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…studying and learning about another part of the world…

Getting drunk every weekday, eating baked beans from the can, discovering how raunchy female students want to be: oh I wish I was a student again.

I don’t care what anyone says – being a student is awesome, and we would all go back there if we had the choice.

It’s carefree, and for some reason you always have more money when you’re a student than when you have a job.

Guess what? You can also be a student in Mexico.

This article is all about student travel in Mexico.

It’s for students, but also for non-students who can come to Mexico for another chance at being a student.

Why Travel To Mexico As A Student?

I’ll start with the most important thing.

Mexico is cheap.

And when you’re a student, you have no choice but to demand good value for money.

Now, something to appease the parents or whoever else pays for your education.

Traveling has also been considered an essential and classic part of a formal education.

Before planes were invented, the upper class used to travel to different countries purely as an educational experience.

So while you might be traveling to Mexico for pleasure, you’re probably going to learn much more than you can from some grumpy college professor.

Mexico does have some seriously educational things as well.

Especially if you’re into history, archaeology, religion, marine biology, or sociology.

How To Be A Student In Mexico?

To really please the parents, you can even be a student in Mexico.

It’s combining pleasure with a great excuse to stay in paradise.

Perhaps you can do your thesis about Mexico.

Something titled “The psychology of drunk foreign girls who visit Mexico and get naked in beach bars.”

Okay, that’s a little far fetched.

How about “What the f*$! happened to the Mayan civilizations?” (There are loads of theories, but nothing definite.)

Come to think of it, that title might not fly so well in academia.

The best way to become a student in Mexico is to come here to learn a language (not just Spanish).

Obviously Spanish is the number one language to learn, and there are some great Spanish schools in Playa Del Carmen.

However, believe me when I say that there are MANY languages spoken here–on every street!

How To Pretend To Be A Student In Mexico?

You don’t need to be a student to do some student travel to Mexico.

Forget about education.

Nobody goes to college for education.

I had a college professor once said, “Let’s put away the books so that we can begin learning.”

Most intelligent people go to college for massive parties, serious drinking, and doing everything that you parents wouldn’t be proud of.

This is definitely the most fun part of college!

So it’s easy to pretend to be a student and do these things in Mexico.

Firstly, learn the happy hours for cheap drinks.

In Playa Del Carmen that’s normally around 4-8pm.

Secondly, discover all the cheap little eateries where for $2 you can eat so much taco you will explode.

Thirdly, head to the bars and find a party.

Playa Del Carmen has hundreds of little bars and it also has some serious kick ass parties that continue until well past sunrise.

Where To Get Student Discounts In Mexico?

I used to love how students could get a discount everywhere.

Go to shop and get 10% off.


Then when you stop being a student you have to wait until you’re 65 before you can start getting discounts again.

That sucks!

If you’re coming to Mexico for student travel, then before you set off, you can save money.

Some airlines will offer discounted fairs for students.

When you get here then Mexico’s major bus lines (and train lines) also offer student discounts.

Rather than pay for the big all inclusive resorts, stay in a hostel.

Mexico has loads of great hostels where you can stay for less than $15 a day.

Hostels always have negotiable prices so show your student card and explain how poor you are…

It sometimes works, especially if you also say you’re going to leave a review on TripAdvisor.

Many prices in shops are negotiable.

So just say you’re a poor student, and they’ll give you a lower opening price.

Another option is to check out

It’s a website that allows you to stay with local people for free.

Why Playa Del Carmen Is The Perfect Place In Mexico For Student Travel?

Playa Del Carmen combines a little bit of everything that students need.

Firstly it’s cheap.

It’s definitely cheaper than Cancun.

In Playa Del Carmen you’ll find you can get drunk for less than the college bars in the US.

Secondly, there are loads of amazing free things to do in and around Playa Del Carmen.

For students traveling in Mexico, the one thing that’s out of reach is the heavily priced attractions like visiting Xcaret.

But if you visit Playa Del Carmen and then go 30 minutes to Akumal, you can swim with turtles for free.

Of course you can lie on the beach for free, and then drink a take out bottle of tequila.

Thirdly, Playa Del Carmen is a good size for student travel.

It’s small enough to get around without spending money on transport.

But it’s big enough to mean there are enough others to party with.

Finally, Playa Del Carmen is a very educational place.

You can learn Spanish, you can discover real tropical jungle.

You can also make a trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba.

If you want to do some Indiana Jones impressions then I seriously recommend an educational trip to Coba.

Any Other Student Travel Mexico Information?

If you’re a student then I’m jealous.


I’d love to be a student again, and I think part of moving to Playa Del Carmen was to return to a permanent state of drunk revelry.

Bring your student ID when you visit Mexico.

It can get you some places.

Remember to tell everyone that you’re going on an educational trip.

You might be able to read a college book about Mayan ruins.

But nothing compares to the feeling of standing above the jungle on one of the Mayan pyramids at Coba.

And if you’re not a student?

Just pretend to be one when you visit Mexico.

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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