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..sometimes a package is the best way to go…

The other month I was on the beach and couldn’t believe my eyes.

It had just turned mid-July, and the peak season for European tourists had become.

There I was anticipating this influx of foreign beauties.

But no.

The sand had quickly become overrun by these sun-burnt beach whales.

Why do English people refuse to wear sunscreen, despite being the nation most susceptible to immediate sunburn?

I was looking out, and the mass of people resembled some kind of horrific red and white striped wallpaper.

Stay with me, though, my British readers.

The tourists I’m talking about were the ones who come to Playa Del Carmen on all-inclusive Playa Del Carmen packages.

Honestly, head to an all-inclusive resort and you’ll find one kind of tourist.

Dull, uninspiring money wasters.

Why People Would Want A Playa Del Carmen Package

Okay, so the all-inclusive Playa Del Carmen package works for some people.

But, if you’re just going to stick to your hotel and the same stretch of beach, you might as well be anywhere in the world.

Playa Del Carmen offers so much more than that.

There are many different types of Playa Del Carmen packages available.

Not just the all-inclusive.

And at certain times of year these packages can make for great value vacations.

The problem is that with many Playa Del Carmen packages, you’re paying for things that you’re not going to use.

My advice is to check exactly what’s included and whether it’s what you need.

Here are some typical Playa Del Carmen packages:

Flight Only Playa Del Carmen Package

The most flexible option is flight only.

It suits the more independent traveler who has plenty of time to also search for a hotel deal.

Obviously, this is the cheapest option.

But if it takes you hours and hours of searching, then is it really that cheap?

I mean, how much value do you place on your own time?

Remember, that with flight only you’ll also have to budget for things like airport transfers.

Once you’ve booked a flight, than you’ll have to book a hotel.

Make sure you ask for a discount if you contact the hotel directly.

Flight And Hotel Playa Del Carmen Packages

Easily the most popular option is to book a flight and hotel package.

It makes sense as it often saves you a lot of money.

However, you should do some independent research on the hotel that is being offered in the Playa Del Carmen package.

Some companies offer insane deals, but then the hotel is miles away from the beach and next to a construction site.

Other companies offer amazing sounding deals.

But, do you need a 5 star resort?

Perhaps it’s better to book a cheaper hotel and save money for activities.

The best deals are found on the big travel comparison websites like Booking Buddy, Expedia, and Travelocity.

But in low season you can also get good prices directly with the travel agents.

Flight, Hotel, And Car Rental Playa Del Carmen Packages

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend including car rental in your Playa Del Carmen package.


Playa Del Carmen is primarily a pedestrian friendly city.

Almost everywhere is within walking distance, and the main street doesn’t even allow vehicles.

It’s also hard to find a parking space, so when you add up the time, it’s usually cheaper to walk than drive.

However, there are some amazing must-see sights and attractions outside Playa Del Carmen.

For example, Chichen Itza is 2-hour, 30-minute drive from Playa Del Carmen.

Tulum and Cancun are both 45-60 minutes away.

And then there is the jungle, snorkeling with turtles, and many hidden beaches.

Car rental is great if you want to get out of Playa Del Carmen and see many of these places.

But if you’re paying for a two-week car rental and only going on 3-4 day trips, you’re wasting money.

It’s cheap and easy to rent a car for just a few days in Playa Del Carmen.

All-Inclusive Playa Del Carmen Packages

I’m going to make a little apology.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone who likes to go on all-inclusive packages.

I just found my walk along the beach quite humorous.

Put on some sunscreen people!

But I would like to clarify why all-inclusive packages aren’t the best option when coming to Playa Del Carmen.

For starters, great food is very cheap in Playa Del Carmen.

You can eat at a top restaurant, and have three courses – plus a drink – for less than $25 USD.

Drinks are also very cheap in Playa Del Carmen.

It sounds great to have all your alcohol included.

But how much are you paying for this luxury?

With the perennial happy hours in Playa Del Carmen, you only need $20 USD to get royally wasted.

The all-inclusive resorts also really try and keep people on their property.

They don’t like guests discovering that there is more out there.

So most people leave thinking that Playa Del Carmen is just a beach place.

Finally, many resorts and hotels offer various tours to Mayan pyramids, theme parks, or the jungle.

However, they’re invariably more expensive than other tour companies.

Best Places To Shop For A Playa Del Carmen Package

If you’ve read my Playa Del Carmen vacation packages article, you’ll know that the cheapest Playa Del Carmen packages are generally offered by Expedia and Booking Buddy..

However, when I did the research, I found that most of the big travel comparison sites offered very similar prices.

So it’s not worth spending tens of hours searching in the hope of saving $10 USD.

Don’t worry about whether you’ve got the best deal, instead focus on whether the deal is best for you.

Anything Else About Playa Del Carmen Packages

Playa Del Carmen is an amazing destination, and most people start planning their next trip here before they’ve even left.

Rightfully so. Remember, if you travel in low season (between May and October) you can generally find the best Playa Del Carmen package prices.

However, it’s hot here. Sometimes SUPER HOT!

And if you’re British, remember the biodegradable sunscreen.

We’re not under some grey skies in Mexico.

The sun burns, and nobody wants to look at a fried lobster on the beach.

Enjoy your vacation, and I’ll see you on the beach.

I’ll be the guy who is completely covered in SPF 50 sunscreen.

I wouldn’t to give you any ammunition after the abuse I’ve given those of you who end up with a sunburn!

See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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