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…you took them, now share them…

Let me make a confession: I’m terrible at taking photos.

They come out blurred, shaky, too dark, too bright…Or the camera goes off in my pocket and takes 100 consecutive shots of the burrito wrapper in my pocket.

Of course, that’s when I can go more than two months without dropping my camera or cell phone down the toilet when I’m drunk.

Many people want to read about Playa Del Carmen.

But far more want to see some photos of the beautiful paradise that is Playa del Carmen.

The good photos capture the emotion and evoke the feeling of Playa Del Carmen.

They’re both simple and complex.

They make people think “TAKE ME THERE NOW!”


Why send your Playa Del Carmen photos

I bet that when you share your Playa Del Carmen photos on Facebook most of your friends will start glaring with envy.

Many will press the like or share buttons.

Many will also wish there’s a “Stop showing off you lucky ****” button.”

But by sharing your photos with this Playa Del Carmen community, you’ll receive a far more favorable reaction.

You’re helping others make a decision about whether Playa Del Carmen is the right vacation destination for them.

People on this site want to see what Playa Del Carmen is really like.

And you have the photos that can show them.

Not only do you get the ‘feelgood factor’ from contributing, you get to boast about your vacation to people who genuinely give a shit.

What kind of Playa Del Carmen photos can I send?

You can send in any photos you like.

As long as they’re of Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area.

So yes, that means hot chicks in bikinis, bronzed bodies sipping cocktails (your own or someone you were hitting on), family photos, Fifth Avenue, tours, activities, jungle, beach, clubs, turtles, etc etc.

You can even send some risqué shots of what happens in Playa Del Carmen at 4am after a night of continuous happy hour (although I might not be able to publish everything!).

Why not send the photos of your favorite barman, best restaurant, undiscovered spot on the beach, hotel balcony view, or most colorful cocktail umbrella.

In short, send them all in.

I think that photos from people on vacation are far more powerful than my own drunken efforts.

What kind of sizes and formats can I send?

Almost any kind of photo format is acceptable.


There is a size limit, but it’s so big that it won’t apply to 99% of you out there.

I’ll convert the photos to something web-friendly, so don’t worry about the format or the size.

If you can’t upload your photo due to size constraints, then you could try putting it into a zip file, or just send me an email and I’ll make a plan.

Don’t stress about labeling your photos; I’ll be able to tell where they were taken.

It’s easy to send them. Just click on upload and you’re away!

I hope to see you in some photos soon!!!

Lots of love,


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