Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos

…a small, nearby city that might be worth visiting…

I read some recent stats that argued that only 40% of Americans have passports.

It’s probably true and all the Europeans use this data to poke fun at how uncultured Americans are.

But in Europe you don’t even have border crossings today (within the Schengen Area)!

However, it wasn’t always like this. The reason that so many Europeans have passports is because they used to need one to travel anywhere around Europe. Imagine if Americans needed a passport to travel from state to state—EVERY AMERICAN WOULD HAVE A PASSPORT!!!

In one day Europeans can now drive to three different countries and not even realize the change – which I also think shows a lack of culture.

I have to admit that we Americans aren’t great at leaving the country. (Why should we leave? We have everything from beaches, mountains, forests to large cities, bridges, dams, etc…)

But there are some people who are worse than those without passports.

They are the Cancun tourists.

They land in Mexico and they spend all their time on one tiny strip of sand.

I’m not saying they should travel far.

Even as far as Playa Del Carmen.

But they don’t even realize that there is an amazing fishing village just a few miles away.

Where Is Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos is on the coast just 13 miles south of Cancun.

It’s about halfway between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

When you come from Playa Del Carmen it takes less than 30 minutes to reach Puerto Morelos.

It’s the perfect location if you want an escape from the bustle of 5th Avenue and the busy beaches of Playa Del Carmen’s high season.

It’s close by and easy to reach, but it’s extremely quiet.

You can even sail by Puerto Morelos on a booze cruise.

Don’t come here if you want to go chasing women.

But perhaps if you need to escape your woman it’s a good place to come.

Tell Me More About Puerto Morelos

In the center of town is the historic lighthouse.

It’s not much use anymore as it’s leaning further than me after too many cocktails.

In fact I’m not even sure how it’s still standing.

I call it the leaning lighthouse of Puerto Morelos.

But the locals call it the Silent Witness to storms.

It’s survived Hurricane Beulah in 1967, Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, and Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Wow!

Nearby is the town square.

It sells all kind of souvenirs, usually at cheaper prices than Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

But the best time to visit is on Wednesday morning.

They have a fresh produce market so you can come here and get yourself some fishy bargains.

Puerto Morelos used to be where the cruise ships docked and took people to Cozumel.

However, the ferry port is now redundant as the boats now leave from a new place south of Playa Del Carmen.

What Do You Do In Puerto Morelos?

The main reason to come here is for the beaches.

They’re underdeveloped and uncrowded.

Rather than ritzy bars on the beach they have wooden shacks where you can even get yourself a massage.

There are also some great seafood restaurants along the sand – perfect if you’re trying to impress someone.

Relaxation is the focus here.

Don’t come expecting jet ski rental or all-day drinkathons and beach volleyball sessions.

Bring your towel, find a quiet spot, and forget about the world.

Snorkeling In Puerto Morelos

The whole Yutucan Penninsula is great for snorkeling so why should you bring your snorkel and mask to Puerto Morelos?

Well, imagine you’re snorkeling along.

A nice fish here.

A nice piece of reef here.

And what’s this!

A German man in speedos in the water!

When you snorkel you want to see marine life.

Not unsightly men!

Puerto Morelos is much less visited so you shouldn’t get any strange humans filling your line of vision.

The reef is also better preserved than elsewhere along the coast.

The best time is around midday when visibility is greatest and the fish start going crazy with the sunlight.

What I like best about snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is that you have to go with a certified guide.

This helps preserve the reef.

Local dive shops offer these trips from $20 – 40 USD per person and include all the equipment you need.

It’s worth it because they take you to the best spots.

What You Should Bring To Puerto Morelos?

The best thing about Puerto Morelos is you don’t need to bring anything.

Just a towel, some sunscreen, and a bit of cash.

You don’t need a map or a guide.

Everything is within walking distance and easy to find.

Most of all, you should bring all your worries and stresses.

Bottle them up and then go to the Puerto Morelos beach.

When you leave you’ll find that all these worries have disappeared.

Should I Visit Puerto Morelos?

If you’re on a chick hunt or plan to get wasted for your whole vacation, then don’t come to Puerto Morelos.

But if you want to relax in a pristine environment then this is a perfect place to unwind.

It’s cute, quiet, and the snorkeling is amazing.

I will see you in this little gem of a city soon!

Lots of love,


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6 comments on “Puerto Morelos

  1. Hi Rufus, thanks so much for this wonderful site, a wealth of info I keep returning to! We are headed to PDC in April & I’m trying to think ahead. How do you get to Puerto Morelos? Also, is there a tour company you would recommend. We’d like to go to Tulum & a cenotes. That said, we are trying to be budget friendly & not break el banco. Your info on getting to Cozumel via the ferry was very helpful.
    Thanks again! (I apologize in advance as you may hear from me again w/ more questions)

    • Jenni,

      First of all, thank you so much for the comment. It’s always nice to hear from people like you who are enjoying the site.

      In regard to your question about Puerto Morelos, it is about 25 minutes north of downtown Playa del Carmen. It is an interesting, small, friendly fishing town that also offers some incredible snorkeling and a calm and serene atmosphere. In addition, there are some pretty cool sites to see there.

      You can get to Puerto Morelos via either private taxi, shuttle bus (collectivo), or via transportation that is included with an excursion to that location. It’s a fun way to escape from hustle of Playa Del Carmen for a day or two.

      Because there are so many tour companies in the area, and all of them provide different tours and activities, there’s not a single tour company that I recommend. However,there is a tour seller that I recommend. Actually, it is an individual. He has lived in the city for long time, is quite honest (which is rare here), and keeps up to date on all the new and old activities available in the area. Interestingly, he recently bought a piece of jungle land and is planning to build a corporate retreat in the future on the land.

      I will email his contact information to you.

      Finally, you are welcome for the Cozumel ferry schedule. I get a lot of positive feedback about that page.

      I hope this helps Jenni, and I hope you and your friends / family have an incredible vacation here!

      Take care…


  2. Rufus
    Would I be able to walk the beach from The Hilton Playa Del Carmen to Puerto Morelos , or is it too far?
    Could you e-mail me a response if it is not too much trouble?
    Mary G

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