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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What’s the weather like in Playa Del Carmen?”

People tend to make two assumptions about Playa Del Carmen weather:

  1. It’s hot, and…
  2. It suffers from hurricanes.

Both are true, but it’s a very simplistic way to look at the weather.

Playa Del Carmen can be hot, humid, and windy.

But it can also have the most perfect vacation weather – warm, still, and dry.

Each month and season brings different weather to Playa Del Carmen, and I’ve detailed each month so you can plan your trip based on the weather and what is going on.

Playa Del Carmen Weather Overview

Playa Del Carmen has a sub-tropical climate so it’s always warm.

For most of the year there is high humidity and an average temperature of around 80F (27C).

From December to May there is little rain, and if you’re here on vacation, you might only have one sunbathing day interrupted by clouds.

Between June and November the temperature increases, and there are mild tropical storms, particularly July to October.

They normally come in the mid-afternoon, and then the sky clears.

So it doesn’t ruin your vacation, although this is also the most humid time of year.

The whole Yucatan Peninsula lies within the Atlantic hurricane belt.

Because the surrounding terrain is so flat, Playa Del Carmen is vulnerable to huge storms.

Within the last three years living in Playa Del Carmen, I have witnessed a couple of brutal storms.

However don’t let hurricanes put you off visiting.

They don’t happen every year and certainly not every day so the odds are in your favor.

Playa Del Carmen Seasons

High season in Playa Del Carmen is the end of December to mid April.

This is also when the weather is arguably at its best.

The weeks around Christmas, New Year, and Spring Break are the busiest.

If you don’t like partying and crowded beaches, then it’s best to avoid these weeks.

From mid-April it gradually becomes low season.

Early June is especially quiet.

In July Mexican tourists start visiting and July and August is high season as it’s the big peak time for European tourists (Mexicans, too).

Come September and everyone just leaves.

It’s madness.

One week the beaches are crowded.

The next you’ve got them to yourselves.

Then it starts raining–sometimes a lot–until high season.

From September to mid-November it’s quiet until it starts building up again in December.

Playa Del Carmen Month By Month Weather

I’ve detailed each month so you can get an idea of what the weather will be like when you visit Playa Del Carmen.

I’ve also included some special events and activities for your visit.

I like Playa Del Carmen all year around.

It’s good to party with spring breakers and feel young again.

But then I also love the tranquility of October.

Each month offers something different.

Playa Del Carmen Weather In January And February

January and February are two of the coolest months of the year with the maximum temperature being around 82F (28C).

More importantly it’s one of the least humid months, making it the most pleasant for those who sweat easily.

There is occasionally a bit of rain, but you’ll be unlucky if this lasts for more than 2 days in a week.

I think it can get a little chilly at night but that’s only because I’ve acclimatized.

You definitely don’t need anything more than a hoody.

The weather in these two months is arguably the best of the year.

There’s little wind, the temperature is manageable, and there’s no chance of storms.

But I think everyone already knows this!

January and February is a very popular time of year, and it’s peak season in Playa Del Carmen.

So you’ll be paying the most for your accommodation and tours.

If you’re here in these months, then I recommend the end of February.

It’s carnival time, and there are nightly parades and live music in the main town square.

It’s a great way to mix beach vacation with authentic local culture and partying.

Playa Del Carmen Weather In March

The temperature is beginning to rise, but spring is a beautiful time to visit Playa Del Carmen.

There’s very little rainfall and you’re almost guaranteed a vacation without seeing a single cloud.

It’s warm, not hot, and you don’t even need to change out of your shorts and t-shirt at night.

However, unless you want to party with college students, you must avoid the Spring Break weeks.

Playa Del Carmen becomes overrun with drunk, obnoxious college students flaunting their bits and falling asleep drunk beside takeaway stands.

If you want to get laid and party, then this is a good time to come.

Otherwise, avoid the last two weeks in March.

That’s the thing about American colleges!

They couldn’t agree on a single week to release their students so we have to see two weeks of them in Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen In April And May

If I didn’t live in Playa Del Carmen, I would vacation here from mid April to May.

It’s still spring, so the weather is excellent and not crazy hot.

There is virtually no rainfall.

In fact I might run a competition asking people to send in their photos if they even see a cloud during these months.

In April and May, the weather in Playa Del Carmen is perfect.

There’s even a nice gentle breeze that comes in and cools you down while you’re sunbathing.

The end of peak season is Samana Santa, the holy week that coincides with Easter.

This is when Mexicans are all on vacation, and Playa Del Carmen gets very busy with local tourists.

After this week the Mexicans have left and it becomes pretty quiet.

They call it a shoulder season.

I call it not-crowded-but-still-enough-people-to-have-a-fun-night-out.

Playa Del Carmen Weather In June And July

As we get into summer, Playa Del Carmen gets hot.

The average maximum daily temperature is now 91F (33C).

But that’s just half the story.

The temperature doesn’t even dip below 78F (26C) at night, so it can get very uncomfortable if you don’t have air conditioning in your room. (All but the very cheapest hotels here do.)

Then there is the humidity.

I walk around with my t-shirt stuck to my body.

But I’m a sweaty dude, so I’m sure this isn’t a problem for everyone.

The tropical storms start around mid-June and continue through September until early October.

It’s mostly a daily routine of hot hot, then big afternoon storm, and then clear skies again.

It sounds like I’ve got some real issues with June.

But it’s probably the quietest month of the year, so if you want the cheapest prices and the beaches completely to yourself, then it’s a good time to come.

Many hotels may be less than half-price so you can get some real bargains.

Fishermen also take note.

Fishing for barracuda, wahoo, and tuna, is excellent all year round.

But you’ll have to come in these summer months if you want to land some white marlin, blue marlin, dorado or sailfish.

If you’re in Playa Del Carmen in June, then head to Chichen Itza on the longest day of the year.

On the summer solstice they have big celebrations there, and you can dress in tie-dye clothes and pretend you’re a hippy.

Mid July is the festival of the Virgin of Carmen.

All across the town you’ll find local art, costumes, and exhibitions.

It’s probably when Playa Del Carmen is at its most cultural.

Playa Del Carmen Weather In August

August continues the hot humid summer weather.

I actually think that August is the worst time of year to visit.

The weather is probably at its most uncomfortable, but Playa Del Carmen is packed with European tourists.

So you don’t get cheap prices or deserted beaches.

I end up sweating all day long, and that’s definitely not because of the English women who arrive here.

If you do come in August, then come around the middle of the month, as they have the Fiesta de la Playa Del Carmen, a 3 day local party on the beach.

Playa Del Carmen Weather In September And October

September and October are the times for big tropical storms and hurricanes in Playa Del Carmen.

However, don’t read this and think that there are hurricanes every day for two months.

They say that Playa Del Carmen often goes a few years without any bad storms.

It’s just luck I suppose.

The threat of storms does scare away tourists and make this one the cheapest times to visit.

There’s a bit more rainfall than other times in the year, but the temperatures have dropped enough to make it more comfortable.

It’s not Playa Del Carmen’s best weather.

But that’s because Playa Del Carmen has a great year round climate.

If you compared Playa Del Carmen weather in September to most places in the world, I’ll bet that Playa Del Carmen comes out on top.

What I do like when a storm comes is how everyone gets to know each other.

On the beach most people don’t normally say hello.

But storms bring people together and you get this community of people fighting the weather.

It’s refreshing.

In mid-October they have the Dia de la Raza festival in Cancun.

Check it out, it’s got live music, street parties, and bull fighting.

I’m still not sure exactly why they’re celebrating, but it’s good fun.

Playa Del Carmen In November And December

November to mid-December are ideals times to visit.

The storms have stopped, but the crowds haven’t returned.

Temperatures are warm but not hot, and there is only a little rain.

Humidity also decreases as autumn gives way to winter.

This is a really nice time of year.

All the locals are relaxed and enjoying themselves in preparation for peak season, and the prices are very reasonable.

When you live and work with tourists in Playa Del Carmen you’ve got to take time for yourself.

November is when you’ll find the locals at their most genuine.

From the middle of December, Playa Del Carmen erupts with tourists.

By Christmas you can’t find a room anywhere.

It’s fun to be here at Christmas and New Year but, it is busy and expensive.

Still, you’ve got probably the best weather of the whole year.

Anything Else About Playa Del Carmen Weather

I hope this answers the questions you had about the weather in Playa Del Carmen.

If you didn’t know already, I’m Rufus, a rambunctious American, who managed to escape the States and set up home in Playa Del Carmen.

I like to drink beer, party, and chase women around (usually I do all the chasing and they just run).

But it’s getting harder as I reach my mid-30s, so I also enjoy relaxing and enjoying Playa Del Carmen’s other attractions.

Anyway, after I came to Playa Del Carmen I didn’t want people at home to think I was a bum.

So I started writing these articles for a bit of fun and to prove to people I don’t just sit all day on the beach.

I would love you to have a search around and see what else I’ve written about Playa Del Carmen.

Love it or hate it, either way I’ll see you in the beach bar for a cold one…

Lots of love,


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Now it’s your turn. What is your experience with the weather here? Leave your comments in the section below!

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