Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

…a real opportunity for something great…

Imagine coming to Playa Del Carmen on your dream vacation.

Sun, sex, cocktails, and two weeks in paradise?

Sounds perfect doesn’t it.

But before you sign up to two weeks of tropical bliss, have you considered living in Playa Del Carmen?

Waking up and smelling the fresh ocean breeze?

Living within walking distance of a white sand beach packed with bronzed beauties?

Having 500 restaurants and just as many bars on your doorstep?

When things sound too good to be true, they usually are.

Not living in Playa Del Carmen.

It’s not always easy to move here – and sometimes even more difficult to purchase Playa Del Carmen real estate.

It’s an undeniably long process.

But the rewards are spectacular.

I’m going to explain it all.

Why Am I Providing Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Advice?

First of all, I’ve got no interests in real estate.

I’m not on commission and I’m not working for some Mexican Pablo who’s paying me in tequila.

The reason I write about it is because the purchase of real estate here can go wrong.

You’re buying a place in Mexico, and you can’t speak Spanish.

So there are plenty of con artists waiting for your business.

It’s also a little confusing. For example:

  • What taxes do you pay?
  • Where should you buy?
  • Can you rent and sub-let?
  • How can you trust a cigar-smoking local attorney?

But the challenges are easily outweighed by the rewards.

Firstly, getting drunk on a Monday afternoon is seen as normal.

Secondly, there are amazing women from all around the world hanging out near your apartment.

Perhaps more importantly, Playa Del Carmen is beautiful, real estate is consistently increasing in value, and it doesn’t cost much to stratify yourself on the property ladder.

Once you’re settled here, you’ll also discover the insanely cheap cost of living in Playa Del Carmen.

Some Basics About Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Unless you plan to throw your money down the toilet, then you’ll need to contact a Playa Del Carmen realtor or attorney.

I mean, why waste your money on a scam?

If you’re going to blow it all, then at least throw a massive boat party and invite the 200 hottest chicks in Playa Del Carmen to a naked 48-hour party.

You are dealing in Mexico.

That means all the paperwork is in Spanish.

The local authorities are also very slack in controlling the conmen.

In fact, they’ll probably stick up for their own (local Mexicans) and support the conman rather than investigate your complaint.

I don’t know everything about Playa Del Carmen real estate, so don’t ask me for legal advice.

That’s what you need to… get a trustworthy local realtor.

The Choice of Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Playa Del Carmen real estate has exploded in recent years, and you’ve got a baffling array of Playa Del Carmen property to choose from.

With just a little cash, you can get hold of a condominium, for example.

A tiny condo in Playa Del Carmen would be classified as a mid-sized spacious condo with a view if it was in New York.

Playa Del Carmen apartments come in all shapes and sizes.

There’s an excellent rental market for these, whether you’re the landlord or the dude on vacation.

Playa Del Carmen houses are becoming harder to find, and you’ll have to either move out of town or to a more Mexican / locals area.

There are some absolute gems to be found, surrounded by nature and tucked into the jungle.

Playa Del Carmen timeshares don’t have the best rep.

Almost everyone gets bombarded by timeshare reps when they pass through Cancun Airport.

However, they might be a good choice for some people.

Renting A Place While You Make a Decision

I wouldn’t recommend buying Playa Del Carmen real estate after spending a week here on vacation.

Your eyes will be blurry from amazement and cheap cocktails, something that distorts the sanest of minds.

And a week isn’t long enough to explore.

Playa Del Carmen is a lot bigger than people think, and you’ll want to check out multiple different neighborhoods.

My advice is to quit the job and rent an apartment in an area you like the feel of.

Either that or take a short term condo rental and spend your days hanging out across the city.

After a couple of months you’ll get a real feel for this city, including all the crazy Playa Del Carmen holidays that take place (seemingly every other day).

It’s going to take you the first two weeks to try all the different kinds of Mexican drinks.

Add on another week for experimenting with happy hours.

Then an extra month for meeting old Mexican locals and testing the subtle differences between Mexican tequilas and mezcals on a nightly basis.

Another option is staying in a rental home.

The prices for these are going through the roof, particularly in areas like Playacar.

Price Ranges For Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Like anywhere in the world you’ve got cheap shit and overpriced luxury shit. Consequently, it will be necessary that you find a nice medium.

It’s like when you check out the tequila bottles in the store.

The cheapest one gives you disproportional hangovers and tastes like paint thinner.

But you could get drunk 100 times for the cost of the most expensive.

In Playa Del Carmen it’s possible to find a small home or condo for as little as $30k USD.

Just like the cheap tequilas, you should expect some drawbacks with this.

Like being further away from the beach – and not having enough space to entertain two chicks at once.

But it does the job.

The cheaper Playa Del Carmen homes often come with nothing more than a decrepit toilet, some dodgy wiring, and a botched plumbing job.

Start spending more and you’ll find better decoration, a less archaic sewage system, and even some light bulbs.

Light bulbs! Yes, many Mexican properties are sold or rented without them.

Splash the cash and you can have a multi-million dollar penthouse with ocean views and a personal butler who would probably be willing to go as far as wiping your ass after a few moments in the bathroom.

It’s probably best to find somewhere in between.

The Importance of Location

Location always affects real estate price, and Playa Del Carmen is no different.

You have swanky posh neighborhoods, which only foreigners are allowed to enter.

Then you have poor funky Mexican neighborhoods where you’ll be the only non-local.

Playa Del Carmen is a very integrated and ethnically diverse city.

However, the poorer people are usually Mexican, and the people splashing cash are foreigners. (Of course this is a generalization, but nonetheless it is usually true.)

That creates the distinct neighborhoods.

Get an idea of the Playa Del Carmen map and the different Playa Del Carmen neighborhoods before starting your property search.

A great value option is to find an up and coming local neighborhood.

It’s more fun than the exclusive foreigner places like Playacar, yet it’s still got a central location.

Obviously, proximity to the beach is the main factor dictating price.

The proximity to 5th Ave also pushes prices high.

Head out of town along the coast and you can still find bargains.

The beaches might be deserted now.

But in 20 years the whole coastline will be packed with hotels and bars. This is almost a guarantee.

Some hard facts about the city’s growth:

  • In 2010/2011, the population of Playa Del Carmen was approximately 100,000.
  • By 2014 – only three years later – it had reached 150,000.
  • By 2020, it is estimated that the population will be 300,000.

Remember That You’re Buying a Place In Mexico!

One reason that I love Playa Del Carmen is falling off my barstool and face planting the sand is not seen as odd or awkward.

Another reason is the foreign influence in Playa Del Carmen.

It makes Playa Del Carmen living far better than elsewhere in Mexico. Not that the local authorities don’t know what they’re doing.

Playa Del Carmen is the only centrally planned city in Mexico.

Just try another Mexican city, and you’ll redefine the definition of chaos.

Let’s be honest, Mexico isn’t known for high quality products. In fact, most of Mexico has a reputation for being a real dump.

Honestly, putting political correctness aside, a lot of this reputation is true.

Even their entries at Miss World get overshadowed by the rest of the world’s opinion of this country.

Bad quality and blatant inefficiency is just something you have to put up with in most cities here.

Just like corruption, scandal, and cheap cocktails.

The severe lack of regulation and law probably doesn’t help the country.

But in a way it makes Mexico great. Mexico truly is the last untamed frontier in North America.

I mean, everyone is against giving a bribe until they get caught doing something illegal.

However, Playa Del Carmen is probably the best organized Mexican city that I’ve ever seen.

Because of the central planning, a lot of the inherent inefficiencies and bureaucratic nightmares are already solved before they begin.

Nonetheless, if you’re buying real estate here, then make sure you spend the cash on getting a qualified inspector to check it out.

Some apartments are so sideways they make the leaning Tower of Pisa look geometrically perfect.

Why Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Prices Are Always Going Up

Playa Del Carmen is at the center of the Riveria Maya and is at the heart of a government plan to develop this whole Mexican region.

That means they are building and expanding everywhere.

Within 20 years, there won’t be much empty beach, so watch the prices skyrocket if you’re close to the sand.

What’s the important takeaway here? – the government is investing heavily in Playa Del Carmen’s infrastructure.

Roads, hospitals, schools, electricity, water; it’s all getting upgraded to the highest Western standards.

Due to the drugs wars elsewhere, the Mexican government is heavily pushing the Riveria Maya as its number one tourism hotspot.

They want tourism to play an even larger part in the Mexican economy.

So if you’ve got Playa Del Carmen real estate, you will be purchasing property that, within ten years, will be the most prosperous place in Latin America.

Financing For Your Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Another potential minefield is borrowing the cash for your dream home.

The best option is to save at home and buy your property out right when you arrive.

The Mexican banks aren’t the most trustworthy.

You’re looking at a minimum of 10% interest – and that’s before they’ve nailed you with hidden fees.

And if a Mexican bank goes belly up, then there’s probably a clause declaring that all real estate becomes owned by the bank itself.

I would avoid it unless you really know what you’re doing.

Final Thoughts on Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

Do it, do it, do it….do it! Yes, I’m not going to say any more than that.

You won’t regret it.

Oh, actually, exercise a little caution and always consult an attorney.

But go ahead and take the leap!

I hope to see you in the neighborhood soon!

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. If you have any tips, suggestions or advice about purchasing real estate here? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. We have just took the leap and are building our new house in the new Arcos Bambu. Cannot wait to be living there full time. Great article and great site. Very helpful information and entertaining as well.

    • Steven,

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      Stop down at some of the expat watering holes and you’ll meet some interesting people.

      I hope to see you at one of them soon…

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    Thanks for taking the time to create this site.

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