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Though it’s an integral part of any good vacation, in my humble opinion, a massage is also a very personal thing.

There’s lots of touching, sure.

But the enjoyment of it also depends on the preferences of the person receiving the massage.

Most importantly, it depends on the particular talents of the person giving the massage.

In my experience, the quality of the massage that you’ll receive in Playa Del Carmen depends largely on who you get.

Now, if you have time to probar (that’s try out, in espanol) different masseuses, then you’ll eventually settle on one that suits your tastes.

However, if you’re only in town for a short while, then you’re out of luck – in which case read on.

I’ve got some information that could help you in your search to find a good place that offers exactly what you want.

Covering the Bases

For a day, or an hour, out of the sun in Playa Del Carmen, you really can’t go wrong with a massage.

To help you get your feet off the ground, as it were, let’s start with some of the more common types of massages you can find here.

Pretty much every massage place in Playa Del Carmen offers the traditional massages you’d find anywhere else.

These include a sports massage, deep tissue massage, and your regular, relaxing spa massage.

They can help you recover from too much snorkeling or jet skiing the day before.

They can get your vacation started right, working that stress out of your body.

Or they can just be an hour well spent.

But if you’re looking for something a little more exotic than your run-of-the-mill massage, read on.

Local Flavor Massages in Playa

One cool thing about Playa Del Carmen, which I’ve said before and will say again, is that it combines local flavor with modern luxury.

And I don’t just mean the food.

Sometimes this combination can be perfect.

An example is the way some spas work in traditional, centuries-old healing practices taken right from the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

These traditional touches (no pun intended) are like the cherry on top of your already awesome massage.

The idea is that these elements – like ‘aromatic essences’ (and other effeminate words that should never come out of a guy’s mouth) have special properties.

They are supposed to improve your mood, the wellness of your soul, and help you achieve some kind of synchronization with the environment around you.

The extent to which these things are true, I can’t really say – I don’t promise that you’ll see Jesus or some ancient Aztec god.

But I will say that the whole experience can be an awesome way to spend an hour (or two).

Plus, you would be hard pressed to find these things performed to such perfection anywhere else — especially in Mexico because perfectionists are almost non-existent in this country.

And then it gets better

Alright, now that I’ve sufficiently gotten in touch with my feminine side, discussing essences and this other sort of BS, let’s get to the other things you can get with your massage.

There are several places right along the beach, and in the happening part of town, where other amenities can be gotten along with your massage.

Actually, if you can get a time slot at one of the places that massage you outside on the beach, facing the ocean, I highly recommend it.

There are several of these near the large, landmark statue of two Mayan women where Benito Juarez meets the beach (directly to the beach from the bus station).

But you may need to either plan in advance to get a reservation if it’s high season. Otherwise just go there and you will see the masseuses selling massages.

In any case, these places and some others also offer other spa services like manicure and pedicure.

You can get a facial, a body wrap, acupuncture, and some places even have trained chiropractors on their staff.

So there’s also that, in case you get injured during your parachute landing, or while falling several inches from a beach lounge after one too many Mai Tais.

The regular, one hour massage will run you $25 at most places (depending on the exchange rate.

That’s the standard rate, often advertised as $50 for two people to receive a one hour massage.

As always, always pay in pesos. If you don’t, you will get an atrocious exchange rate — think 30% less than what you should receive!

But if you’re also interested in some extras, you may also find some packages on offer which can save you a little on everything together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re in Playa Del Carmen for a wedding, honeymoon, etc., several spas also offer package deals specific to those occasions.

Popular Massage Places in Playa Del Carmen

Most of the popular and recommended places to get a massage are part of a hotel or right on the beach.

But you can also find a few spots a little further out from the town center.

For anyone who likes the idea of the Mayan and Aztec stuff, I highly recommend Ya’ax Ché Spa.

By all accounts, they do an excellent job of incorporating those traditional practices, and their staff is trained and professional.

Another good option is Petit Lafitte (a boutique hotel right on the beach, formerly called Capitan Lafitte.)

I can also say that Itza Spa, a day spa right on Fifth Avenue, comes highly recommended from the travelers I’ve met.

And to round out your choices, there are also Magic Hands and Sabai Spa which come recommended.

These last two tend to get fans for one or another particular masseuse.

So if you’re nice, the person making your reservation might recommend an especially good one.

As a final note to those who may be new to the massage experience – make sure you drink a lot of water afterward.

For some reason that I am yet to fully understand, getting massaged dehydrates you.

At least that’s what they say every time I go in for one.

And they also recommend it as a way to finish the process of cleaning the toxins out of your body.

I guess it’s some kind of cleansing thing like a juice diet, but more fun.

A nice rub and bottle of water later, maybe a facial and a pedicure too if you’re a lady (or a dude, who knows), you’ll be in pretty good shape to hit the beach or the clubs.

Party on!

Lots of love,


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