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  …park yourself in paradise while learning another language…

When you spend a long time at a beach vacation destination, people start thinking you’re a bum.


Just because you’re not in an office or shopping at Walmart they assume you’re doing nothing with your life.

They think that all day everyday is spent lying on the beach drinking tequila.

The truth is, you need to have some excuse and purpose for spending a long time in paradise.

Otherwise all the squares get jealous.

And no, cocktail reviewer doesn’t count.

One of my suggestions is to take the opportunity to learn a language.

You commit 20 hours a week, you learn a very useful skill, and you’ve got a great reason for soaking up Playa Del Carmen for a month or more.

Why Do I Even Want To Learn A Language?

This isn’t just about pleasing uptight family members who shake their heads at your life direction – take Spanish as an example.

How much of the world will you open up when you can speak Spanish.

Think about all those Mexican women!

If you master Spanish then you’re in the perfect place being in Playa Del Carmen.

You can hang out with the locals and see a side to Playa Del Carmen that most tourists miss.

But in Playa Del Carmen there are other languages to learn, and with all different tourists coming here, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice.

What Languages Can I Learn In Playa Del Carmen?

The majority of schools focus predominantly on Spanish.

It’s what most foreigners come to learn, and there’s the added bonus of local homestays for a full immersion experience.

But the schools also offer courses in French, German, Italian, and Russian.

You’ll meet lots of interesting locals and tourists in these courses.

Most of them have come to learn these languages so that they’re more employable in the tourism industry.

Where Can I Learn A Language In Playa Del Carmen?

There are a lot of different schools offering Spanish. Some are very small and don’t always get the best reviews.

Language Studies International have schools all over the world, including one with a tropical garden in Playa Del Carmen.

The Playa Del Carmen Language Institute is in the center of Playa Del Carmen city.

And Playalingua del Caribe was the first to offer Spanish lessons in Playa Del Carmen.

Both of these schools are only five minutes walk to the beach.

All of the above offer courses in the five different languages, although their biggest department is Spanish.

Why Spanish?

Think about how impressed the women are going to be when you start a conversation with the locals in Spanish.

But don’t just learn Spanish for these vain reasons.

It’s the third most spoken language in the world, meaning it’s arguably the most useful behind English (which I hope you already know) and Chinese (which you don’t really want to know).

But it’s also the local language in Mexico and you’ll get much more out of your vacation if you can easily chat with all the locals.

I did a load of investigating about the different Spanish courses in Playa Del Carmen so you can read more about it here.

What Are The Courses Like?

In general your day is going to split into two.

Mornings are for learning, usually four hours a day of lessons in groups of 4-8 students.

Afternoons are for…enjoying Playa Del Carmen – and casually practicing what you learned in the morning!

Lounge on the beach, cycle around town, hit some ruins, dive a cenote, drink some cocktails, etc, etc…

If you’re really dedicated then you can have a more intensive course with private tuition in the afternoon.

Most courses are for a minimum of two weeks.

But you can stay however long you like.

Why not spend a whole summer and live in Playa Del Carmen?

Where Can I Stay?

Some schools offer packages where lessons are combined with accommodation at their on-site residence.

You’ll meet other students and quickly make new friends.

Spanish learners can also stay with a host family.

It’s total immersion, so it can be very intensive.

But it’s the best way to learn Spanish.

Or you can book your own hotel or apartment.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn A Language In Playa Del Carmen?

Different schools have different prices of course, but this general guide should help your planning.

Expect to pay $200-250 USD a week for a 20-hour course, with more intensive courses costing about $100 USD more.

Accommodation is extra and is around $200-300 USD per week.

The longer you stay the cheaper it gets.

What Should I Do If I Want To Learn A Language In Playa Del Carmen?

Firstly, tell everyone that you’re going to live in paradise for a while.

But you’re not going to be a bum.

Tell them how useful your time is going to be as you learn a language.

Research the different companies and check that they’re registered with either ICAT (the local training institute) or SECTUR (the Tourism Secretary).

Come ready to learn, and most importantly, enjoy life while you are here!

I hope to see you in Playa Del Carmen!

Lots of love,


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