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You know those really annoying real estate guys who are evidently going through a mid-life crisis.

The ones that drink in bars where the clientele are half their age, wear ill-fitting over-the-top suits, and drive wannabe sports cars.

These are usually the ones that spend all their commissions on strip clubs and gambling habits.

When I started looking for Playa Del Carmen property, I was dreading meeting the realtors because all I could picture was these loser real-estate guys.

However, the Playa Del Carmen property market seems to be a bit happier.

If you’re going to sell property in this city, then you best have some eccentricity that matches the Playa Del Carmen community.

So other than the salesman spending all their money in titty bars, I found that the property industry is much happier overall than in the States.

So it all boils down to this:

  • Where can you find good property here?
  • How do you buy property?

Let me guide you through what I’ve learned.

Playa Del Carmen Property Is A Great Investment

40 years ago there was little in Playa Del Carmen other than a few naked hippies sunbathing on the beach.

Fast forward to today, and the local property is one of the best investments on the entire planet.

Playa Del Carmen is at the center of the Riviera Maya.

This Caribbean coastal region has been targeted by the Mexican government for major development over the next 20 years.

Playa Del Carmen’s population has gone from a few hippies to an estimated 150,000 in just 40 years.

In fact, the current population is unknown because there has been such an influx of people since the last census.

The biggest growth has been over the last ten years.

And it’s not going to stop with the government pumping in loads of money to build infrastructure and houses.

If you’ve seen Cancun, you’ll have seen how it can’t be developed any further.

However, Playa Del Carmen is surrounded by nothing but jungle and ocean.

So it can just keep expanding.

The Different Types Of Playa Del Carmen Property

There are many types of property that you can buy in Playa Del Carmen.

This isn’t some monotonous neighborhood where you’ve only got cramped condos or detached houses that all look identical.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with any of those sad loser real estate guys to get involved. (They exist, but you can avoid them.)

As with all Playa Del Carmen property, price is dictated by location.

As a general rule, the price goes up exponentially the closer that you get to the beach.

Proximity to 5th Avenue is also a big factor in price.

Other prime areas are the gated communities (like Playacar) and those that are near a golf course.

Here are the options:

Playa Del Carmen Property – Condominiums

Condominiums are the low-maintenance Playa Del Carmen property option.

Most of them come with lots of amenities and associations that take care of everything.

Some even come with maid services.

Condominiums are easy to rent because short-term renters also like the low maintenance.

There is a wide range of quality on offer.

Some have been hastily built from crap materials and aren’t much of an investment.

Others will make you some serious cash a few minutes with the long-term – or short-term.

Condominiums are available all over Playa Del Carmen, and I recommend a website called Vivanuncios.

This should give you an idea about prices and what you get for your money.

Just put “departmento” in the search box (that means “apartment” in Spanish).

Playa Del Carmen Property – Houses

Houses also make a great investment.

Some are giant seven bedroom, five bathroom villas with a huge swimming pool and ocean views.

But that will cost you over $1million USD.

Others are tiny and pretty basic, but you can pick one up for under $50,000.

When buying a house in a newly developed area, it’s good to consider what is going to be developed in the surrounding area.

Perhaps your Playa Del Carmen house will be the center of a thriving neighborhood in ten years.

Or perhaps it will be in an isolated development.

I wouldn’t recommend buying a house in one of poorer neighborhoods, as these are difficult to rent.

While you might not mind living amongst locals, it’s going to be hard to convince others to do the same.

I would stay clear of anything that’s the other side of Highway 307 and the neighborhood of Villas del Sol.

This last one has a reputation for a much higher than average crime rate.

If you can find it, probably the best Playa Del Carmen property investment is a cheap house that’s near the beach or 5th Avenue and needs a bit of work doing.

Even if it’s small, the value is going to skyrocket over the next 10 years.

Again I recommend the Vivanuncios site to get started.

Just type in “casa” to get started on your search. (“Casa” means “house” in Spanish.)

Playa Del Carmen Property – Timeshares

I know what you might be thinking.


Isn’t that a massive con run by dodgy salesman.

While there are some annoying timeshare people outside Cancun Airport, timeshares can be a great opportunity. (I promise I don’t have a hidden agenda here!)

It’s much cheaper than buying property outright and means you’ve got a nice place to stay when you visit Playa Del Carmen every year.

They are dotted all over Playa Del Carmen, and I recommend talking to a realtor if you’re serious about Playa Del Carmen timeshares.

When new ones come on the market, the price is normally hyper-inflated.

You can get much better Playa Del Carmen property value by looking at older properties and timeshares than those that have just been built.

Playa Del Carmen Property – Buying Land

If you’re really brave, then you may even consider purchasing some land in the Riviera Maya.

You’re not going to get an immediate return on your investment, but the long term benefits are massive.

You can always build a bigger and cheaper house if you own the land and do it yourself.

Before purchasing land, make sure you know everything there is to know about the area you’re looking at:

  • Find out how it features in government plans for development.
  • Think about what the neighborhood is going to look like in 20 years time.

Again, I recommend Vivanuncios to start searching for land and lots for sale.

The link above should take you directly to the “land for sale” part of the website. (Look for the word “terrenos.” It means “land” in Spanish.)

Is Playa Del Carmen Property For Me?

If you’re one of those annoying mid-life crisis sales people, then please stay away from Playa Del Carmen.

Buying Playa Del Carmen property is not about these real-estate cliches.

It’s about great investments, fun times, and having house-warming parties with the best ever Mexican cocktails and beer.

Most importantly, the gravy train has already started.

So get your ass to Playa Del Carmen quick quick!

See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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