Scooter Rental Playa Del Carmen

…lots of fun, and a great way to see the city…

Renting a scooter is something that seems to divide opinion in Playa Del Carmen.

There are those that say scooters are impending death traps and to be avoided by everyone other than the clinically insane.

But there are a whole host of scooter rental companies and a huge number of visitors who enjoy renting a scooter everyday here.

Renting a scooter is a great way of freely visiting everything in the city.

But you should know what you’re doing.

And not be like the girl I watched drive straight into a post the other day.

A Great And Cheap Way To See Playa Del Carmen (and the surrounding areas)

Scooters are probably the second cheapest and definitely the easiest way of seeing everything in Playa del Carmen (the cheapest being renting a bike).

It works out to be a much better value than renting a taxi or van – and allows visitors to fit lots of different attractions into a single day.

With a scooter you’re free to set your own itinerary and go as you please.

The roads aren’t jam packed with traffic, and the city is yours to freely explore.

When I first arrived here, I regularly rented a scooter in Playa Del Carmen, and some of my favorite days in the area have involved a scooter.

The company I most recommend (other than direct contact with Caesar by filling out the form below is Playa Scooter Rentals. You can contact them by visiting their website.

For economical reasons (and the fact that I live downtown and close to everything anyways), I ended up buying bike, so I stopped renting them.

However, even when I go out of town to visit other parts of the Riviera Maya, I always rent a scooter in order to get around quickly and easily.

In fact, I recently took a trip to the zany city of Tulum. Because it’s a long drive for a scooter on one of the big highways, I decided to wait until I got there in order to rent a scooter.

I rented with what I now know is the best scooter rental company in Tulum. It is called Tulum Scooter Rental, and has the best scooters available for the best prices. I cannot recommend them enough if you’re in the Tulum area and need a scooter.

What About The People Who Say A Scooter Is Dangerous?

Would you rent a car if you couldn’t drive?

Probably not.

But renting a scooter has a bad reputation as some people jump on the back of them without any driving experience.

I’ve seen scooters crash into palm trees, buildings, market stalls, and sidewalks.

Every single time it was because the driver had absolutely no idea what s/he was doing.

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, or if you are so drunk that you can hardly stand up, then it’s probably best you stop reading now.

And whatever you do, don’t rent a scooter – or for that matter, a bicycle, a car, or jet ski!

You are obviously a disaster waiting to happen!

Where Is The Best Place To Rent a Scooter In Playa Del Carmen?

Oh, my dear visitors, if you only knew all of the trials and tribulations that I go through in search of the best this city has to offer.

In the blue box below I’m going to tell you about an interesting person that I met.

I’m also going to give you a SIMPLE method of  contacting him so that you can reserve a scooter easily and quickly.

Make sure that you reserve your scooter as early as possible – especially during high season!

Like the hotels and resorts, many of the scooter rental companies sell out during peak times of the day/year.

Here’s some more info and a simple contact form that will forward a message to my favorite scooter rental guy  in the city. He actually works with a rental company here, but he’s a pretty cool dude.

Want To Reserve Your Scooter Quickly and Easily?


If any of you have read many pages on this website, you know that I am always on the search for helpful and reliable people.

Believe me, I know how difficult it is coming to a new city – not knowing who to talk to and not knowing who to trust.

So, when I was out one day looking for information about scooter rentals, I ran in to a guy named Caesar.

Not only was he helpful, but he seemed like a straight shooter.

He didn’t talk b*llshit; he just told me the facts. That’s rare here for tour sellers.

So, before making a final decision about putting him on this page, I returned to Caesar and bombarded him with a load of “moral integrity” questions:

  • “Are you honest with customers?”
  • “Do you try to take advantage of tourists?”
  • “What would your former clients tell me if I asked them about you?”
  • “Are you a good person?”
  • “Have you ever fantasized about sexual relations with a married woman?” (Joking. Didn’t ask him that question.)
  • Etc…..

He must have thought he was in a job interview –  or worse. However, after passing the questions with flying colors, I asked him if he wanted to be on my website.

Thus, you can see a photograph of him here.

About Caesar

Caesar is an interesting guy.

Before coming to Playa del Carmen, Caesar lived in the United States – California to be precise.

In the US, he had a job as a mover for number of years. (It didn’t surprise me at all when he told me this. As you can see from the photo he is quite a hulk.)

After a friend of his told him about Playa Del Carmen, he decided to take a vacation here.

That was around five years ago.

Like so many people who visit here, he never returned to the United States.

In order to survive, he took a job as a tour provider and has been doing that ever since.

Needless to say he knows a lot about this city, the best tours, and all the things to do here.

Moreover, he knows a lot about renting scooters in Playa Del Carmen – and even gave me a few tips.

Caesar’s scooter rental tips:

  • Wear a helmet at all times – Wearing a helmet is mandatory by law. The police will pull you over and harass you for money if they see you not wearing a helmet.
  • Look for and respect all signs that you see – This isn’t just to protect you from being harassed by the police. It’s also so that you don’t have an accident!
  • Don’t ride a scooter in the rain – If it’s raining outside, or begins raining when you are riding, the roads get very slippery, so be extra careful! Better yet, pull over somewhere and wait until it stops.
  • Reserve your scooter early – If it’s high season, or even when it’s hot here, renting a scooter becomes very popular. Many of the scooter rental companies can sell out, so make sure that you reserve your scooter early in order to guarantee that you will have one waiting for you when you arrive.

Caesar’s advice about coming to Playa Del Carmen in general:

  1. Make sure you buy a round-trip ticket when coming to Playa Del Carmen, and also be 100% certain that you will leave at the end of your vacation. If you are not 100% certain, there is a good chance that you may stay here forever – just like Caesar did!
  2. Read and review suggestion #1 again.

So, now that you know a little bit about Caesar.

In order to make it as easy as possible, you can contact Caesar by simply entering your information below.

All you need to do is fill out the form. All information provided is forwarded to Caesar.

He will contact you ASAP in order to help you reserve your scooter.




What Tips Do You Have For Renting A Scooter In Playa Del Carmen?

Nobody wants to see an accident happen.

Let’s face it, riding a scooter can be a bit dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, the people in Mexico are less careful because the police here are so lax.

So, when deciding to rent a scooter, it really is caveat emptor (buyer beware).

However, if you take the following precautions, you stand a much better chance of surviving the streets of Playa Del Carmen on your new-found toy:

  • Wear your helmet – Duh! It’s for safety – and is also the law here. THE POLICE WILL HARASS YOU IF YOU DON’T WEAR YOUR HELMET ON A RENTAL SCOOTER. Did I really need to mention that one?
  • Look out for taxis – Taxi drivers here are some of the biggest jerks around! The taxi union union they work from is a filthy prison-like hideout where they all meet to scheme about how to take as much as possible from tourists. Remember, most of them are high school dropouts, could care less about hurting you, and would love to teach you a lesson the hard way. Really, taxi drivers do not like other people on the road – it slows them down, which cuts into their profits. The more traffic, the slower they have to drive and the less money they can make driving people around. Stay out of the way!  They would love to hurt you!
  • Drive sensiblyThere is a definitive correlation between how likely an accident is and how much the rider thinks they’re competing in the World Superbikes. Take it easy, and enjoy your trip. There’s absolutely no reason to be in a hurry here.
  • Watch for pedestrian traffic – There are not only a lot of tourists here, but there are people who rely on public transportation and walk the distances between bus stations, their homes, and businesses where they work.  Consequently, there is a lot of people walking around here. DON’T RUN INTO ONE OF THEM! The police will blame you no matter what. And, if you’re drunk, you’re probably going to max out your credit card with cash advances for all the bribes you will have to pay the police, judges, etc…
  • Drive defensively – Mexicans often don’t abide by the same traffic laws as we’re used to. For example, they don’t use their blinkers (Why? I don’t know!). Also, they don’t usually stop at a stop sign unless there is traffic. Because the police don’t enforce the local laws, they are used to bending them anytime they want – until someone gets rough. Only then does it become serious. Moreover, insurance is not required on vehicles here. Thus, if you get in an accident, the medical bills are 100% yours to pay!



What Should I Bring?

There are three essential items when renting a scooter (by the way, Brits will say “hiring a scooter”):

  1. First, you need some sunglasses. And not just those scratched to death fake types that allow the sun to burn your retina.
  2. Second, bring a map or make sure you’ve downloaded this area to you smartphone. It’s very easy to save an offline map using Google Maps. Obviously getting lost isn’t going to much fun. But knowing where to get gas is also important. Furthermore, the last thing you want to do is take a wrong turn and end up on highway 308. Highlight this mental road on your map and make sure your route avoids it.
  3. Finally, and most essentially, you’re going to need a credit card (or a bunch of cash) for a deposit AND an ID. The credit card is probably best. But DON’T USE A DEBIT CARD/CHECK CARD! If you are overcharged on a credit card, it is easy to file a fraudulent charge. Filing a fraud claim and getting a refund on a debit card/check card is almost impossible. Also, I would not leave your ID with the scooter rental company. Ask them for alternatives options.

How Much Does Scooter Rental In Playa Del Carmen Cost?

I’ve seen a huge number of different companies and one man bands rent scooters in Playa del Carmen.

My advice is stick to the ones that have an office and avoid the local guys looking to make a bit of cash on their vehicle.

For a single day with helmets, tax, and insurance, the price will be around $30 – $40 USD/day.

Obviously, negotiating is possible…this is Mexico.

The prices go down with multi-day rent.

If someone offers a scooter for less than $30 USD/day, think twice.

There could be several reasons for this:

  • There’s either some extras that will end up on your credit card bill.
  • Or the scooter is about to fall apart.
  • Or there’s no insurance.
  • Or all of the above.

So, Should I Rent A Scooter In Playa Del Carmen?

YES –  if you know how to ride a scooter, then this is a great way to see the city.

And it’s cheap.

NO – if you have no idea what to do.

And also, NO, if you think you’re Colin Edwards (he’s an American ex-Superbike World Champion)

Don’t forget to wear your helmet, and I will see you here soon!!!

Lots of love,


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Do you have a scooter rental story, or some advice about renting a scooter here? Leave a comment below!

16 comments on “Scooter Rental Playa Del Carmen

    • Frenchy Fernand,

      I translated your message – as I don’t speak French. However, the price you should pay for a scooter is around $25 USD per day. Most people don’t rent a scooter for an entire month, so the price would be negotiable at that point.

      I hope this helps, Fernand!

      Take care, and enjoy your vacation here!!

      Au Revoir,


  1. Hi Rufus I have email Caesar above but I thought I would email you also I’m in mexico in Sept with my brother and our Wives. My bRotherham and I like to get about on scooters seeing the small villages and heading out of resort the Wives on the other not so keen but hey how,. Can you advise us of some places to rent scooters near the Now Saphire hotel and possible places to visit within scooter distance is playa carmen or cancun to far.
    If you get 5 minutes we would love to hear you advice cheers Rufus

    • Jansen,

      Thank you for the comment. It sounds like you and your brother want to do some serious exploring on scooters while you’re here. There are many places that you can go to do this.

      The Now Sapphire Resort is on the North End of the Riviera Maya in between Cancun and Puerto Morelos. You’re not as central as you would be if you were staying in Playa Del Carmen, but you are still close to everything.

      Although the freeway/expressway is primarily for cars, trucks, motorcycles, I don’t think you will have a big problem riding a rental scooter – but trust YOUR judgement, not mine. One of my visitors recently rented a scooter and drove up and down all the freeways here without a problem, but your experience may be different.

      Unfortunately, most of the attractions here will require some sort of payment for entry. Despite this, there are many places that are cheap and easy. For example, you are free to check out some of the local Mayan Villages, but the people there are going to look at you quite strangely if you don’t come with some sort of food tour or Mayan ritual group.

      If it were me, I would start by investigating all the major towns in the area – Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tulum, etc.

      I would then search for the most beautiful beaches (there are several “hidden” beaches in the area en route between these destinations). Look on Google maps (satellite view). You will see small roads that run from the highway to the beach. Some of these are pure gold and unbelievably serene. Mark them on a map.

      Next I would began searching for cenotes in the area. There are many. Look for photos, videos, reviews. Again, write a few of them down, and mark them on a map.

      Next, search for some cool Mayan ruins. See photos, videos, reviews. Record them on a map.

      Get here. Immediately fill out the form above to make sure there are scooters available. Take a shuttle to Playa Del Carmen. Rent a scooter from the person you contacted via the form above. Start driving around to the places on your map. Talk to everyone. This will lead to even more cool places to visit. Rinse and repeat the last several steps.

      Finally, if you get some pictures of you in front of the sign welcoming visitors to a town called Poop (yes, it does exist), you’ll get all kinds of bonus points and have pictures that you and all your family, friends, and co-workers can laugh at for years to come.

      Explore, explore, explore – and dont forget to send some pictures of your travels to the sometimes humble narrator of this site (me).

      Take care, and drive safe.


  2. Hola Rufus, en una semanas voy a estar en playa del carmen y me interesa la opción de arrendar una scooter para movilizarme durante 4 días, tu sabes cuanto me saldría este servicio, de ante mano muchas gracias y saludos

  3. Joe,

    It’s best if you fill out the form above (in the blue box) and someone will get back to you.


  4. Hello… Would it be safe to travel from playa del carmen to tolum or xcacel in a scooter… With my wife riding in the back??? Are there any small roads that connect these places or is it just the main highway to drive around???

    • Mario,

      Thanks for the question. It’s a little difficult to answer, because I’m not sure what your definition of safe is. Personally, I would be very reluctant to do it for several distinct reasons:

      1. Scooters are not going to be able to keep up with traffic on those freeways. Cars, vans, trucks, etc., will be flying by you. That would make me feel unsafe.

      2. The police might really have fun pulling you over and giving you the business if they see you riding on a scooter on the freeway.

      Despite those reasons mentioned above, I did have a scooter rental customer who refused the above advice and rode on the freeways anyways. He didn’t have any problems, but I truly consider him the exception to the rule.

      In regard to your question about alternative routes and backroads, there really aren’t any viable means of getting around on back roads unless you go far, far out of your way. Moreover, the jungle here is quite thick, so you can’t find too many roads that might suffice for a scooter. Most of them are private roads connected to resorts or activity providers. They usually have dead ends and security guards everywhere.

      With that said, there are a great many places to see on a scooter that you would never see if you took taxis everywhere or stuck to public transportation. A scooter is a great way to explore that many beaches, restaurants, stores, and different parts of town that most tourists don’t venture to visit.

      In conclusion, although I would not recommend riding a scooter as far as Tulum or Xcacel, there are hundreds of interesting places to see here in town, and you’re more than able to take private or public transport to the other far-off destinations you want to visit in Quintana Roo.

      See you cruising around town soon!!!


  5. I rent scooters every time I go to Playa or Cozumel. If you rent a scooter don’t drink and drive. It’s a great way to see the Island or beach areas. However if you are not familiar with a motor scooter take a taxi. Have a safe and fun vacation! David Huber

  6. Thanks, for sharing this information with us, I really found this helpful. I also believe that If you don’t know how to ride a bike, or if you are so drunk that you can hardly stand up, then it’s probably best you stop reading now.

    • Learner Lavonne,

      Unfortunately she will need more than her learner’s permit in order to drive a scooter. She will need her actual license.

      NOTE: Neither she nor anyone else renting a scooter needs a motorcycle endorsement. Again, you DO NOT need your motorcycle endorsement to rent a scooter. However, you do need a full-fledged driver’s license (which your daughter unfortunately does not have).



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