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…you want the best quality you can afford…

There are some amazing reasons to get married in Playa Del Carmen.

It’s warm, beautiful, relaxed, cheap, and generally much more fun than getting married anywhere else.

Oh, and if you have any single bridesmaids who need entertaining, you can also invite me to your wedding.

But there is a potential disadvantage to your Playa Del Carmen wedding.

That’s your wedding photos.

In general there is a much lower expectation for a quality photography service in Mexico (from Mexican photographers) than there is in the US.

So several of the wedding photographers in Playa Del Carmen are cheapskates who won’t be any better than your grandpa and his $60 digital camera.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to have shit wedding photos if you get married in Playa Del Carmen.

Thanks to some help from Brenda at Ajua Weddings I’ll explain how to get great wedding photos.

Different Types Of Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographers

Most photographers don’t just do weddings.

They do all kinds of photography work.

Some do personal and family photography.

Others have studios.

Some specialize in corporate events and business photography.

Then there are those that have just graduated high school and bought a camera.

When looking for a Playa Del Carmen wedding photographer it’s always good to also check out their private and non-wedding work.

It can give you an idea about how creative a photographer is.

Can the photographer beautifully capture the essence of a moment?

Or do they just produce the same tourist snaps that anyone else could make?

Different Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographer Quality

For some reason, many people just don’t seem to care about photo quality in Playa Del Carmen.

There are loads of wedding photographers in Playa Del Carmen offering their services.

But for many, I really think you would do better by asking your uncle to take photos.

Playa Del Carmen has everything for a photographer.

Great scenic locations, great light, warm colors, and amazing contrasts.

Perhaps this is the reason so many wannabes think they can take wedding photos.

Just because you’ve taken a few good holiday snaps doesn’t mean you can be a $1000+ wedding photographer!

How To Choose A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographer

You should only choose photographers who have been in the business for a long time.

Experience means a lot when it comes to wedding photography.

Wedding photographers who have been in the business for a few years have a reputation to maintain.

If they make bad photos, their reputation will suffer, and they will lose business.

Newbies don’t have the same reputation to protect.

  • Ask the photographer for references. They should have them available on request for anyone who asks.
  • Find out what is included in the price. Does the photographer charge more for staying after the first dance?
  • Ask how your photos are delivered. Most Playa Del Carmen wedding photographers will give you high res copies of all your images. Some will charge extra for this. Some will want to print photos or present them in a book. Others offer this as standard.

How To Judge Quality When Looking At Sample Photos

Of course the number one when booking a Playa Del Carmen wedding photographer is to see samples of their previous work.

But every wedding photographer has a website with some nice looking photos.

So how do you find real quality?

  1. Firstly, make sure you can see a lot of different examples of the photographers work. Do they just have a few great photos. Or do they have many different albums full of excellent photos?
  2. Now see if there are differences between weddings. Are they able to capture the individuality of every wedding? Or does every set of wedding photos look just like the last? Even worse, do they only have photos from just one or two weddings.
  3. Next, look at the style of wedding photography. What is the photographer good at? Some are great at capturing natural images from the day. Others are better at making sure they capture the standard posed wedding shots.
  4. As a last measure of quality, try to anticipate what kind of photographs you want for your wedding – the beach, within a resort, underwater, etc. Then make sure that the photographer matches the style of photos you want.

This last step is often forgotten.

People assume that because a photographer can take quality photos, that they are perfect for their specific needs.

This is not always the case – great musicians can be found in every genre of music, but that doesn’t mean you want to listen to all of them.

Does this make sense?

Get Some Local Advice About A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographer

Brenda and her husband Jorge have been living in Playa Del Carmen for ~16 years and run a wedding planning business called Ajua Weddings.

So they know which photographers have been around for a while and offer good quality.

Brenda has organized three of my friends’ weddings and did a great job.

She’s since become a friend, and I really recommend her services.

She also recommended a wedding photographer, and my friends weren’t disappointed.

So don’t take a risk when booking your photographer.

Just by sending a simple email to Brenda you can get some free advice on the best wedding photographer for your needs.

A Few Recommendations For Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographers

I’m not in the wedding planning business, and I’ve only lived in Playa Del Carmen for a few years.

So I’m not an expert on booking a wedding photographer.

However, I’ve found out about a few wedding photographers who are well respected here.

  • Ivan Luckie – Ivan is an award-winning photographer and a great choice for your wedding. Just look at his website! You’ll see hundreds of different albums all with incredible photos. He really captures the moment.
  • Moments In the Matter – This is run by a Canadian guy living in here who offers both photos and video.
  • PlayaLovesMe – this website shows photos from some of the great places you can visit and get married in Playa Del Carmen.
  • Gonzalo Nunez – if you decide to go Mexican, this guy is one of the most well-respected Mexicans offering wedding photography in this city.

Some Final Advice On Choosing A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographer

When choosing your photographer, it’s important to consider the style that you’re looking for.

It’s no good paying big money for an innovative, emotion-capturing photographer if all you’re looking for is the standard posed wedding shots.

Look at the sample photos.

If they were your wedding photos would you be happy?

Or would you think there was something missing.

I’m sure you’re really going to enjoy getting married in Playa Del Carmen.

It’s such a beautiful destination that everyone leaves happy.

So enjoy your wedding, get great photos, and if somebody cancels, then send me an invite…

I hope to see you in a photograph on the beach soon!

Lots of love,


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