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People from Europe really make me laugh.

The concept of timezones is still a novelty to most of them.

They’re sitting on the Playa Del Carmen beach, and the phone rings.

First question they ask is, “What time is it over there?

Then they spend a couple of minute working out how many hours difference it is between here and wherever they are in Europe.

Then they arrange a time to call their friend.

Except they always get confused about whether they’re ahead or behind.

I’m just as bad–probably worse.

So I don’t wear a watch. That way I never get confused.

Only joking.

I don’t wear a watch because the other day I discovered how fake it was when I jumped in the ocean. I only paid $300 for it.

I bought it in Mexico, so I shouldn’t be surprised!

What Time Zone Is Playa Del Carmen In?

Playa Del Carmen is on Central Standard Time–but with one caveat; we don’t honor daylight savings time.

So it’s the same as Mississippi and that whole band of places in the SLondon-at least for part of the year!

Officially GMT  –5 hours.

I’m still not sure why the English get so confused about time zones – they invented GMT in the first place!

So Mexico is on the same time as Eastern Texas and 6 hours behind London

Most of Mexico is on Central Standard Time.

However, the regions in the far west follow a different time zone.

But if you’re coming on vacation to Playa Del Carmen, then it’s a good 48 hours by bus to get over here, so let’s not confuse things…

Daylight Saving In Playa Del Carmen

Fortunately Playa Del Carmen also follows Daylight Saving Time.

It doesn’t really need to because it’s close to the equator and most days are the same length anyway.

They put the clocks an hour forward at 2am on the first Sunday in April (usually).

Then they put the clocks an hour back on the last Sunday in October (again, usually, but make sure you check this on a reasonable website before making any assumptions).

This is consistent with most places in the world.

So if you come to Playa Del Carmen in summer then you’ll still be 6 hours behind London.

So What Time Will It Be At Home?

As I said, the timezone thing often confuses me.

So I wrote it all down.

Here is a quick guide.

If you’re enjoying a chilled beer on the beach and it’s 4pm in Playa Del Carmen, then it will be:

  • 2pm in LA, San Francisco, and places on Pacific Standard Time
  • 5pm in New York, Miami and all the other places on Eastern Standard Time.
  • 10pm in the UK and Ireland.
  • 11pm in most of Western Europe, like Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia.
  • 2am the next day in Russia

How Do I Work Out The Time At Home When I’m In Playa Del Carmen?

When you’re on holiday in Playa Del Carmen and want to work out what time it is at home then you can use this guide.

  • -2 hours for LA, San Fran, and Pacific Standard Time
  • +1 hour for New York, Miami, and Eastern Standard Time
  • +6hours for UK and Ireland
  • +7 hours for Western Europe
  • +10 hours for Russia

Sunrise Time In Playa Del Carmen

In the middle of winter on the shortest day of the year, the sun rises at around 7:30am.

On the summer solstice in June then the sun rises at around 5:45am.

So depending on what time you visit, the sun will rise at sometime between 5:45 and 7:30.

Sunrise is beautiful in Playa Del Carmen.

It looks amazing on photos, it’s peaceful on the beach, and during summer it’s probably the coolest time of the day.

HINT: Make sure you watch the sunrise once during your stay.

Either after a heavy night out or after setting your alarm.

Sunset Time In Playa Del Carmen

Sunset times vary quite dramatically in Playa Del Carmen because of daylight savings time.

Well, not dramatically compared to the Arctic Circle, but it does make a difference for your vacation.

In the middle of winter the sun will set around 5pm.

So it helps to get up early and enjoy most of the day.

Come the middle of summer – and for a whole month – the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm.

These are long hot days where you spend a lot of time sweating.

Longer days mean the beach bars start rocking as everyone has been drinking there for 5 hours by the time the sun sets.

Cures For Jetlag

If you’re arriving from Europe, then there is a good chance you’re going to get jetlag.

You’ll be arriving in Mexico and your body will be telling you to go to bed.

But it will be bright sunshine outside.

You don’t want jetlag to ruin your trip, but I’ve been getting different tips off Europeans on vacation in Playa Del Carmen. Here they are:

  1. Try getting a flight that arrives in the evening. Then go to bed at 11pm local time.
  2. Change your watch when you get on the plane – not when you get off.
  3. Stay outside in the sun when you arrive. The natural light helps regulate your body clock.
  4. Get really drunk and wake up with a banging hangover. Then you’ll have something else to blame the tiredness on.

Any Other Interesting Information About The Time In Playa Del Carmen?

Playa Del Carmen is a very chilled place.

The locals don’t stress about time, and neither should you.

It’s a place where you shouldn’t try and stick to an exact schedule.

Take it easy! Don’t worry too much about the time unless you have to get a bus or ferry.

Make sure you catch the sunrise at least once.

It’s stunning, particularly if there are a few little clouds on the horizon that turn a deep red color.

Most of Playa Del Carmen’s time runs on daylight hours.

During the day you hit the beach.

Then the sun goes down and you eat and drink.

Then it turns dark and you party.


See you here soon…

Lots of love,


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