Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding

…you’ll feel like a King and Queen…

Everybody knows the British royal family.

Every decade or so the whole world gets obsessed with some royal wedding that takes place in the UK.

I’m not sure why everyone cares so much.

Does the German prince’s wedding get beamed live to 100 different countries?


Every decade we have to watch some ugly, big-eared British prince walk down the aisle with a women who is far too good looking for him.

Of course there are a few shots of the queen doing a little wave with her gloves on.

And then some more shots of ginger haired royal relatives.

Forget about the British royal wedding.

Let’s talk about a Royal Playa Del Carmen wedding.

What Is A Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding?

Forget notions of a snooty guest list and having to be descended from some murderous 15th century king.

Anyone can have a royal Playa Del Carmen wedding.

Perhaps the television crews won’t be around but that doesn’t stop it from being royal.

Royal weddings are done differently in Playa Del Carmen.

They’re on a beautiful beach, and everyone is smiling (unlike those grumpy looking British royals).

Royal weddings are organized by Real Resorts.

They have four luxurious hotels in the Riviera Maya and offer wedding packages at each.

So your royal wedding can be at the Royal Playa Del Carmen or the Gran Porto Real Playa Del Carmen.

Or if you want to do a royal wedding, Cancun style, you can go to Hyatt Zilara Cancun or the Gran Caribe Real Cancun.

Why Would You Want To Have A Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding?

Of course it sounds good when you tell your friends,”I’m having a royal wedding.”

But you don’t just choose a royal wedding package so you can show off to people.

I think this novelty will wear off eventually.

The reason to have a royal wedding is because they offer some real luxury.

Although it’s just a name, they do offer a royal experience.

You only get married once (if you are a good person), so why not get the full royal treatment.

Except without the incestuous family members being present.

What Sort Of Wedding Packages Do The Royal Offer?

A friend of mine had a Royal Wedding and he said he liked how easy it was to create your own packages.

Essentially, you can choose how royal you want to go.

Each wedding includes a wedding either on the beach or in an oceanfront gazebo, and the venue is decorated in traditional Mexican style.

They can also organize for the wedding to take place at a cute catholic chapel in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen.

Their basic package is actually free if you book six rooms in the hotel for a minimum of five nights.

You then create a package by adding the extras, like a private cocktail reception, a wedding reception, a romantic dinner on the beach etc.

These packages include all the basics like marriage certificates, flowers, a sound system to use, champagne reception, and a semi-private wedding reception.

What If I Want Extra Luxury For My Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding?

The above was just the basic great-value-for-money royal wedding.

They then have packages with grander (and cheesier) names, like the “Loving Heart Wedding Package” or the “Ultimate Luxury Wedding Package.”

As the price goes up, they add a load of extra stuff to the package.

Like the brides hair and make up, airport transfers in a luxury car, a live musician, champagne breakfasts, etc.

It’s worth checking out exactly what’s included and deciding whether it’s necessary or good value.

For example, the luxury package includes a photographer and videographer, but you should see if it works out better and cheaper to organize those things yourself.

If you want to go uber royal, they even offer a private yacht to take you and 15 guests out onto the Caribbean.

How Much Does A Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding Cost?

Again, the most basic package is free if your guests are staying at a royal hotel.

Most of their packages are less than $2000 and include up to 30 guests, with an extra fee of $20 for additional guests.

Then the luxury packages are between $4000 and $10000 for up to 50 guests.

For additional guests staying at any royal hotel, it’s very cheap.

Even for the luxury package it only costs $50 per person, and that includes a lot of food and booze.

However, for guests staying at other resorts, you have to pay $99 per person for a wedding day pass.

The cheapest way around this is for everyone to stay at the royal hotel for the day of the wedding and maybe a couple of days either before or after the wedding day.

But then to check into somewhere cheaper for the rest of the holiday.

How Many Guests Can Come To A Royal Playa Del Carmen Wedding?

If you want to pretend to be as famous, and talked about as the British royal family, then you can invite up to 300 guests.

That’s a big wedding – especially in a foreign country!

If you’re inviting that many, and the wedding will be the talk of the town, then send me an invite as well.

I will do a review of your wedding on this website!

Should I Have A Royal Wedding?

Including in every wedding package is the services of a wedding planner who can help book all the different services you require.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which wedding planner you can use.

However, most of them are quite competent.

It’s also good to get a second opinion about a royal wedding.

No, not by ringing the Queen of England, but by consulting a wedding planner in Playa Del Carmen.

Brenda at Ajua Weddings organized three of my friends’ weddings and is full of impartial and helpful advice.

Ask her any question about weddings in Playa Del Carmen, and she’ll have the answer.

Playa Del Carmen is a great location for a wedding.

Let’s be honest, most weddings you attend just blur into one.

They’re memorable for about a week…

However, nobody ever forgets a Royal Wedding in Playa Del Carmen…

Lots of love,


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