Playa Del Carmen Sex

…so you are looking for a little of the old “in-out, in-out”…

Let’s be honest here.

When traveling as a single person, one of the things you may hope for in a vacation is the ability to enjoy another’s company.

Some people might be satisfied with wining and dining, but I’d like to think I’m not the only guy looking to hook up wherever the wind takes me.

That being said, I do have standards (and hope you do, too).

Every place has its own sex scene.

I’ve been here long enough by now, and taken full advantage of my time here, to have some information to offer about Playa Del Carmen’s sex scene.

Here are my suggestions if you come looking for some “extras” with your vacation package.

The Number One Vacation Sex Mistake That Men Make – AND HOW TO AVOID IT

“Oh sh*t,” I said, feigning confidence. “I’m too exhausted–and still drunk. Besides,” I confirmed while looking down, “he’s got a mind of his own and doesn’t take orders from the guy he’s attached to.”

It was immediate. A subtle look of disappointment spread across her brows.

After only a moment of hesitation, she whispered with finality, “Okay. I’m gonna take a shower.”

I’ve never known what to do in situations like this – Apologize? Offer to help her wash her back? Open a beer in bed? Just go to sleep?

A peck on the cheek was the last of our intimacy.

You see, I had spent the entire day drinking beer from a barstool, sipping margaritas at the beach, and had roamed aimlessly everywhere in between. I had been swimming, boogie boarding, and sunbathing as well.

Then, as if some unbeknownst diety had magically appeared, this super hot Latin girl had approached asking for directions. One thing led to another and…

Not only did I have a sunburn, but I was exhausted. I knew it; she knew it. There was no way I was going a second round.

I barely made it through the first one. Simply put, I had expended all my energy on lazy, half-ass activities that were neither memorable nor masculine.

This time I had not only let myself down – a really cute brunette had my name tattooed in her mind as well. But the tattoo was fading..and it was only a matter of time before ‘POOF,’ and it would be gone.

I knew it was my own fault. My performance was less than lackluster; it sucked! I had a strong feeling that was the last time I was going to be seeing this cutie (even though a remaining four days of vacation would have given her ample time to play again).

Unfortunately, this kind of crap happens to me now and then. The problem is that I never know when. I just assume it won’t. Then when it does, I am thoroughly unprepared.

After repeating this cycle a few times, I have worked toward having some balance in my life, and I’ve seen big changes. Here’s the truth….

My sex life has changed dramatically!

Don’t Be A Redfaced Moron Like Me

Whether you are at home, on vacation, or living in a vacation destination, the one thing that I have learned over the years is that you MUST have balance.

IMPORTANT: If you ever see the dude who always has the perfect 10, you can bet your ass of one thing:

He’s not a drunk!

Really, I have met hundreds and hundreds of tourists here for short-term trips. After meeting so many, patterns began to emerge.

The NUMBER ONE SEX MISTAKE that most men make in a Caribbean vacation destination–

  • Drink at the bar all day and expect to be “attractive” at night

Guys, I’m not your mother and sure as hell “ain’t yo’ girlfriend,” but I have to tell you the truth (and ANY woman reading this will readily confirm it):

  • You’re not attractive when you’re piss drunk
  • You’re not going to get the real hotties when you can hardly stand
  • Most of you reading this page are going to destroy 90% of your opportunities for great vacation sex via too much alcohol

Nobody wants to hear this stuff, but it’s the truth.

So, What Should You Do?

If you’re like me, drinking is fun – to the point of being unavoidable. Personally, I get antsy and feel out of place at a beach bar without a beer in my hand. It just doesn’t feel right. Like the spelling of the word “awkward,” it’s just weird! Why come to a beautiful Mexican city in the Caribbean and not overindulge a little? Do you know what I mean?

But there’s a simple solution to all of this that’s more fun, much more memorable, and will allow you to meet a LOT more beautiful women:

  • Plan your vacation ahead – Plan your vacation ahead so that you have an agenda of fun things to look forward to. If you’re like me, drinking beer is the “default activity” to do during vacation. However, if you have a plan BEFORE your vacation starts, you’ll be less likely to deviate from it and more likely to engage in more memorable activities during your short time here. But what does this have to do with sex in Playa Del Carmen, right?
  • Do fun and (if possible) risque/extreme activities during the day – Let’s not mince words here: Certain activities push you outside of your comfort zones. Others keep you within them. If you want some great Playa Del Carmen sex, I recommend extreme activities for several VERY IMPORTANT reasons:
    • Extreme activities will keep your mind off drinking because they will keep you in the zone and make sure you’re not saying to yourself, “I wish I would have gone to the beach and just drank margaritas all day.”
    • Extreme activities will give you a great conversational piece when you happen to meet some attractive members of the opposite sex (e.g. “My friends and I did one of the coolest things today. We went __________. It was great. Let me tell you about it.”) Do you really think some hot chick wants to have sex with some boring guy, or do you think she would prefer an exciting man?
    • Girls who dig extreme sports and activities are generally super hot. And they’re usually “more adventurous after midnight” (if you know what I mean). Think about this: You’re going to be in a tour van. Walking around. Conversing. Having fun. You’ll be doing the same extreme activity as a bunch of other cool people. Unless you’re a real nerd, you’re going to meet some of the other tour participants. Multiply this by how many tours you take. You might as well be meeting some exciting people and not the boring types. The boring types don’t do extreme activities. My point is this: do you want to meet a chick who is in to skydiving, or one who enjoys knitting? If that doesn’t make sense to you, I don’t know what will.
  • Indulge at night, but start slowly to gauge where the night is headed – If you want to meet some cuties from the opposite sex, don’t get completely wasted in the first hour of going out. I’ve done it many times before, and it never works. Start slowly and ease your way into being intoxicated. You really never know how long the night will last, and it’s always best to start slowly. If you don’t, you’ll probably be completely slurring your words by the time you say, “Let’s go back to my place.”
  • Have your logistics planned before hand – Hotels/Resorts here have very strict policies about extra guests/bringing guests back to your room. There is almost always an extra fee involved. This is enough to screw up your entire plan, so make sure you know your hotel’s policy before making any big promises. Also, don’t hesitate to pay if they ask. You’ll look like an idiot and may even turn someone off if you try to barter too much or be a cheapass. The best option for those of you here with the goal of hooking up with the opposite sex is to rent an AirBNB-type property. There will usually be no restraints on who you bring back home.

That’s my best piece of advice about sex in Playa Del Carmen—OTHER THAN TALKING TO MADDISON IF YOU WANT A GUARANTEED HOOKUP!!!

Read on below…..

Don’t Underestimate The Variety!

It may be oft repeated, but it’s true:

There is a huge variety of people from all over the world in Playa Del Carmen.

The sheer number of tourists that come and go throughout the year is just incredible if you stay here long enough to see it happen.

Playa also tends to attract a number of Europeans in particular, who find it similar to what they would expect to see in one of their homegrown resorts or beaches.

But you can also find lots of South Americans, North Americans, etc. Although it’s true that a lot of people travel as couples, you can still find a good number of singles traveling in groups of friends or single.

Here is a breakdown of what I usually see in the tourist areas of this city:


Approximate Variety of Women / Men In Playa Del Carmen:

In these times of political correctness, nobody wants to tell the truth. It’s far more easy to embellish the good, feign ignorance of the bad, and write a ridiculous page about a fantasy world that we wish we lived in but don’t.

This website is about the opposite.

If you’re offended by what you read here, who cares? The truth hurts? Boo hoo hoo. Take an aspirin. Get over it.

Sexy red lips vector graphic.My characterizations below are an approximation of each of these groups and nothing more than my opinionYou may form a different opinion depending on your length of stay, the exclusivity of your accommodations, and where you choose to spend your time while on vacation here. All of these factors will dramatically change the demographics of your immediate surroundings and the people that you will encounter during your vacation.

With that said, this is my impression of the varieties of men and women that you will encounter if you are looking to engage in a sexual encounter while here:

  • 50% Mexican – The Mexican tourists here don’t spend much money. They come during slow season (because it’s cheaper) and usually pay for their vacation via credit/monthly payments. Most of the service workers would rather they not be guests as they don’t tip much, spend little, and rarely go on the more expensive excursions and day trips. Specific to sex, the women also almost never have short-term relationships. I recommend avoiding 95% of Mexican women if you’re a foreign man. You wont get anywhere with them anyways. Why waste your precious vacation time? If you’re a woman, the Mexican men can be fun – but notoriously jealous. 
  • 15% American / Canadian / British / Australian / New Zealand / Irish / Etc: English-speaking groups are outgoing, friendly, and like to party at some of the finer establishments around town. Moreover, you’ll meet a lot of them in some of the ex-pat hangouts. Fun and open-minded.
  • 15% Europeans: There are lots of Italians in particular, A fair number of Germans, French, and a good-sized group of Scandinavians. Generally quite open-minded without sexual hangups. 
  • 15% South Americans: This city could use more diversity from South America (see note below). Particularly, it would be great to have more Brazilians. Brazilians are really fun people!!! Any Brazilians reading this, please come and visit!!! Others that are fun? I don’t have the experience to comment
    • NOTE: Unfortunately, 95% of the South Americans here are Argentinians. The Argentinians are extremely insecure about their origins. They constantly talk about being “Europeans” even though they are from South America.  They are afraid to mix with Mexicans because they fear that someone might mistake them as actually being Mexican. Also, they hate the British because of the Falkland Islands War (where the British defeated their best special forces and navy in around 6 weeks). In addition, many of them dislike Americans, Australians, etc because they believe the US/UK/Australia/etc…are part of the “Evil Empire” that keeps their country poor. They congregate among themselves (and only themselves). To be exceptionally blunt, they are basically here to pose as fake hippies, to work illegally, and to make money because their economy is shit and their government is corrupt as hell (just like all South American governments). Some of the Argentinian women are quite attractive, but they rarely speak English and will refuse to speak English with you even if they know how. Many of them work at the bars and restaurants on 5th Avenue. If you see a pretty girl working as a host at one of these restaurants, you can be 90% sure she is Argentinian! Ask them, and you’ll find out. (“Where are you from?)
  • 5% Asians, blacks, others, etc: You’ll find a few people from the groups not mentioned above. However, they are the minority.

Spring break, anyone?

That being said, before you go grouping all Mexican vacation spots into one category, I’ll emphasize that Playa Del Carmen is not the same as Cancun, which is just an hour’s drive to the north.

For one thing, you don’t have the overcrowding problem, even during spring break.

And what you’ll find is not a majority of college students interspersed with families and older singles.

You have more of a variety in terms of age in Playa, which I personally find refreshing.

Where To Find A Hook Up

Naturally, the nightclubs, bars, and late-night Fifth Avenue are the best places to meet someone for a casual encounter.

Fifth Avenue has plenty of these all within short distance.

So if one place is not to your liking, or if everyone seems to be coupled up for some reason, you can easily bar hop to others along the avenue.

Because there is so much tourist traffic that passes through these places year-round, locals also know that it’s where they can go to hook up.

That’s especially true for the ladies and gents who specifically target foreigners.

However, I would not recommend sleeping with the locals.

I have some issues trusting the motivations of locals who may view a foreigner as a moneybags.

But more objectively, the locals (this does not include ex-pats) also just don’t take good care of themselves.

They are really hairy and tend to be pretty sloppy. (NOT politically correct, but true.)

They just don’t have the same hygiene standards and routines that we might expect – especially below the belt! Trust me on this one!

And, in my opinion, no one should have to face the awkward situation of realizing that after clothes have been removed.

Meet Maddison- The GUARANTEED HOOKUP In Playa Del Carmen

So, I kept receiving messages about guys wanting a guaranteed hookup.

Heck, I even received a few messages from girls asking me similar questions!

After receiving several of these, I decided to investigate and found an amazing, caring, wonderful woman who is both professional and sexy.

Moreover, she knows a LOT of people in town and can get you pretty much whatever you need.

Without more ado, meet my friend Maddison:

Want To Spend Some Time With Cuties – Without All the Bullsh*t and Hassles?

If you’re looking for a sure thing and don’t want to deal with all the nuances of playing the game, you need to meet Maddison. I have personally known Maddison for some time now. When someone comes into town and says, “Rufus, do you know where I can get a good hook up?she’s the person I always recommend.

In fact, I’ve even received “Thank You” messages from visitors who have benefited from her services.

And just to be perfectly clear, Maddison has SEVERAL beautiful women that she is in contact with – SHE WORKS WITH LOTS!

Most importantly, Maddison knows a number of the beautiful girls who work in town that you can’t find at other places.

Also, reservations are VERY important!

Many of the women she knows also have day jobs and need to schedule a meeting with you in advance.




Words Of The Wise

I also wouldn’t recommend going to any of the strip clubs in order to get some action. Looking, yes. Touching, no.

Keep in mind, as well, that some prostitutes frequent certain bars and clubs.

They might be discreet enough to make you think it’s consensual and not for money – until they start demanding money from you.

Or they might be upfront about their intentions.

Either way, I would not recommend partaking of their services.

There’s no guarantee they’ve been tested for STDs any time recently – or ever.

That goes for the prostitutes that work certain bars (like Senor Frogs, to name one) as well as those who work at strip clubs like Chilly Willy’s.

Prostitutes at the tourist bars are quite rare.

If you have even the slightest doubt about someone’s intentions, it’s better to be safe than sorry – so simply ask them.

So I know that this information pretty much assumes that everyone is as fearless as me when it comes to finding a hook up (kidding…actually I am deathly afraid of women–at least the corrupt ones).

For those who may be a little shy or unsure of how to approach members of the opposite sex for this purpose, Playa Del Carmen is a good place to test the waters.

The atmosphere and surroundings tend to make people more laid back.

The endless supply of drinks makes them more bold and welcoming at the same time.

And you can be sure that the ladies don’t get all dolled up to go out for nothing; and the men don’t spend 100’s of hours every year at the gym for fun.

Take advantage of the Caribbean environment while you’re here!!!  Best of luck, ladies and gents!

Lots of love,


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6 comments on “Playa Del Carmen Sex

    • Paul,

      Your kids should be fine during spring break. Honestly, there is not much of a spring break crowd here. They mostly gravitate towards Cancun, which is a completely different story.

      In addition to being fine, I think they will find the city very interesting with a lot of things to do. Most kids seem to really enjoy themselves here.

      Hope to see all of you here soon…

      Take Care,


  1. Hi Rufus,
    I’m planing to go this may to Playa del Carmen. Where are these ”private places” where you can have sex in public? I’m going with my wife that’s why the question.


    • Felipe,

      I don’t believe I mentioned anything about “these ‘private places’ where you can have sex in public” on this page. I reread the page and did not find any mention of such a thing.

      I could be missing something though.

      Sex in public is not something I would recommend here generally. However, there are miles and miles of virgin beaches with nobody in sight in the area. The logistics of getting to the actual location would be the problem, as they would likely not have access roads. Nonetheless, if you were hellbent on doing it, renting a four-wheeler and driving from a public access road to an ultra-quiet, abandoned beach would not be too difficult.

      The other alternative is under the cover of darkness. However, if this is your option, choose wisely and be ready for anything. The beaches are not too safe at night. That’s exactly when the aggressive, excessively drunk, and often-armed (with knives) Mayan homeless weirdos come out stalking the beaches and harassing people for alcohol money.

      They are dangerous–specifically because they have nothing to lose. They’re already at the very bottom of the food chain.

      SIDENOTE: Mexico, Mexicans, and the tourism industry in general rave on and on about the “Mayan history” of their people and institutions. It’s nothing more than a marketing facade. Local Mayans are the furthest thing from role models you can imagine. Mayans are the poorest, most desperate, and generally disliked people in the area (other than Argentinians).

      Another alternative might be a balcony. But make sure it’s a private Airbnb-type rental because a large resort will likely throw you out.

      I wish I could offer more advice, but if you’re creative, you can find a way to do anything.

      Good luck…


      • Rufus im Australian, i agree on what you are saying about Argentinians, they are a useless people much more so than say English irish and even australians, they are also descendants of the two most corrupt countries in Western europe today: Italy and Spain. The Argentinians I’ve met in Australia are just how you describe….insecure and wannabes. Thanks for the confirmation. I always wonder if they are the same everywhere.

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