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One walk along the beach in Playa Del Carmen and you would think that it’s been completely overrun by international chain resorts.

It’s a little sad, because all the prime beachfront real estate has been gobbled up these multinationals who don’t care one bit about local Mexican culture and Mexican food.

However, walk one block away from the beach and you’ll find that Playa Del Carmen is fighting really hard to keep its inimitable culture.

There are hundreds of hotels in Playa Del Carmen, and many of these have a real Mexican personality.

Don’t think that some eager-to-please Mexican waiter in a resort is your typical local.

They’re just acting the way they think you want them to act – and the way the resort wants them to act.

In the small hotels in Playa Del Carmen, you’ve got authentic Mexicans who add their own style to the hotel.

They are genuine people and will show you the city from a local perspective.

Why Choose A Small Hotel In Playa Del Carmen

It’s the personal touch that makes small hotels such a good choice.

All these hotels are owner run.

That means that every ounce of the owners’ passion goes into providing a wonderful experience to guests.

You’ll receive personalized service from the staff.

But not in the stereotyped Mexican way (i.e. mustachioed waiter wearing a sombrero).

At a small hotel, you’ll meet genuine locals who are always keen to share a joke and a few local tips.

More Reasons For Choosing A Small Hotel In Playa Del Carmen

Okay, so a small hotel isn’t going to have fifteen different pools, three fitness centers, and a thousand other facilities that you’re not going to use.

But who cares?

I can just imagine what a local Mexican thinks about a gym in a resort: “So you’re telling me that people fly to Mexico so they can run on a treadmill and not actually go anywhere… Why not some exercise while on one of the activities, tours, or during one of the many other things to do here?

To be honest, only a loser spends all their time in their hotel.

Hmmm, we could go to the beach, 5th Avenue, Chichen Itza, go swimming with turtles in Akumal… no let’s fly to Mexico and spend 23.5 hours a day in the hotel…

The worst amenity on offer is having lots of restaurants.

There are 300+ restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

Why do you need ten overpriced restaurants in your resort?

Because they don’t have all these pointless extras, small hotels are very cheap.

They’re also in funky locations that will show you an authentic side of Playa Del Carmen that’s missing when you go to the expensive resorts.

Despite this, some of them are going to have a pool.

And most of them will have a nice relaxed garden where you can unwind.

How To Pick The Best Small Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

There are dozens of great small hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

But I thought it would be good to list those that have the best reputation.

I’ve only picked hotels that are small (that’s what you’re looking for right!), have a website, a good location, and good reviews from a variety of guests.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 1 – Playa Maya

Without question, this is one of the best hotels in Playa Del Carmen.

It’s one of very few small hotels that are on the beach.

It’s a cute boutique hotel with reasonable prices – around $100 USD/night for a small room in low season to $235 USD/night for a luxury suite in high season.

You’ll have to book a long time in advance, as Playa Maya is full almost every night of the year.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 2 – Riviera Del Sol

This small hotel is just half a block from the beach and 5th Avenue.

If you’re going out partying then it’s ideal, although some of the rooms do get a little noisy late at night.

The pool is idyllic, the rooms are huge, and the breakfast can cure any hangover.

Rooms from $97 USD/night in low season to $185 USD/night in high season.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 3 – Petit Latiffe

Picture a deserted stretch of white sand, add some palm trees, and then a handful of sun loungers…that’s the beach at Petit Latiffe.

It’s breathtakingly serene and beautiful.

Don’t come here if you want to party.

Stay in one of the bungalows and indulge in some proper relaxation.

This place is not only pretty, it’s got a romantic charm that every couple will love.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 4 – Aventura Mexicana

Considering the rooms start at just $99 USD/night in low season, the Aventura Mexicana is one of Playa Del Carmen’s best kept secrets.

The one night I stayed here, I thought there had been a mistake with the price.

For the quality they offer, this hotel could easily charge $300 USD/night and still be full.

It’s in the heart of Playa Del Carmen but still very quiet.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 5 – Hotel Casa Ticul

This charming hotel is for ages 16+ and offers great deals.

From $126-$151 USD/night in low season to $168-$202 USD/night in high season.

It’s a sumptuous place that offers a surprising amount of luxury for the price.

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 6 – Luna Blue Hotel

Have you ever seen a towel folded as an elephant?

That’s one of the little touches at the Luna Blue Hotel.

It’s a hotel that’s all about the little details.

They don’t have a bar or restaurant or many extra facilities, but they do make the hotel feel a lot like home.

Plus, it’s only $80 USD a night.

What a bargain!

Small Hotel Playa Del Carmen 7 – Hotel Lunata

On 5th Avenue, with rooms designed in a Hacienda style, this is one of the best hotels if you want to be in the center of all the action.

The garden helps you escape the noise, while the rooms are surprisingly spacious given the prime location.

Hotel Lunata is also excellent value.

$105 USD/night in low season to $166 USD/night in high season.

Why Staying In A Small Hotel Benefits Playa Del Carmen

Okay, so a small hotel is cheaper, offers better value, offers something more memorable, and is full of cute little touches.

But forget about the selfish reasons for choosing a small hotel.

Staying at an international chain resort means that all your money is going to rich shareholders who have probably never been to Mexico.

Staying in a large resort is the equivalent of funding the people that only care about one thing – profit.

With a small hotel you know that your money is staying in Playa Del Carmen and helping out genuine local people.

You’re supporting locals who care more about guests having a good experience than making loads of money.

So do it for Playa Del Carmen! Stay in a small hotel!

I will see you in one soon…

Lots of love,


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