Spanish Lessons Playa Del Carmen

…learning the basics and getting lots of practice…

I see some tourists in Playa Del Carmen and their ignorance annoys me slightly.

They’re always complaining that some local bar is over-charging them, but they absolutely refuse to speak Spanish.

You don’t have to speak Spanish to enjoy Playa Del Carmen.

But it’s polite to use a few basic words.

And hey, ordering a round of beers in Spanish might even impress the women.

But in Playa Del Carmen you can go a bit further and actually learn Spanish.

There are a number of different language schools and I’ve taken a tour of them so I can pass on the important info.

Why Would I Want To Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world.

So it’s going to be pretty useful to know.

Number two is English – and most of us have mastered that one.

Number one is Chinese.

But to be honest, the Spanish speaking countries are far more appealing than the Chinese as holiday destinations.

When you visit Mexico you’ll want to chat with the locals.

And, that doesn’t mean just shouting out tequila or ariba.

107,000,000 Mexicans speak Spanish, so once you start learning there will be plenty of people to practice with.

But Why Should I Learn Spanish In Playa Del Carmen?

I hated learning Spanish at school.

I preferred wrestling or goofing around with friends to sitting in a cold classroom learning.

But in Playa Del Carmen you’re learning in a tropical paradise; it’s different.

The sun’s shining, and the ocean awaits when the lesson finishes – and after that, some beers, bars, and babes (‘hunks’ if you’re a female).

If you learn here the locals will give you cheaper beer, the women will look suitably impressed, and you can even take some lessons outside.

Or you can just hook up with a local and practice your Spanish all day long.

Can I Learn Any Other Languages In Playa Del Carmen?

The majority of foreigners learning a language stick to Spanish.

But some of the schools also offers courses for locals in French, German, Italian, and Russian.

Although they’re mainly for locals in the tourism industry, foreigners can also join these courses.

Where Can I Learn Spanish In Playa Del Carmen?

There are a few schools that teach Spanish.

The Playa Del Carmen Language Institute is located in the center of Playa.

Language Studies International have schools all over the world, and their school in Playa has a tropical garden where many of the lessons are taught.

Playalingua del Caribe is a smaller more local school and was one of the earliest schools to offer Spanish lessons here.

They’re just 5 minutes from the beach and 5th Avenue.

What Are The Courses Like?

Most schools offer 20 hours per week of Spanish lessons with groups of between 4 – 8 students.

Lessons are usually in the morning, leaving the whole afternoon to explore Playa Del Carmen or lie on the beach.

However, if you’re really dedicated then some also offer more intensive course of 25 or 35 hours per week.

These often include some private, one-to-one classes as well.

Courses are run for beginners on up to more advanced students.

You need to commit to a minimum of two weeks, but of course the longer you stay the more you will learn.

While learning Spanish why not check out some of the extra courses, like Mexican cooking or Salsa dancing.

Where Do I Stay?

With most courses you can choose between three types of accommodations:

  1. Stay on the on site residence with the other students. Great for meeting people and partying.
  2. You can stay with a host family for a real immersion into speaking Spanish and local culture. This can be very intense. But is the best choice for improving your Spanish.
  3. It’s also possible to book your own hotel or resort – or even a hostel. But that could get quite pricey if you’re staying for a few weeks.

In the alternative, you can sleep with some horses and locals in a manger made just for language learners.


How Much Does It Cost To Learn Spanish In Playa Del Carmen?

Prices vary at different schools but as a general guide it costs $200 – $250 USD per week for a 20-hour a week package.

Obviously it costs more for more intensive courses, and the prices go down the longer you stay.

Accommodation is extra and comes in at around $200 USD per week for staying on site, or $200 – 300 USD for lodging with a Mexican family.

The best thing is to shop around and ask the different companies questions that you need answered before committing to anything.

Would You Recommend Learning Spanish In Playa Del Carmen?

I’ve only been to investigate the schools, so it’s hard for me to say whether they’re great places to learn.

However, all the students I spoke to said they were enjoying it and were learning Spanish quicker than they had expected.

It’s also a good excuse to spend extra time in Playa Del Carmen without feeling guilty about it.

If you’re learning, why not spend a whole summer here?

I still remember the freezing cold classroom Spanish lessons from high school.

I wish I had the choice of Playa Del Carmen back then!

If I could learn Spanish all over again I would definitely pick Playa Del Carmen.

So, please, contact the schools and see what they have to offer…

… and once you master your Spanish, you can help me with mine!

I will see you at one of the language schools soon…

Lots of love,


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Do you have experience in one of the language schools here in Playa? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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