Playa Del Carmen Women

…expect a broad variety (of broads)…

Ahh, women…..Yes!! My favorite subject!

I’ve been slapped by them, laughed at by them, admired them, and generally spent my whole life dreaming of them.

When I lived in America I started to get quite tired of them.

They were all the same – demanding drinks, talking nonsense, and leading me on…

Then I came to Playa Del Carmen and realized that this can be true of all women in the world!

However, Playa Del Carmen women are usually a lot more open than those at home. This is why:

  • First, they’ve got a tan, look better, know it, and are not so damn insecure about their appearance.
  • Second, they’re often drinking, want to have fun, and more open to attention from guys.
  • Finally, because they are on vacation, their social protection shields are lowered, and they are generally more fun. If they do something naughty, they don’t have to worry about everyone in their social circle (friends, team members, family, etc.) knowing about what they did. It’s kind of like the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” idea.

After three years of living in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve come to learn the subtleties of the different women you can find here.

That doesn’t mean I’ve had loads of success.

But, then again, I’ve got a Benjamin Franklin-style beer belly and often get drunk to the point of speaking in tongues (Pentecostal preachers beware).

However, I’ve written this mini-guide on Playa Del Carmen women just to make your life a bit easier.

Hopefully you can use it to get excited about what might be in store, and what strategies you might want to employ during your vacation.

A Beautiful Woman Without All The Headaches and Pain? – You Need Maddison

I’m going to bet that you are visiting this page because you are looking to see what kind of women hang out in Playa Del Carmen.

To be sure, there are beautiful women from all over the world.

However, even the most experienced of you will not always have success. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Here are a few examples of emails/comments my visitors have sent:

  • “I met an amazing woman here, but her vacation ends on Tuesday. I’m here until Sunday.”
  • “We were supposed to meet the next day, but she stood me up….Are Mexican woman normally this flaky, or do you think there was another reason for it?”
  • “She looked good last night, but when I woke up this morning it was like the horse head in The Godfather – it scared the SH*T out of me!”

It happens. Don’t expend a lot of energy over-thinking it. Just accept the fact that women are difficult and sometimes fickle.

And guess what? They think the same of us guys, as well!

Moreover, you are only going to be on vacation for a few days – so vacation time is precious!

Instead of wasting the moment boo hoo hooing about your female problems, there is still an opportunity to hang out with a great woman (or several of them, if you prefer).

Meet Maddison – The Woman With One Name

woman-saying-be-quietIf you’ve got lady problems, Maddison is just what the doctor ordered. Here is some information about her and how you can contact her.

I originally met Maddison when I was doing some research about getting a massage in Playa Del Carmen.

However, I quickly figured out that there was more to her than I anticipated.There were several things that first drew me to her:

  • She is educated and smart
  • She is well-connected
  • She is honest (and honest people are extremely difficult to find here!!)

I was lucky when I met her, so I thought I should pass the luck on to you.

If you’re interested in meeting some beautiful women without all the hassles that come with “gaming” the opposite sex, you need to get hold of Maddison.

She knows a lot of the cuties in town, so she can set you up with whatever you like.

She works with all types, so let her know what you want:

  • Age
  • Physical Characteristics/Body Type
  • Style

It always helps if you are as explicit and straight-forward as possible in your requests because it helps Maddison find the right person for you AND give you accurate information.

And, reservations are necessary because many of the women she works with also have day jobs and need to get dolled up for YOUR arrival!

Fill out the form below and let Maddison know your fantasy!!!



Different Types Of Playa Del Carmen Women

In Playa Del Carmen you get all sorts.

Fat ones, thin ones, sunburned ones, local ones, and absolutely everything in between.

Check out the photos to see what I mean.

I’m going to generalize…

  • American women want to have fun and look hot.
  • British women want to have even more fun but don’t look hot (that is, according to my British friends. For the record, I think British chicks are cute myself).
  • Locals will pretend to offer some fun – and then proceed to take your money.
  • Europeans are a fun challenge, but be careful of those hairy armpits! Also, be watchful of “fake Europeans.” (Argentinians think they’re European despite Argentina’s location. Weird, right? However, I will admit that they look COMPLETELY different from Mexicans and seem to be better educated as well.)

Local Playa Del Carmen Women (Not Worth Your Time Unless They’re Expats)

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that a few Mexican women can be hot.

I mean seriously hot.

They’ve got great tans, cute smiles, and if they’re not married they’ve got a great body.

How do you know if a Mexican woman is not married?


If they’re hot, they’re usually single or high-class.

If they look like they generally don’t care about their appearance, then they’re married (or single, but you probably don’t like those kind of girls anyways).

Don’t ask me to explain this logic, it’s just how it is over here.

Although some are cute, they might look great, but you should try to stay well-clear of the locals.

They’re used to tourists and see them as opportunities to put money in their pockets.

This is especially true of the local women who speak good English.

Some will use tourists for a free night out.

Others will demand money when you wake up next to them.

And worse still, some will go back to your hotel room and rob you.

Perhaps the very worst are the pretending to fall in love types who throw a curveball of a story about needing $$$ to support a dying family.

Almost universally, it’s a lie.

However, if you do sympathize with them and buy their lie, then the locals in Playa Del Carmen can be quite easy to tempt into bed.

Just remember that you won’t be the first tourist to go there, so double up on the protection…

American/Canadian Women In Playa Del Carmen

If you’re reading this page, then it’s likely you can communicate with the North American women on vacation in Playa Del Carmen.

Some come with boyfriends or husbands or restrictive families.

But don’t worry, there are more than enough single ones to go around.

American and Canadian tourists are in Playa Del Carmen to have a good time.

They want to party, and they’re much more open to some hanky panky than when they’re at home.

Don’t go trying to impress them with your long-term job prospects.

They usually aren’t looking for the ‘suit and tie‘ types.

They want fun guys who get them drunk, make them laugh, and keep them entertained.

Also remember that while there are a lot of women, there is also a lot of competition.

So seal the deal when you can!

European Women In Playa Del Carmen

While there could be a language barrier with European women in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve found it never really poses a problem.

This might even help you if you always get nervous talking to women.

European women are also in Playa Del Carmen to have a good time.

They’re sometimes hot, and pose a good opportunity for you to discover the first hand differences between different nationalities in the bedroom.

One thing I’ve noticed about European women is that they listen to their friends more than American chicks.

So you don’t just need to impress one woman, you’ve got to convince their entire cohort that you’re worthy of taking their friend home.

Mexican Tourists In Playa Del Carmen

Mexico is a very conservative country.

While you might meet Mexican women from elsewhere in the country, I wouldn’t expect anything too wild to happen very quickly.

There’s a misconception that, because there are massive parties and beach parties in various parts of Mexico, the Mexican people like to party.

Generally speaking, it isn’t true.

Sure, parties are always happening in Mexico.

However, the big parties in Mexico are almost always – and usually exclusively – foreign visitors.

Generally speaking, Mexican people party quite differently than their North American counterparts.

To be completely frank, organization, reliability, and following through with promises are characteristics that do not run strong in Mexican culture.

I know mentioning this is not politically correct and not zealously “open-minded,” but as soon as you put PC aside, you realize that it is unequivocally true.

You can call it what you want, but until you have lived here for several years, it would be wise to reserve your judgment of the statement above.

Best Places To Meet Women In Playa Del Carmen

In general I’ve found that the best places to meet women are the bars along Calle 10th and 12th, all the way from the beach to 10th Ave.

5th Ave is sometimes more for couples and going out for a meal.

For women, you want unbridled drinking, cheap shots, and little bars where it’s easy to start a conversation.

Try Mezcalinna as it’s got the cheapest drinks on Calle 12.

Therefore it’s got the most drunk women looking to share a good time.

For really beautiful women, try Mandela on the corner of Calle 12 and 1st Ave.

Five Fun Things To Do If You Meet An Amazing Woman In Playa Del Carmen

If you find the love of your life in Playa Del Carmen, then you’ve only got a few days to get to know her.

Soon you’ll both be returning home with a half-broken hearts.

So if you want an awesome vacation romance, forget about the standard going-on-a-date activities like watching a shit movie.

Try these out:

  1. Take a Latin-style dancing lesson together. It means definite close contact!
  2. Go shopping on 5th Ave together. You’ll have plenty to talk about as you check out souvenirs and meet some other tourists.
  3. Do one of the many activities together – like swimming with dolphins or whale sharks, visiting the ruins at Tulum or Chichen Itza, or going to somewhere like Xcaret. You’ll have a great time and will always remember who you spent it with.
  4. Get really drunk together at a local bar. This is always my favorite!
  5. Go for a sunrise swim together at the beach. It’s quiet, beautiful, and very romantic.

Bringing Women Back To Your Hotel Room

Be aware that hotels will charge if you bring a woman back to your hotel room. For resorts, they call this a “day pass.”

How much they charge will depend on your bargaining skills (or the policy of the hotel/resort), but expect to pay $25 – $120 extra.

NOTE: Hotels are also a bit wary about local women (Mexicans don’t really trust each other), so they’ll expect you to pay even more as they might suspect she is a hooker.

I hope all this helps you on your quest for Playa Del Carmen women.

I just hope you have more success than I do….

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any suggestions or comments about the women in Playa Del Carmen? Please leave them in the comments section below!

10 comments on “Playa Del Carmen Women

  1. Thanks for the details Rufus. I really like the tip on which bars to go to meet the ladies that wanna drink and have fun. I come from Canada and this city I am coming from in Alberta, the women at the bars are so few so they are very stuck-up. Playa should be a great balance in numbers, equal quantity of guys and girls. Thanks for the article bud.

    • B,

      Do it right! Move here and come raise some hell with me (once this Chinese virus crap disappears). Damn dogeaters had to “F” it up for everybody.

      See you soon, B….


  2. Love the site Rufus I’m coming in town Friday. I’ll buy you a beer and we can collect a few flags maybe grab a bag if we have one too many or goto on of those dive bar strip clubs.

    • Greg,

      That would be great!!! Free drinks are always welcome by me! I’m not sure any of them are open at this time, but if anything is open I’m game. In any case, hope you have a great time here!


  3. Think in bout a visit to see if I can meet up with a few women I have met on Latin dating sites but gotta wait for this bat-shit-virus to run its coarse

    • Dave,

      Everyone is waiting for this crap to blow over (or a safe vaccine to be released).

      Come visit as soon as you feel safe. Paradise awaits!!!


  4. thanks for the article. gives a little insight into a “direction of travel” around town… how are things with bars being open now that we’re in late august going into september? looking at maybe october to shoot down. i’m a mexico frequent but further north so thought i’d try something down south. te veo pronto

    • Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. So far, so good. Bars are reopening. Still slow here. Mostly locals. But things are opening up for better or worse!


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