing In Playa Del Carmen Is A Must-Do

The truth is, they take golfing pretty seriously here.

We’re not talking your local community center with eight holes off to the side.

In Playa Del Carmen, they do it right and get designers to extensively plan the layout before construction even starts on a new course.

The more expensive places claim their designers have also worked on PGA courses.

I’ve even heard that a few of Playa’s courses have actually hosted PGA games before.

Be that as it may, these courses are well designed by people who know how to do it right.

There is no shortage of perfectly placed sand dunes. And many courses incorporate an underground system of caves and sinkholes for an added challenge (what locals call “cenotes.”)

Believe it or not, even the wind doesn’t happen by accident here.

The people who design these courses know what the weather conditions are, and they plan accordingly.

For less challenging holes, you may find taller trees or other “natural” surroundings to block wind interference.

The more difficult ones have lower foliage so the player has more wind to take into account for their swing.

It’s down to a science at many of Playa Del Carmen’s courses.

What Kind Of Service To Expect

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The staff at most places are highly trained to anticipate your needs.

So you can rest assured that they’ll be there with whatever you may happen to want.

Suddenly get thirsty while playing a round?

The drink cart’s probably been waiting nearby for the past 20 minutes.

Get a little too enthusiastic with your swing?

Your caddie probably has a divot repair tool to get it fixed up, and an endless supply of balls should you lose a few.

Basically, the guys at these courses will take care of your every desire, even before you realize that you want something.

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General Price Range For Most Courses

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Golf in generally isn’t the cheapest sport you can do. And that’s still the case in Playa Del Carmen.

But when you factor in what you get, then the price doesn’t seem so steep.

The courses in Playa Del Carmen are almost all part of private resorts or hotels.

So if you’re prepared to pay the fee, you’re practically guaranteed an excellent golfing experience.

One thing that I didn’t know before checking out the rates at several places, is that there are two different fees that you can choose from.

One is the “green fee”, which is the normal rate to play a round of golf (duration of the round depends on the course).

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The alternative is a “twilight fee,” which allows you to start a little later, say in the early afternoon, and play until dark.

However, almost all courses close at sunset.

That being said, the green fees at Playa Del Carmen courses will typically stay within the range of $150 – 300 USD for one to two adults.

Twilight fees generally come in slightly lower, around $100 – 200 USD.

But again, you may find some places whose rates fall above or below that range.

It’s important to compare what they offer with the rate in addition to the price.

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What’s Included And What’s Not

Most courses will include the most important “extras” in the green fee.

And that’s good news, because the green fee can be kind of steep.

Things that are usually included are a golf cart – sometimes electric, sometimes not, sometimes shared, sometimes not – bottled water, a towel, divot repair tool, etc.

Resort and hotel courses will also usually include shuttle transport between the course and where you’re staying or socializing.

GPS systems to help you navigate the course are also becoming more common.

What the fee generally does not include are lessons, golf equipment like clubs and balls, and shoes.

But you can be sure that each club will have its own shop where you can buy or rent everything you might need.

They’ll also usually have a restaurant on the grounds for a pre- or post-game meal.

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Natural Nuisances To Watch Out For

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Thankfully, you don’t really have to worry about ignorant, uneducated Mexican families interrupting your game. Mexicans don’t play golf–and most of them can’t even swim.

However, in all seriousness, I am not talking about people as nuisances; when I say “natural nuisances” I’m referring to the bugs and such that may be out and about.

The tropical climate in Playa Del Carmen means that you will have to watch out for mosquitoes and other pests.

But if you bring repellant and re-apply on occasion, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting eaten alive.

Take the necessary precautions, and the bug problem won’t be a major part of your vacation or golfing experience.

All in all, golfing in Playa Del Carmen can be one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the local climate and landscape, and to soak in some rays.

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If you end up staying at one of the resorts with its own course, you really have no excuse not to play a round or two.

Even if you’ve never played in your life, it’s worth your while. Just invest in a few lessons, and then get out on the greens.

You won’t regret it.

After all, you don’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, right?

You can’t visit Playa Del Carmen without checking out the beaches and golf.

It practically goes without saying.

I hope to see you here soon!

Lots of love,


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