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Six weeks ago I was best man at my buddy’s wedding in Playa Del Carmen.

I thought that being best man offered certain privileges that extended to the bridesmaids.

But I didn’t have any success in this department.

Then again, the Playa Del Carmen wedding resort offered a completely free bar to all guests.

  • By 4pm I was slurring my words.
  • By 6pm I was demanding that the bridesmaids enter a tequila drinking competition with me.
  • By 8pm I was passed out in bed drooling on my pillow – after having hit my head on a sturdy nightstand when I was trying to take off my shoes.

There are various resorts in Playa Del Carmen that offer wedding packages.

Part of my best man duties involved checking out the different resorts and reporting back on the options.

I visited 10 different Playa Del Carmen wedding resorts.

Feeling slightly depressed after failing with the bridesmaids at my buddy’s wedding, I decided to sit down and write up what I found out about the different resorts.

So if you find this information helpful and somebody doesn’t turn up at your wedding, then you can always send me an invite.

Just tell the wedding party that I am famous – locally.

Especially if you have bridesmaids that like drinking tequila.

What To Consider When Booking A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort

With so much choice in Playa Del Carmen, it’s good to consider what makes the wedding resorts different.

  1. Price / Amenities – In Mexico you usually get what you pay for. So the most expensive and exclusive resorts offer the most luxury and best facilities. However, there is so much to do in Playa Del Carmen that you would be crazy to spend all your time in the wedding resort. Rather than overspending on the resort you can use the leftover money to do any number of incredible activities.
  2. Location – Most Playa Del Carmen wedding resorts are right on the beach. But you might want one that’s nearer the action of 5th Ave or by the golf course. Don’t worry too much about amenities. All the Playa Del Carmen wedding resorts I checked out had everything you need for the wedding, reception, and party.

Best of all, they almost all come with an unlimited bar.

All guests love weddings with an unlimited bar!

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 1 – Royal Weddings

You don’t have to be some ginger-haired English prince to have a royal wedding in Playa Del Carmen.

Real Resorts offers two hotels in Playa Del Carmen where you can have one of their royal weddings.

One of my friends had a royal wedding and you can read about the options here.

Royal weddings are some of the most expensive and exclusive in Playa Del Carmen.

However, their packages include almost everything.

So if you only have a few guests they can be very affordable.

You can also save money by getting married on a Monday –Wednesday and by only staying in the Real Resort for the days either side of the wedding.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 2 – Viva Wyndham Resorts

This resort is situated in Playacar.

It’s an exclusive resort area that’s 20 minutes walk south of central Playa Del Carmen.

Wyndham resorts offer a great beachfront location for your wedding.

And their prices are very affordable.

For example, the classic wedding package starts at just $900 for up to 10 guests.

Not bad for getting married on a Caribbean beach.

However, there are a lot of add-ons that you’ll have to pay for.

It makes Viva a good choice if you’re looking for something beautiful and simple.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 3 – Hacienda Tresrios

Now this is one for something really memorable.

The Hacienda can host up to 560 guests, and I once saw a huge Mexican wedding party that was at least this big.

I think it was a local politician getting married.

Not only is the Hacienda luxurious, it’s also pretty good about trying to make your wedding unique.

For example, they can organize a ceremony on the edge of a cenote, and then have the whole bridal party float downstream on a kayak to a beachside reception.


However, the Hacienda doesn’t come cheap, and there are no standard prices and packages.

But for the adventurous bride, this is an excellent choice.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 4 – Palace Resorts

Just outside Playa Del Carmen on a secluded piece of beach, the Palace resort is good for couples looking for some intimacy.

They offer an all inclusive wedding package that includes all your meals, drinks, and access to two nearby golf courses.

All their rooms have a double jacuzzi and beachfront balcony.

While it’s not the most unique of resorts, it tends to be popular with older couples looking to get married in a peaceful and relaxing location.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 5 – Occidental Xcaret Resort

This resort is owned by the same people who run the royal Playa Del Carmen weddings.

It’s a huge and luxurious beachfront hotel that’s next to the Xcaret theme park.

If there are going to be lots of children and families coming to your wedding, then consider this resort.

Entrance to Xcaret is included with their unlimited Xcaret experience and it’s a good way to tire out the kids so the adults can relax.

This resort can use a private piece of beach to offer a really exclusive wedding ceremony.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 6 – Riu Hotels And Resorts

Popular with wealthy Mexicans, this hotel is situated just outside Cancun on the Cancun/Playa Del Carmen highway.

They offer quite traditional weddings and three different packages for guests to choose from.

It’s a 5 star resort that’s mostly decorated in white.

If you’re looking for something classy and beautiful, then this one should be on your list.

Again it’s not a cheap option.

But their secluded and tranquil beach location will definitely appeal to a lot of people.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 7 – Maroma

The Maroma is a romantic resort.

It’s has amazing rooms, a fully equipped spa, a relaxed vibe, and lots of class.

Many people choose the Maroma for their honeymoon, particularly as the opulent honeymoon suites are well worth the money.

They also offer weddings at a good price.

Think quiet soft sandy beach for the ceremony, and then the party in a private garden.

Another good aspect of this resort is that you can individually choose the drinks and food.

Some resorts only offer limited choice, but here you can really pick exactly what you want to eat.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 8 – Karisma Hotels

I was really impressed by this hotel when I visited.

They really go for offering elegance and style at their beachside resort.

If you’re a bride that has loads of ideas about decoration and individual aspects of the wedding, then I suggest looking at some of Karisma’s ideas.

They seem to be a resort that likes to make each wedding unique.

They offer a wedding planning service and are open to ideas about every wedding.

I would say it’s a good choice for a smallish wedding party looking for something memorable and elegant.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 9 – Viceroy Hotels

Rather than stick to weddings on the beach and parties in a hotel restaurant, the Viceroy offers some great alternatives.

They have the beachfront setting, but they also conduct weddings at a private clearing in the jungle.

For the reception and party, you can choose from restaurants, bars, tropical gardens, or even having a poolside cocktail party.

They’re very exclusive and very expensive.

A wedding here is going to cost you upwards of $235 a person.

But these people know what they’re doing.

Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resort Option 10 – Petite Lafitte

Not everyone travels to Playa Del Carmen with a huge entourage and wants the all-singing all-dancing massive wedding.

The Petite Latiffe is a boutique hotel that offers wedding packages for low numbers of guests.

They keep it beautiful, simple, and affordable.

When booking a wedding here, try and book a total of “60 room nights” at the hotel.

When you do this the price of everything comes down significantly.

Which Resort Is Best For Me?

It can be a little daunting to organize and book a wedding before you’ve even visited the venue.

However, all the resorts in Playa Del Carmen have a lot of wedding experience and can easily create a unique day for every couple.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are so many amazing things to do in Playa Del Carmen.

So don’t blow the bank when booking the resort.

Save some $$$ for all the incredible activities like swimming in cenotes and touring through the jungle.

All the resorts have dedicated wedding planners so you can get all the small details right.

Any More Advice On Playa Del Carmen Wedding Resorts

Weddings are expensive.

Not that I’ve got first hand knowledge.

But my buddies were complaining about the bills their brides were racking up.

You can make your wedding cheaper in Playa Del Carmen by being flexible about dates and not having the ceremony on the weekend.

You can also keep costs down by checking the small print and only selecting a package if you actually want everything that’s included in it.

But remember….most weddings might try to be different, but they end up being the same.

Not here. Nobody will forget going to a wedding in Playa Del Carmen.

And can you put a price on memories?

I hope to see you and your wedding party here soon…

Lots of love,


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