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Yesterday I got a very distressed phone call from my mother.

She’d been watching some bad cable TV show about the hippy lifestyle that supposedly exists here.

She honestly thought that I was growing dreadlocks and an immense beard.

I said, “Mother! I’m never going to get laid looking like that!

She was confusing hippies with the bohemian lifestyle.

Playa Del Carmen was popularized by a group of hippies who used to sunbathe naked on the beach.

But Playa Del Carmen living isn’t about hugging trees and only wearing Buddha t-shirts.

Or any of those other hippy stereotypes.

Playa Del Carmen living is about the bohemian lifestyle where no one single culture dominates.

It’s a place where you do as you please.

Just because it’s non-conformist doesn’t mean people have stopped shaving.

The Bohemian Playa Del Carmen Lifestyle

I’m not sure who invented the word ‘bohemian.

Perhaps the dictionary people made it up after reading too many Jack Kerouac novels.

Perhaps it comes from a French word that loosely translates to sitting at cafe terraces drinking coffee and wine all day.

Either way, Playa Del Carmen has become synonymous with what is known as the ‘bohemian lifestyle.

A definition of a bohemian is something like “a person having informal and unconventional social habits.”

Which could suggest going out in mini-skirts in mid-winter and drinking your body weight in vodka.

But I wouldn’t say northern English girls could be called bohemian.

Essentially, what I believe they mean by bohemian is those people who have turned away from the standard way of living in the west (i.e. those people who said no to 2.4 children, 9-5 jobs, mortgage repayments, and brainwashing commercials).

The Diversity Of Playa Del Carmen Living

The people who visit Playa Del Carmen are from a huge range of cultures.

That’s both the long-term residents and the tourists who visit.

Playa Del Carmen living is about many different cultural influences happily mixing together.

There is no dominate culture or ideology that dictates how life should be.

That’s unlike most of the western world where you get castigated for being anything other than the dominate culture.

Darwin argued for evolution and survival of the fittest.

Well, look how happy it’s got us in America, Mr Darwin!

Playa Del Carmen living is more about everyone taking what’s best from different cultures and combining them together.

This mix of cultures means that only the best characteristics of each survive.

In short, there is a mix of cultures here without one of those cultures bulldozing the others over.

That makes every day and every person interesting.

Is Playa Del Carmen Living For Me?

This bohemian lifestyle is open to everyone, but it is not for everyone.

You might not believe it when your week involves working, working some more, discussing work with work colleagues, and then working even more.

But it’s easy to escape the cycle of work-spend-debt-work-spend-more debt-die.

Just by moving to Playa Del Carmen, you’re halfway to a bohemian lifestyle.

How about waking up and walking along the beach, before having a relaxed coffee with friends from four different nationalities?

Sounds better than the grumpy morning commute.

Living in Playa Del Carmen is cheap, and the lifestyle more than compensates for not having a job in Playa Del Carmen that pays $100k plus.

And you don’t need to be a long-haired Greenpeace subscriber to “join the club.”

Benefits Of Playa Del Carmen Living

Some people can stop reading now.

They’ve always fancied the bohemian lifestyle and can already picture the life that awaits them here.

Others might need an extra nudge to swap the urban jungle for tropical paradise.

Here are some benefits of Playa Del Carmen living that aren’t connected to doing what you want whenever you want.

  1. Firstly, it’s beautiful. You’re surrounded by nature of both the green, yellow, and turquoise variety.
  2. Secondly, Playa Del Carmen isn’t some third world backwater without hot showers and internet. Due to the tourism industry, Playa Del Carmen has a well-developed western infrastructure that provides everything you could need. There are excellent telecommunications and health facilities. The roads and sewerage are new and modern. Etc…. Etc.
  3. Most importantly you can create your own lifestyle dependent on your budget and tastes. For some that could mean partying seven days a week. For others that means living the quiet life and going fishing most mornings.

Playa Del Carmen offers choice.

There are hundreds of land and ocean based activities to participate in.

And I haven’t even talked about all the random and diverse friends you’re going to meet.

Playa Del Carmen Living In Cheap

I’m not going to go all hippy on you and say that you can live here with no money and survive off cigarette butts and making some dodgy handicrafts.

But the cost of living here is very cheap.

Property is inexpensive – but going up very rapidly.

That applies to both rental and sale.

If you buy an apartment now you’ll have made a fortune in ten years time.

Check out my article on the cost of living here to see exactly how affordable it is to live here.

Because of the constant growth of the tourism industry, and the continual influx of the tourist dollar, there are lots of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and investors.

A Check-List Of Playa Del Carmen Living

Of course Playa Del Carmen and the bohemian lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

I thought I’d draw up a little check-list.

It’s like one of those that you get in chicks’ magazines.

You have to answer yes or no, and then I’ll give you a random statement at the end.

So. would you like to:

  • Live in a place of diverse cultures and ideologies (YES / NO)
  • Live in a naturally beautiful environment (YES / NO)
  • Live in a place where your $ goes a long way (YES / NO)
  • Eat different food every night (YES / NO)
  • Have access to hundreds of different activities (YES / NO)
  • Enjoy world class night-life every day of the week (YES / NO)
  • Enjoy a bohemian lifestyle which doesn’t revolve around “So what do you do…?(YES / NO)

If you mostly answered no, then ramp up the pension plan investments and (just for once, please) smile on the morning commute to work.

Get the extra cable channels, sit back, and order a Dominos.

If you mostly answered yes, then I’ll join you for margaritas in the beach bar!

See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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