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…sometimes the best deals come in packages…

I’ll confess to never being married.

I’ve never had to plan and organize a wedding.

Which is good, because I can’t even go to the supermarket without forgetting half the things I was supposed to get.

The thought of organizing a wedding horrifies me.

The checklist of stuff must run on for about seven pages.

Photographer, venue, seat decorations, dresses, rings, cocktails, speeches…phew…it’s getting stressful just thinking about it.

There are some things that a Playa Del Carmen wedding package doesn’t include – like wedding rings or deciding on the vows to take.

But a Playa Del Carmen wedding package does include practically everything else.

Three of my friends have traveled to Playa Del Carmen to get married, and they found it worked out cheaper to book a wedding package than organize everything themselves.

Introducing Carolina and Daniela – Local Wedding Planners With a Gift For Precision

My apartment was quickly filling with smoke. Not just any smoke, but the delicious scent of grilled sausages, steak, and bell peppers. My neighbors were having a BBQ. The smoke was exiting their grill and going directly into my now-clouded apartment. Then suddenly…

“Can you close your window?” a voice at my door inquired. “And………come over and eat with us.”

I recognized the voice. It was my neighbor Mercedes. She was inviting my over for BBQ. I decided to go. And that’s how I met Mercedes’ friend Daniela, who then introduced me to her business partner, Carolina.

(Playa Del Carmen is such a small world, my dear readers.)

Carolina and Daniela are some of the most professional and knowledgeable wedding planners in the area.

Here is a little bit of information about Carolina/Daniela:

Meet Carolina and Daniela – The Riviera Maya’s Revered Wedding Coordinators

Here are some introductory facts about Carolina and Daniela:

  • Carolina is originally from Mexico City.
  • In addition to her wedding coordination/planning service, Carolina owns a successful seafood restaurant. Carolina’s mother also designs and makes wedding cakes.
  • Daniela comes from Argentina.
  • Both Carolina and Daniela speak fluent English and Spanish.
  • Carolina and Daniela each have approximately 4 years of wedding planning experience w/ a combined total of 8 years experience.
  • Carolina and Daniela met when they were working together for a Cancun-based television station where Carolina was doing on-camera reporting of live events, conducting interviews at events, and also conducting recorded broadcasts at local hotels and resorts.
  • They decided to go into business together after the owners of a Tulum-based wedding shop left the city and had several pending weddings that they were responsible for.
  • Both Carolina and Daniela are experts at paying attention to detail–a very important characteristic for wedding planners.
  • Carolina is very familiar with Mexico marriage requirements, so she can help you with anything you need in this regard.

Most importantly, they both come highly recommended from me.

How Much Will a Playa Del Carmen Wedding Package Cost?–A Realistic Ballpark Figure

When I asked Carolina about the typical cost of a wedding in Playa Del Carmen, she told me that a wedding with ~50 guests will run $10,000-20,000 USD. Of course, a wedding can cost much more than that depending on what other extras you might want, but $10-20K is a good reference to build from.

Carolina/Daniela have several wedding packages to choose from, so please contact them and they can help you choose the best package for you.

Contact Carolina/Daniela by using the form below:


    Why Choose A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Package?

    It goes without saying that a package makes a wedding easier and simpler.

    You just have to relax and let the professionals deal with everything.

    If time equals money, then a wedding package is an amazing value.

    You shouldn’t be stressed about getting married.

    By saving you time, a wedding package saves you money.

    Imagine waking up on your wedding day and thinking, “Oh shit…we forgot to…”

    I don’t think this happens if you have a wedding package.

    Places in Playa Del Carmen that offer wedding packages have lots of experience dealing with weddings.

    They’ve dealt with the fussiest and most demanding of brides and know how to ensure everyone is happy.

    Wedding Packages Save You Money

    In general, a wedding package is cheaper than organizing and booking everything individually.

    By packaging things together, you get discounts that help keep the costs down.

    Some people might be put off and think that a wedding package includes lots of unwanted extras.

    There is a lot of competition in Playa Del Carmen for wedding packages which means all-inclusive wedding resorts and wedding organizers have to offer exactly what a couple wants.

    If they don’t, the couple will take their business elsewhere.

    What’s Included In A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Package?

    Of course different packages include different things.

    But the following is a generalized lowdown on what is included in a Playa Del Carmen wedding package:

    • Organizing the ceremony. This is either the hotel’s chosen location or you are given a list of potential places to get married.
    • Hotel wedding packages like to sell themselves by including “a free wedding.” All packages will include the actual service, although when they say “free” it just means they’ll pay for it using some profit they made elsewhere. No free lunches, folks.
    • A wedding coordinator (this is not exactly a wedding planner, but similar) who organizes different aspects of your wedding, like photographer, cake, entertainment, flowers, transport, etc etc. Again, some hotel packages include a few of these things like the flowers.
    • Some inspirational ideas. Most wedding packages are based on a theme – perhaps you want a bikini wedding on a caramaran, or a church wedding in a cute church, or a traditional beach wedding.
    • Organizing and arranging the paperwork in meeting the necessary requirements. This is very important as it’s probably the hardest thing to arrange by yourself (especially if you don’t speak Spanish).
    • Hotel wedding packages also include the décor for the wedding. Then they also offer a few complimentary activities to keep guests happy.
    • The wedding meal is also included. Couples are normally given a few menus to choose from, ranging from the traditional Spanish to barbecued seafood or full on American cuisine.
    • Hotels generally include an open bar in their wedding packages. This saves you loads of money, particularly if you have alcoholic friends like mine.

    What’s Not Included In A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Package?

    There are some things that are standard in all weddings.

    Like rings, vows, dresses, suits.

    They aren’t usually included in a wedding package and are usually the things you bring with you from home.

    A few wedding packages include accommodation – usually the all-inclusive wedding packages.

    However, this is usually an additional extra to pay for.

    All wedding packages will help you book the accommodation.

    There are additional services that most couples want to add like a spa session, having your hair done, getting your nails done, and all those other little things that men always forget about.

    Hotels That Offer Playa Del Carmen Wedding Packages

    In general there are two options for getting your Playa Del Carmen wedding package.

    The first is with a hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

    They have lots of experience organizing weddings and offer a variety of options for your day.

    Prices very across the board depending on how luxurious the hotel is and how many guests you have.

    Expect to pay something from $4000 – 6000 for 24 guests including accommodation for a few nights.

    Then add $100 for every additional guest.

    Alternatively, without accommodation, you can get a deal for around $2000 for 20-30 guests.

    With a hotel wedding package you get everything in one place and a cheap price.

    Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planners That Offer Packages

    Another option is to let a specialist wedding service organize everything for you.

    This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you tailor the whole day to exactly what you want.

    By packaging together different things, the wedding planners can save you lots of money.

    Also, because of their experience, they have hundreds of different ideas to inspire you and make your wedding even more fantastic.

    Remember, they’ve already planned hundreds of weddings in Playa Del Carmen so they know what works and what looks good.

    It’s hard to give an approximate price as this is a personalized service.

    It’s almost certainly cheaper than at home.

    Ajua Wedding Services

    If you need any more information about Playa Del Carmen wedding packages, I really recommend speaking to Brenda at Ajua weddings.

    Brenda is an American who has lived in Playa Del Carmen for ~16 years.

    She’s organized three of my friends’ weddings and was both helpful and realistic.

    At first she just gives advice and answers questions.

    I like this approach, rather than make you sign up for a package before helping you out.

    She’s also very creative and gives ideas about how to do things differently.

    One of my friends had a lobster dinner on a boat and another got married in the jungle!

    Check out her website and send her some questions.

    I’ve been to three weddings in Playa Del Carmen.

    She’s organized hundreds, so she has much more knowledge than me!

    I really hope that you end up being another beautiful bride walking along the sand in a wedding dress.

    It’s quite a sight in Playa Del Carmen and always make me smile…

    Lots of love,


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    It’s your turn. Do you have any tips or suggestions about wedding packages here? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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    1. Please email me Brenda’s info as well, thanks!

      Also-thoughts on having a more authentic (e.g, non western-style resort) wedding in PDC? Are there any cabana-style locations on the PDC coast, or is it all urbanized?


    2. Hi,

      Im really interested in organizing a wedding similar to everythinv youve mentioned.

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      I visit playa last year and loved it, im from australia.

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    3. please send me info on wedding packages, for approximately 30 guests attending. all inclusive.

    4. Please provide me with detail on the wedding planning services you guys offer. I am from California have been to Cancun but not to the side of Playa del Carmen. I am looking for a venue that holds about 50 people. Preferably near the beach (not necessary on the sand but with a view of the beach). I am looking for an all inclusive hotel (Ceremony can be on a different hotel if necessary but would like the after reception to be at the stay at hotel).

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