Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planner

…leave all the stress to someone else…

If I was getting married I’d just want to turn up on the day, say my vows, and sign the register.

I reckon a lot of grooms feel the same.

Forget all this stress!

Let’s concentrate on a ridiculously idiotic bachelor party that nobody can remember.

My buddy was like this.

He spent an hour organizing his suit and then the rest of the time planning how many bottles of tequila were required at the reception.

His wife on the other hand…she was worrying about all these little details.

I thought weddings were supposed to be enjoyable?

So I ordered them a wedding planner.

Why Get A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planner?

If you’re coming to Playa Del Carmen to get married then congratulations…welcome to paradise and getting married on a Caribbean beach.

Or in the jungle.

Or in a cute little church overlooking the bay.

It used to be that a wedding consisted of a service, a meal, and a big drink fest in the bar afterwards.

But now they’re so much more complicated.

And with complication comes stress.

The single best thing to remove stress and worry is to book a wedding planner to arrange everything for you.

  • Concerned about a language barrier?
  • Not sure if the venue is okay for the number of guests?
  • Want something unique but can’t find it on the internet?

A wedding planner takes on your stress and lets you put your feet up.

A Wedding Planner Will Save You Time

More importantly, a wedding planner saves you time.

Don’t search the internet for local photographers and send emails to a dozen or so potential candidates.

A wedding planner will provide a recommended list that matches your budget and what you want from your wedding photos.

In addition, a good wedding planner is already familiar with all the local venues.

So rather than wasting time checking out places that aren’t for you, they will advise you about which venues are most likely to match your needs.

They will spend time thinking about all the little details – the cake, flowers, music, etc etc.

You won’t have to be up until 2am every day to organize everything if you leave it to the professionals

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planners Save You Money

I didn’t believe this at first but it’s true.

A good wedding planner has relationships with all the local suppliers.

Consequently, they can get you a better price on most services.

Of course a wedding planner takes some money.

But they often take it as commission from the suppliers.

In many cases, they’re getting their money from the suppliers and not you.

And if time equals money, then hiring a wedding planner is probably the most cost effective thing you’ll ever do.

What To Expect From A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planner

Most wedding planners offer two types of service.

They will first have an initial consultation with a couple and find out what they want and exactly who is making the decisions.

One service is to arrange everything for the day of the wedding.

Their job is to make sure that the day runs smoothly.

So that includes making sure the band turns up and plays at the right time, the cake is in the right place, and everything is going according to plan.

It’s important for small things.

Like making sure the venue knows when to bring out the champagne.

But wedding planners also offer a more complete service that involves everything to do with the wedding.

That includes managing the budget, comparing and booking venues, and organizing appointments with different suppliers like photographers.

This service could include anything for your Playa Del Carmen wedding.

Like booking hotel rooms for guests, organizing airport transfers, or selecting the best drinks for the party.

How To Judge A Good Wedding Planner

Trusting a wedding planner is a big step.

Get it wrong, and the wedding could be one big disaster.

However, it’s quite easy to judge whether someone is perfect for organizing your wedding.

Here is a checklist to help you determine the quality of a local wedding planner:

  • They should have a professional website.
  • They should have lots of experience and be able to tell you how many weddings they’ve planned.
  • They must be easy to contact and be able to provide references of brides and grooms on request.
  • They should know Playa Del Carmen very well and have lived here for some time.
  • They should be able to speak some Spanish. This is Mexico after all!

If they don’t meet these requirements, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Any More Advice About Playa Del Carmen Wedding Planners

The problem with weddings is that you (hopefully) only do it once.

So there is no opportunity for trial and error.

You can’t say, “Never mind, we’ll do it again next year.”

When you’re investing so much time and money into something, it’s best to get the help of the experts.

I’m not married.

But I’ve seen how beneficial a wedding planner has been for my friends.

Remember this is Mexico. Nothing is supposed to be stressful!

Lots of love,


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