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Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by.

A few years ago everyone I knew was getting married.

I seemed to be at a wedding every other week.

Recently the wedding invites have stopped.

Now I’m being invited to countless house warming parties or being told the wonderful news of a new baby.

So I drink a beer on the beach and think maybe it’s good that life is passing me by!

When I was going to weddings they all blurred into one.

Every single one seemed to be a clone of the last, just with a different couple and a couple of novelty additions that cost a fortune.

They all went something like this: service, drinks, meal, drinks, speeches, more drinks, bad wedding DJ playing bad music so loud that nobody can have a conversation, even more drinks, fall over, get taxi home.

Maybe they each had different seat covers.

Or a different wine selection.

Some had better looking bridesmaids.

Sometimes the wedding photographers were even funny.

Ultimately they all felt predictable.

Out of all the weddings I’ve been to, I can only remember three:

The Riviera Maya weddings of my friends.

Why The Riviera Maya Is One Of The Best Places In The World To Get Married

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about brides.

I’d like to also say bridesmaids, but I haven’t been that lucky.

Every bride seems to want a wedding that people will remember.

And every bride wants a wedding that is better and more beautiful than the other dozen weddings that every guest has been to.

Welcome to Riviera Maya weddings.

Rather than trying to stand out with some expensive cocktails, overpriced food, or a try-hard wedding band, just come to the Riviera Maya and let the sheer beauty of this area impress your guests.

Everyone remembers a wedding that takes place on the beach.

Everyone also remembers coming on vacation for a week with all their friends and family.

Some Facts About Riviera Maya Weddings

Remember the film “The Wedding Crashers?”

Well I want to crash weddings, but there is no way I’m going to some cold church or stale hotel in the States.

I’m going to try convince you about getting married in the Riviera Maya.

It’s cheap in Mexico.

Drinks, food, venues, resorts, etc, etc…everything is cheaper than it is in the States or in Europe.

Furthermore, all the tagalong guests probably won’t come, which will save you loads of money as well.

In the Riviera Maya they do all types of wedding.

From the ultra budget “Las Vegas style wedding” to the uber chic and exotic wedding.

The Riviera Maya is also beautiful.

Imagine the conversations to come.

Where did you get married?” you might ask a friend.

Oh, in this hotel that nobody can remember the name of,” your friend replies. “And you?”

I got married on a perfect sand beach then stayed in a gorgeous hotel with a jacuzzi on a balcony overlooking the Caribbean,” you say with a reserved smile, knowing how jealous your friend will be.

Different Places In The Riviera Maya For Your Wedding

The Riviera Maya is a strip of Caribbean coastline in the south east of Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen is in the center of the Riviera Maya.

It has a few resorts that specialize in accommodating weddings, as well as lots of choice for activities and wedding venues.

It’s beautiful, cheap, and there is lots going on in town.

This is always good for keeping your guests entertained once you’ve slipped off to your honeymoon suite.

If I was getting married, I would get married in Playa Del Carmen.

But there are other options for your Riviera Maya Wedding:

  • Cozumel – this tropical island near Playa Del Carmen has some amazing secluded beaches and quaint colonial style buildings. A good choice for small weddings.
  • Cancun – the big brother of destinations in the Riviera Maya, Cancun is a good choice if you’ve got loads of guests and want something flashy. The general feel of the city is kind of “spammy,” however.
  • Puerto Aventuras – this beach area is where all the uber rich of the Riviera Maya hang out. If you want luxury villas and privacy it’s a good choice. It even has its own harbor if you wanted a drinks reception on a catamaran.
  • Puerto Morelos – this cute fishing village is as beautiful a place as they come.
  • Xcaret – Yes, Xcaret is a theme park. But it’s got arguably the most stunning location on the whole coast. Think beach surrounded by jungle and turquoise ocean.

What Do You Need To Know To Get A Riviera Maya Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding there is normally a huge list of things you have to organize.

It’s a list that never ends.

Tick one thing off and then another gets added.

I could give you a whole list of things to know about a Riviera Maya wedding.

Instead I’ll just tell you about Brenda.

Brenda is an extremely helpful American who has been living in Playa Del Carmen for ~16 years.

She organized three of my friends’ weddings.

She has a business called Ajua Weddings and the first thing she does is answer questions and give free advice.

She’s a practical woman and will tell you how much it’s all going to cost and what options are available for your wedding.

Brenda navigates people through the red tape of getting married in Mexico and can plan every aspect of a wedding in the Riviera Maya.

From personal experience, I seriously recommend her.

My friends just flew out to Mexico a week before the wedding, and everything had been organized for them.

Because Brenda has been planning weddings for so many years, she gets special prices on most wedding services.

For my friends it worked out cheaper to book hotels through Brenda than to go direct.

What If I Don’t Want To Hire A Wedding Planner

If you’re intending to plan everything by yourself, then these are a few things to expect:

I think it’s cheaper and definitely easier to let someone else organize things for you.

Weddings shouldn’t be stressful!

Put your feet up, relax, and just turn up in paradise to get married.

Some Final Thoughts About Riviera Maya Weddings

When I was at weddings in the States, I often thought it was just like Groundhog Day.

Same bad music being played, same rain falling outside, same overpriced average hotel room.

Why not do something different and get married in the Riviera Maya?

People will definitely remember it.

Plus the sunshine and tans makes everybody looks good in wedding photography.

There are also loads of cool things to do before, during, and after the wedding.

Anyone for a swimming with dolphins before the speeches?

Your guests can get an amazing wedding resort for really cheap.

You don’t even need to buy fancy shoes if you get married on the beach.

And if you see an uninvited, half-drunk American trying to pick up one of your bridesmaids, you’ll have found me.

I hope to see you on the beach in a wedding dress or tuxedo soon…

Lots of love,


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