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…a great alternative to the usual hotels/resorts…

Over the last few years in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve slept in some strange places.

I’m talking about the places you end up after a bottle of tequila and a whole day chasing happy hours.

I once slept beside a taco stand.

I ordered, ate on the sidewalk, then used the sauce covered wrapper as a pillow.

Twice I was woken by cleaners at 7:AM.

I had fallen asleep in a beach bar and was too drunk to be moved.

So they just left me there.

I’ve very rarely woken up in a 5 star resort or hotel; the security is tight, and they don’t let non-guests in.

But my favorite place to wake up is on the floor of a Playa Del Carmen villa.

People with their own villa can do whatever they like.

That usually means throwing massive parties after a night getting wasted around the city.

How Many Can You Fit In A Playa Del Carmen Villa

Perhaps it’s different in other countries, but in Playa Del Carmen there are no over zealous landlords checking how many people are sleeping in the villa.

I’ve been out partying and met tourists who have practically invited the whole club back to their villa.

There’s been 60-odd people in the pool at 5:AM, downing tequila and starting some kind of soft-porn orgy.

Most Playa Del Carmen villa rentals are separate from other properties, so you can blast out the music until whatever time.

If your group is seriously into partying, then everyone will probably end up falling asleep at different times.

So bed-hopping becomes a great way to get a villa rental and save money.

Why Playa Del Carmen Villa Rental Is Good Even If You’re Not Partying

Okay, sorry, I got a little excited there as I reminisced about some of my favorite nights out in Playa Del Carmen.

However, villa rentals aren’t only for the people who go 48 hours without sleeping.

Primarily, you’ve got complete privacy.

You’ve got your own space, usually your own pool, and nobody to interrupt an idyllic vacation.

So, skinny-dipping or going topless becomes a more feasible proposition.

As does having a charming evening without being annoyed by tourist crowds.

Secondly, Playa Del Carmen villa rental means your own facilities.

Like a private kitchen so you can cook your catch from your deep-sea fishing trip.

Or a fridge which can be stocked with beer, tequila, and lots of sliced fruit for cocktails .

Disadvantages Of Playa Del Carmen Villa Rentals

Some people dream about little mustachioed Mexican waiters falling over themselves to keep guests happy.

In this dream, the waiters also wear sombreros and have funny accents.

If that’s your dream, then you should go to Cancun.

Perhaps a Playa Del Carmen resort could offer something similar.

With a Playa Del Carmen villa rental, you’re not going to get any waiters, room service, cleaners, maids, or anyone else who is going to sort you out – unless you hire them separately.

So you will have to make up your own bed.

And you’re going to have to clear those empty tequila bottles from the pool after a party.

Once I woke up at a Playa Del Carmen villa and couldn’t believe where I was.

People were sleeping everywhere, and the ground was so sticky with spilled drinks that I had to peel my face off the floor.

I don’t think they got their deposit back.

With a Playa Del Carmen villa rental, you can’t trash the place.

You will have to clean up.

What’s more, there is nowhere to direct your complaints if anything does wrong.

So once you’ve booked you’ve got to cross your fingers and hope it works out.

Where Can You Find Playa Del Carmen Villa Rentals

I’m not sure how it all worked before the age of the internet.

Can you imagine people writing letters to villa owners or receiving paper brochures filled with villas?

Now it’s easy.

Simply search online and use one of the sites to choose a villa rental.

Most Playa Del Carmen villa rentals are offered through websites.

You get to contact the owner directly through the website and can often read reviews about the villa.

These websites offer a small sense of security if anything goes wrong.

What To Look For On A Playa Del Carmen Villa Rental Site

When comparing villas, there are many things to consider.

Obviously you’ll want to check out photos of the different facilities that are offered.

If they claim to have a pool but don’t have a photo of it, then what are you expecting?

Double-check the location by looking it up on Google maps.

If it says, “two blocks from the ocean,” then you can immediately see whether the owner is fabricating something about the villa.

The point is this: make sure that you have some sort of direct contact with the owner.

You could easily run into problems if you’re negotiating with a middle man or a large organization.

The best way to check is to follow up on the references you are given.

Reviews from previous guests are very important when booking a Playa Del Carmen villa.

If the villa has no reviews, then be very wary about leaving a large deposit before arriving.

While most people have no problems when renting a villa, it’s good to follow these basic precautions.

How To Confirm Your Playa Del Carmen Villa Rental

Once you’ve booked, it’s essential that you triple-confirm your villa rental.

Mexicans aren’t always the best with dates.

I don’t think I’ve ever met one with a diary or calendar.

They claim to have everything in their head.

But sometimes they’re just useless.

For example, my Mexican buddy came knocking on my door at 10:AM.

I was fast asleep after a night out.

He was like, “Rufus, we were supposed to be going fishing today, I’ve booked the boat.

I was like, “Antonio, we’re going on the 20th, and today is the 12th.

When booking a villa, make sure that you have everything confirmed in writing.

That should include dates, the price, and what is offered at the villa.

Then two months before your arrival, send an email to reconfirm your reservation.

Do the same thing a week before you arrive as well.

The last thing you want is a Mexican mix-up and discovering that your villa is already occupied.


Dear [villa owner’s name],

I wanted to make sure that there are no mistakes or clerical errors in regard to my vacation, so I am sending you this message to confirm my reservation at your villa located at [insert address here].

I should have it reserved for the following nights:

  • Night One [insert first night that the villa is reserved]
  • Night Two [insert second night that the villa is reserved]
  • Night Three [insert third night that the villa is reserved]
  • etc…

Could you please confirm this reservation?

Thank you,

Rufus Playa the Pesterer (of course you should insert your name here)

Why You Should Invite Rufus To Your Playa Del Carmen Villa

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with a few close friends and family, then you probably don’t want to invite me to your villa.

And you shouldn’t.

Because sometimes I’m like an elephant in a china shop, knocking everything over and breaking anything that’s valuable.

However, if you’re coming to party in Playa Del Carmen, then send me an invite.

I promise that I’ll try not to spill every drink that you give me, and I’ll do my best not to hit on all of the single women.

I’ll even preempt my messiness by bringing a mop.

Honestly, I’ll be on my best behavior and will show you the local places to buy cheap tequila and beer.

Even if you don’t invite me, I’m sure that a villa rental is going to be a great choice for your stay in Playa Del Carmen.

It could offer tranquility and privacy.

Or it could offer the best all-night party atmosphere.

Either way, you don’t need to bring your swimwear as there won’t be any paparazzi documenting your skinny-dipping.

Enjoy your Playa Del Carmen villa and…remember that invite!

See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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