Playa Del Carmen Sex

…so you are looking for a little of the old “in-out, in-out”…

Let’s be honest here.

When traveling as a single person, one of the things you may hope for in a vacation is the ability to enjoy another’s company.

Some people might be satisfied with wining and dining, but I’d like to think I’m not the only guy looking to hook up wherever the wind takes me.

That being said, I do have standards (and hope you do, too).

Every place has its own sex scene.

I’ve been here long enough by now, and taken full advantage of my time here, to have some information to offer about Playa Del Carmen’s sex scene.

Here are my suggestions if you come looking for some “extras” with your vacation package.

Don’t Underestimate The Variety!

It may be oft repeated, but it’s true:

There is a huge variety of people from all over the world in Playa Del Carmen.

The sheer number of tourists that come and go throughout the year is just incredible if you stay here long enough to see it happen.

Playa also tends to attract a number of Europeans in particular, who find it similar to what they would expect to see in one of their homegrown resorts or beaches.

But you can also find lots of South Americans, North Americans, etc. Although it’s true that a lot of people travel as couples, you can still find a good number of singles traveling in groups of friends or single.

Here is a breakdown of what I usually see in the tourist areas of this city:

Spring break, anyone?

That being said, before you go grouping all Mexican vacation spots into one category, I’ll emphasize that Playa Del Carmen is not the same as Cancun, which is just an hour’s drive to the north.

For one thing, you don’t have the overcrowding problem, even during spring break.

And what you’ll find is not a majority of college students interspersed with families and older singles.

You have more of a variety in terms of age in Playa, which I personally find refreshing.

Where To Find A Hook Up

Naturally, the nightclubs, bars, and late-night Fifth Avenue are the best places to meet someone for a casual encounter.

Fifth Avenue has plenty of these all within short distance.

So if one place is not to your liking, or if everyone seems to be coupled up for some reason, you can easily bar hop to others along the avenue.

Because there is so much tourist traffic that passes through these places year-round, locals also know that it’s where they can go to hook up.

That’s especially true for the ladies and gents who specifically target foreigners.

However, I would not recommend sleeping with the locals.

I have some issues trusting the motivations of locals who may view a foreigner as a moneybags.

But more objectively, the locals (this does not include ex-pats) also just don’t take good care of themselves.

They are really hairy and tend to be pretty sloppy. (NOT politically correct, but true.)

They just don’t have the same hygiene standards and routines that we might expect – especially below the belt! Trust me on this one!

And, in my opinion, no one should have to face the awkward situation of realizing that after clothes have been removed.

Meet Cassandra – The GUARANTEED HOOKUP In Playa Del Carmen

So, I kept receiving messages about guys wanting a guaranteed hookup.

Heck, I even received a few messages from girls asking me similar questions!

After receiving several of these, I decided to investigate and found an amazing, caring, wonderful woman who is both professional and sexy.

Moreover, she knows a LOT of people in town and can get you pretty much whatever you need.

Without more ado, meet my friend Cassandra:

Words Of The Wise

I also wouldn’t recommend going to any of the strip clubs in order to get some action. Looking, yes. Touching, no.

Keep in mind, as well, that some prostitutes frequent certain bars and clubs.

They might be discreet enough to make you think it’s consensual and not for money – until they start demanding money from you.

Or they might be upfront about their intentions.

Either way, I would not recommend partaking of their services.

There’s no guarantee they’ve been tested for STDs any time recently – or ever.

That goes for the prostitutes that work certain bars (like Senor Frogs, to name one) as well as those who work at strip clubs like Chilly Willy’s.

Prostitutes at the tourist bars are quite rare.

If you have even the slightest doubt about someone’s intentions, it’s better to be safe than sorry – so simply ask them.

So I know that this information pretty much assumes that everyone is as fearless as me when it comes to finding a hook up (kidding…actually I am deathly afraid of women–at least the corrupt ones).

For those who may be a little shy or unsure of how to approach members of the opposite sex for this purpose, Playa Del Carmen is a good place to test the waters.

The atmosphere and surroundings tend to make people more laid back.

The endless supply of drinks makes them more bold and welcoming at the same time.

And you can be sure that the ladies don’t get all dolled up to go out for nothing; and the men don’t spend 100’s of hours every year at the gym for fun.

Take advantage of the Caribbean environment while you’re here!!!  Best of luck, ladies and gents!

Lots of love,


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    • Paul,

      Your kids should be fine during spring break. Honestly, there is not much of a spring break crowd here. They mostly gravitate towards Cancun, which is a completely different story.

      In addition to being fine, I think they will find the city very interesting with a lot of things to do. Most kids seem to really enjoy themselves here.

      Hope to see all of you here soon…

      Take Care,


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