Playa Del Carmen Wedding Venues

…picking the perfect place…

He proposed, she said yes, and now you’re both thinking, “Shit…
there is so much to do!

Weddings are complicated and take a lot of planning.

That’s why I’m not married (shut up Rufus, you’re not married because nobody wants to marry you).

Okay, so I’m not an expert on weddings.

I’ve been to a lot of them.

I’ve even been to a few weddings in Playa Del Carmen.

But I’ve never organized one.

However, I know Brenda.

She is an American living in Playa Del Carmen who has a wedding planning business that has helped hundreds of couples get married in here.

Before writing a whole article about Playa Del Carmen wedding venues I got Brenda to give me all the expert advice.

First Things First. Who Is Brenda?

Brenda is an American who has spent the last ~16 years of her life living in Playa.

Along with her husband Jorge, she owns two restaurants, a corporate event planning service, and a wedding planning service.

She has organized weddings for three of my friends.

“Helpful” and “friendly” are her middle names. (People have two middle names in Mexico, you know.)

Why? Because she isn’t interested in selling.

I think she just gets a buzz out of seeing happy couples.

Anyway, this is my interpretation of Brenda’s advice on Playa Del Carmen wedding venues.

Questions To Ask Before You Book A Wedding Venue

The problem with choosing a wedding venue is that there is so much choice.

In Playa Del Carmen there are literally hundreds of different places where you could get married.

So before you start looking for a venue there are few things to ask yourself:

  • What is your wedding budget (be realistic!)?
  • How many guests are coming to your wedding?
  • What type of amenities do you need? Perhaps you have elderly guests who can’t get up steps or an uncle with a severe nut allergy.
  • How far are people willing to travel? Some guests won’t mind driving an hour to the venue, but others might want to be able to walk from the hotel to the service.

In short, you need to know all the facts about your wedding before you set off looking for a venue.

What Type Of Wedding Venues Are Available In Playa Del Carmen

Before you go running off looking at hundreds of different venues, it’s good to think about the different types of Playa Del Carmen wedding venues.

Traditional venues like resorts are the most popular in Playa Del Carmen.

They have lots of experience and offer standard packages that make things simple for people.

They usually include a wedding on the beach for free.

But Playa Del Carmen also offers some great alternatives.

Perhaps you want to get married on a luxury boat in the Caribbean.

Or find a private piece of sand before booking out a romantic restaurant for the party.

There are also some real off beat choices.

Perhaps you want to do something in the jungle?

Or get married in a private area of the Xcaret themepark?

Brenda has loads of inspiring ideas if you are looking for a very different wedding venue.

The Questions To Ask When Booking A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Venue?

Some people are put off by the idea of having foreign wedding because they can’t visit the venue before they get married.

It can be quite daunting to book a venue via email and the internet.

If you aren’t able to visit Playa Del Carmen before your wedding, then I recommend getting some advice from a wedding planner in Playa Del Carmen.

You can also read reviews online from other couples who got married at your venue.

Whether booking a venue remotely or in person you will have some similar things to consider:

  • How flexible is the venue to your needs? Do they just offer standard packages or can everything be tailored to what you want?
  • Exactly what is included and what are you getting for your money? Keep a check out for additional extras or items that aren’t included.
  • How does the pricing structure work? Is it per room, per head, or a minimum price for a set number of guests?
  • Can you have the ceremony and reception in the same place? Or will both be at separate places?
  • Do you have the choice of suppliers you want to use? Or must you use their set suppliers?
  • What are the catering options? Can you use outside suppliers? Can outside suppliers use the venue facilities?

Don’t Choose The First Playa Del Carmen Wedding Venue That Screams YES

Visiting and searching for venues takes up a lot of your time.

So it’s easy to just agree on the first venue you like.

Rather than immediately say yes, make sure you still check out every other potential venue on your list.

Once you’ve visited or contacted every venue, then draw up a shortlist of venues.

Narrow them down by reconsidering the basic questions – like budget, quality, number of guests, flexibility.

When booking a Playa Del Carmen venue, send over your shortlist to Brenda.

She can give you an idea about the reputation of each venue you have chosen and whether or not the venue will suit your needs.

She also offers a wedding planning service, but answers questions and gives advice about venues for free.

What To Do When You’ve Found Your Perfect Playa Del Carmen Wedding Venue

Once you’ve agreed and found your venue, then get it booked.

Make the reservation, pay the deposit, and tell everyone where and when it’s going to be.

Check the cancellation policy just in case anything goes wrong.

Now relax in the knowledge that you and all your friends are going to have an amazing time in Playa Del Carmen.

If you choose a Playa Del Carmen wedding venue, then it’s certainly going to be a wedding that nobody forgets.

Before I finish this article, I’d also like to point out that if a guest cancels at the last minute, then you can send me an invitation, and I will be on my best behavior…

See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any advice about wedding venues in the city? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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    • Ed,

      I just sent your the contact information to the best and most experienced wedding planner in the city.

      Please check your email.

      Happy Wedding Planning!


  1. My daughter is looking at The Blue Vanada Beach Club for her wedding. Your opinion of this location? She doesn’t want a resort hotel because the lack of privacy. Recommendations of a family friendly resort for guests close by?

    • Sophina,

      Punta Venado is a beautiful and private place to have a wedding. It was closed for a few years, but I’m glad to hear that it has reopened.

      I’m sure it will be extraordinary. Congratulations to your daughter.

      Also, if for some reason someone doesn’t show up and you need an extra stand-in, don’t forget about me!

      I wrote an article about family-friendly resorts several years ago. It is still as valid today as it was then. You can check it out here.

      Good luck with all your wedding planning!

      Lots of love,


  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could still put me in contact with Brenda. I’ll be getting married soon and was hoping she could help.

    • Lisette,

      I have forwarded your information to someone who can help you. Please check your email.

      Good luck with your wedding!

      Lots of love,


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