Playa Del Carmen Jet Ski Rental

…like renting a scooter and driving it on the sea…

The sun’s out, the adrenalin’s flowing, and you’re zooming around the ocean on a jet ski.

Sounds perfect right?

But for some reason people who rent jet skis have a bit of a bad reputation.

It’s all down to those few yuppie kids who fly around trying to show off.

Ignore those spring break idiots.

I’ve been jet skiing many times in Playa Del Carmen and not once has it helped me pull a lady on the beach.

There’s far more to jet skiing in Playa Del Carmen than a quick acceleration in the ocean.

It’s a great experience for all kinds of different reasons.

Not the least for the fact that you’re driving your own vehicle across the Caribbean.

Playa Del Carmen Jet Ski Video

Check out this jet ski video in order to get an idea of some of the things  you can see while out riding. Unfortunately, the day was not so sunny, but you still get the picture:

So, Why Is Jet Skiing So Good In Playa Del Carmen?

In some places the jet skis just go up and down the same stretch of ocean.

Great if you want to embarrass yourself in front of a beach full of bikinis.

But a bit one dimensional.

In Playa del Carmen you can rent a jet ski and zoom along the whole beach.

Turquoise water, white sand, and pure acceleration: what more do you need?

Well, listen to this.

In Playa Del Carmen there are whole jet ski tours that take you to hidden destinations.

Stop and snorkel along beautiful coral reefs, swim with sea turtles, and ride out to spectacular expanses of open beach.

Try a tour that rides out all the way to Playa Norte – that’s north beach for those who haven’t mastered their Spanish.

Jet skiing combines the natural beauty of the ocean with the rush of driving really fast.

What Are The Different Jet Skiing Options In Playa Del Carmen?

When you’re enjoying the beach and thinking about renting a jet ski, you’ve got two different options.

  1. For a quick ride it’s possible to rent a jet ski for 30 minutes. Jump on, accelerate away, and get a bit of a thrill in the ocean.
  2. Those who want to explore can go on a jet ski ride and then snorkeling afterward. I really recommend it. These combined tours take 1.5 to 2 hours and give you the opportunity to both ride a jet ski and also go snorkeling. It can take you out to the places that few other tourists see. Last time I went on such a tour, I jet skied for 30 minutes and then went snorkeling where I got to swimming with sea turtles and also saw an eagle ray. Amazing! (As well as hundreds of tropical fish.)

Okay, You’ve Got Me Excited. Tell Me The Where And The How

 You’ve got several options.

It’s usually best to ask if you want to know more information.


Jet skis can also be rented out individually in blocks of 30 minutes.

In peak season it is ~$75-80+ USD for 30 minutes. If you want to rent longer than 30 minutes, prices become negotiable.

But in off season, when negotiating in Spanish, sometimes you can get one for lower.


If you want to combine several activities at once, try the jet ski rental and the snorkeling.

You’re already wet. You already have sand in hard-to-get places. You’re already pumped up about being out in the sun on a beautiful day.

Fill out the contact form below to find out more.

Want To Rent a Jet Ski?

TALK TO CAESAR (or Erika), the Jet Ski GO-TO Guys

There was a day that I woke up with some motivation.

To make a long story short, a visitor had contacted me regarding suggestions about where to rent a jet ski.

Thus, I begin a quest to not only find a good place to rent a jet ski, but the BEST place. For those who have read other pages on my website, you know that I am a stickler when it comes to tourists being treated fairly and honestly.

To be completely frank, it is not difficult to find some greedy parasite out there selling jet ski tours; however, it is difficult to find someone who will treat you how you deserve to be treated (and like all tourists should be treated).

Let’s face it, this city, this website, and the tens of thousands of jobs that exist here are all dependent on tourists like you.

Because of this dependent relationship, I strongly believe that all tourists here should be treated well.

Consequently, I don’t recommend individual people unless I truly trust their judgment.

  • The first guy that I met was a real idiot. He didn’t know the difference between a “speedo” and a “speedometer.”
  • The second guy that I met seemed knowledgeable, but as I watched him take off on one of the jet skis, he almost ran over a snorkeler. I thought to myself, “That could have been me! Screw him!”
  • The third guy I met was not on the beach, but was exceptional in his ability to answer questions about both jet skiing and everything else to do in this city. As importantly, he seemed extremely honest (which is difficult to find in a tour operator here).

I relentlessly probed “third guy” about his moral integrity with questions like this:

“You’re not one of those short-sited, parasitical, jerk-off, wannabe tour salesman who try to steal, corrupt, ripoff, and cheat tourists, are you?”

After a short interview, I found out this guy was the real deal – a tour seller who wanted to see his customers have fun (with the hope that they would come back and recommend him to their friends).

I decided to add him to my website.

So, without more ado, let me introduce you to Caesar.

Meet Caesar

First of all, Caesar is a pretty cool guy.

Because you’re reading this, you likely read/speak English, so you can rest assured that Caesar’s English is very proficient.

He lived in the United States for a number of years where he was a mover.

After coming to Playa Del Carmen on what was supposed to be a short vacation, he ended up staying here permanently.

He’s been living here now for around 5 years and has been a tour provider for the entire time.

As you might have guessed, with five years of experience, he knows a lot about all the different activities in the Riviera Maya and close to this area.

Thus, if you have any questions for him, don’t hesitate to ask him.

Caesar’s jet ski rental tips:

  1. Be careful of some of the big waves. You may go flying into the air and get separated from your jet ski. (“Oh SH*****T!!!!!” …….splash)
  2. Always be watchful of swimmers / divers / snorkelers. Usually they float a flag that sits in an inner tube or buoy, but sometimes it is hard to see between the big waves.
  3. Don’t go too far out to sea or try to take a excursion to a nearby island. You may find yourself lost and end up on the shore of Cuba (instead of Cozumel). Also, there is always the possibility of engine failure and you don’t want to make the top story on the local news channel. (e.g. “TOURIST LOST AT SEA ON JET SKI FOR SIX DAYS HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND”)

Other services that Caesar offers

Because Caesar has been working as a tour operator for the last five years, he can set you up with just about anything you need.

Here are a few examples of other tours that he offers:

  • Parasailing
  • Scooter rentals
  • Car rentals
  • Bike rentals
  • X-Park tickets (Xcaret, Xel-ha, Xplor, Xenotes, etc…)
  • Ziplining adventure tours
  • Cenote trips
  • Private tours to Tulum, Akumal, Chichen Itza, Coba, etc…
  • Airport transfers
  • Etc….

As you can see, the list is long (and distinguished).

So you can ask him for just about anything!

Fill out the form below to contact Caesar and reserve your jet ski now!

I’ve made contacting Caesar very easy.

Simply fill out the form below.

He will contact you ASAP in order to help you reserve your jet ski.



Is Jet Skiing Safe?

Some people are idiots and think a jet ski is an opportunity to become the NASCAR champion of the ocean.

These people shouldn’t rent a jet ski.

Of course a powerful sea vehicle can be dangerous.

But that’s usually only when people get carried away or don’t know what they’re doing.

There are some basic rules.

You might think it’s cool to zoom over to the tasty girl whose swimming in the ocean.


Never go near swimmers when on a jet ski.

A jet ski has no brakes so fooling around near people is a recipe for getting sued.

There’s all kinds of information about what to do if you capsize or fall off the jet ski.

But don’t listen to me.

Make sure you get a full safety brief when you rent the jet ski.

What Else Do I Need To Know Before Getting A Jet Ski?

If you’re thinking of bringing on a buddy or girl on the back of your jet ski, then remember one thing:

Make sure s/he is holding on BEFORE you accelerate.

The girl won’t be impressed if you zoom off and leave her in the ocean.

Life jackets are also pretty important, particularly if you’re one of those NASCAR impersonators.

And remember some good sunscreen.

Otherwise the hour on a jet ski is going to leave you with some embarrassing tan lines.

Did you get all that?

Get down to the beach and set off exploring!

See you there soon…

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Tell us about your experience renting a jet ski here! Leave it in the comments section below.

20 comments on “Playa Del Carmen Jet Ski Rental

  1. Who does all your ski repairs? I am a certified boat and jet ski mechanic living here in playa. I am looking for work if you have any available. I can send a resume or come speak with you in person. 984-205-1956

    • Super-mechanic Stuart,

      I don’t own or maintain any jet skis. This page you visited is simply about renting a jet ski here.

      I have had the opportunity to visit several of the jet ski rental providers here in town. From what I can gather, they are all owned by different people. One person usually has 5 or 6 of them. Then, further down the beach, another person has 5 or 6.

      Of course the licensing is all run through the government, but as far as ownership, there is not one major company who owns (or rents) all of them. You could check with them each individually to see if some of them need maintenance or repair periodically.

      In addition to the wave runners for rent along the beaches in Playa Del Carmen, there is a park here that does a lot of jet ski rentals. It is called Punta Venado. They may need someone to do repairs sometimes. I would recommend checking with them.

      One selling point that you have – at least according to your name – is that you are not a local. It is very difficult to find high-quality local workers here, so you may want to market yourself as a foreign jet ski repair specialist.

      I hope this helps…

      Take care,


  2. Do You have an employee name Carlos who rents out jet skies next to the Catalonia priverledge resort? I know this is weird request but hoping to contact him. Thank you!!

    • Mystical Moira,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know anybody by that name who rents jet skis.

      By the way, how was the resort? I had never even heard of this resort until now from you.

      Good luck finding Carlos, and I hope you enjoyed your vacation here.

      Talk to you soon,


      • Thanks for your response. The stay at the Cantalonia Privledge was wonderful. We all had a fabulous time. Just trying to find out the name of the jet ski company they used. It was separate from the resort. The workers had to drive the ski by water back to the shop. Oh well. Life goes on. Loved reading ur story. Thanks again.

  3. Hey there, Rufus, thanks for this info, very helpful. I’m wondering about the snorkelling, is there an extra fee during the jet ski tours?



    • Picturesque Paulette,

      Thank you so much for that comment and the compliment. I write all of the pages on this website for visitors like you!

      The jet ski tours that you are referring to (which also include snorkeling) are located around 10 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen.

      The snorkeling is included as part of the tour. In addition, the snorkeling gear is inclusive as well.

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think transportation to and from your hotel is thrown in also (but usually ONLY if your hotel/resort is located in the city itself). You’ll need to check on that, however.

      I hope this helps, and if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Lots of love…


  4. Do you know roughly how many people are usually in the Ocean Safari Tours? I want to be on for more than 15min but my friends and I also don’t want to be in a large group of other tourists?

    • Reilly,

      Unfortunately, the Ocean Safari Tours are no longer being offered. The company that was providing them was bought out by a larger company. The new company stopped offering them.

      However, if you fill out the form above I will personally have someone contact you in regards to the other options that may be available.

      I hope you are enjoying planning your trip to Playa del Carmen, and if you need anything else, feel free to contact me.


  5. Great advice! I have tried to send a msg to Cesar but it doesn’t wanna send for some reason. Is there a specific location I can find him?

    • Jeffrey,

      It sounds like everything worked out. Someone should get back to you momentarily.

      Enjoy your trip to Playa Del Carmen!!!


  6. Hi! Can three people ride a jet ski? I have two 10-year old twins that would like to ride with their father.

    Thank you, Rufus!

    • Amy,

      Swartzburg doesn’t sound like a Mexican name. Are you a local? Three people (and I’ve even seen four) commonly ride on scooters and motorcycles that way here! Even very young children stashed in between mother and father! Damn dangerous!

      Where are the police? Who knows? Probably staring at cute girls on the beach. Better things to do, I guess.

      In any case, it is very dangerous and likely that someone will fall off the back! Imagine: “Oh sh*t!! Stop and turn around! We just lost little Jose!”

      The answer is, no, you cannot ride that way. The jet skis are limited to two people no matter how big or small a person is.

      But you may be in luck.

      Even though the jet skis are limited to two people at a time, your husband could pick up one twin, take him for a ride, and then return him. Then repeat the process with your other twin. That’s not a problem.

      Flip a Mexican peso (coin) to see who goes first.

      But you won’t be able to take the whole family on board your jet ski rental like local people do on their scooters and motorcycles!

      Hope this helps, Amy….

      Lots of love,


  7. what is the email of someone I can contact for a jet ski and snorkel tour in September 2020? My fiance and I are going to be on our honeymoon and looking for a good jet ski excursion

    • Breck,

      Fill out the form in the blue or yellow box above and someone will get back to you about availability ASAP!!!! Just enter your name, email address, phone number, and how many jet skis you want and on what dates.


  8. I also would like to schedule a small group for jet skis… please have someone contact me as well…

    • Al,

      Enter your name, email, etc in the rental request form on this page and my reservations manager will get back to you with whatever answers you need.

      Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon…


    • Jake,

      There is not really a “minimum age” per se. However, if a person is under 18 (the age of majority in Mexico), they need to be with a legal guardian in order to rent a jet ski. Moreover, all jet ski participants MUST wear a lifejacket. Jet ski providers only have jackets that will fit a ~8 year-old kid (or bigger). Thus, even though there is not technically a hard and fast age limit, there are other limitations that make it impossible for a small child to go jet skiing.

      Hope this makes sense…


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