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If CNN did travel shows, they would title their Mexico show something like, “The country where you will get shot, stabbed, robbed, and kidnapped.”

The big news channels in the US are full of nothing but bad news about Mexico.

They make it sound like somewhere between Afghanistan and that dodgy place they’re trying to reach on Lord of the Rings.

Here is a different travel advisor for Mexico.

Ignore all this bullshit.

Mexico is safe.

Sure it has some dangerous parts, but they’re mostly off the tourist trail and very easy to avoid.

My Alternative Mexico Travel Advisor

I really hate all the negative stuff that’s going around about Mexico.

It’s not just the popular media.

The US government is also stirring things up by suggesting that people should be very careful when visiting Mexico, and there is a good chance they’ll get kidnapped by some drug cartel.

Ironically, most places in Mexico are far safer than the US.

Take the Riviera Maya where Playa Del Carmen is situated.

Statistically you’ve got a much higher chance of getting murdered in just about any US city than the Riviera Maya.

So here’s an alternative Mexico travel advisor.

1. Mexico Is Beautiful (at least the parts that I am talking about).

It’s got beaches, jungle, nature, and just about everything that you want on your vacation photos.

Let’s start with beaches.

You know the kind, gorgeous white sand that stretches forever, turquoise ocean, and those funny little umbrellas in your cocktail when you’re sat at the bar.

The jungle is epic.

The only travel advisor I have is to take a guide.

It gets pretty disorientating when you’re in the jungle and the crazy monkeys start throwing pieces of fruit at you.

Mexico also has wilderness.

Especially in the Riviera Maya you can drive for an hour and see nothing but jungle and coastline.

2. Mexico Is Cheap.

Mexico is much cheaper than the States, and every dollar can go a long way.

If you stick to what the locals do then you could spend 6 weeks here on the same money as a standard 1-2 week trip in the States.

Even when you want to do the cool activities, Mexico remains very cheap.

You can go on any Mexico vacation website to check out the awesome shit you can do.

Or you can read Rufus’s own travel advisor Mexico list.

All of these will get you change from $120 – dive with whale sharks, swim with dolphins, visit the world’s coolest water park, drive ATVs through the jungle, scuba dive, snorkel, take your girlfriend for a huge 7-course meal and drink way too many cocktails.

Then there is the free stuff like swimming with turtles and hanging out on the beach all day,

3. Mexico Is Safe

With all the negative travel advisors people are often thinking, ‘Is it safe to visit Mexico?’.

In a word, yes.

It’s especially safe in the Riviera Maya, a region in the south east of Mexico on the Caribbean coast.

The drug cartel areas are generally inland and to the west of the country.

So there is no travel advisor about not visiting the Riviera Maya.

Almost all the violence in Mexico is drug related.

It’s gangs shooting rival gang members who then retaliate with a kidnapping and a few more homicides.

So as long as you don’t try your hand as the next Pablo Escobar, you should be fine.

Just remember your common sense.

Like don’t advertise your valuables, don’t be an arrogant dickhead and start fights with locals, and try not to do something stupid like piss on the street.

Travel Advisor Mexico: Where To Visit

If you’ve decided to vacation in Mexico, then you’ve got a huge choice of where to visit.

Of course number one on this list should be Playa Del Carmen.

It’s beautiful, there are hundreds of things to do, and I love the laid back atmosphere.

Despite the growth in tourism here, Playa Del Carmen still retains a chilled way of life.

Playa Del Carmen is situated in the Riviera Maya, a strip of coastline that stretches from Cancun to Tulum.

I’m sure you’ve heard of tourist magnet Cancun.

But this whole 100 mile+ of beaches has lots of hidden spots to explore.

You don’t need a Mexico travel advisor to tell you about the old Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza.

All across the country there are stunning examples of the best inhabitants of this land.

Then there is the cute colonial towns like Oaxaca.

Or the madness of Mexico City.

What To Bring With You When You Come To Mexico?

Here is my travel advisor list on what to bring to Mexico:

  • Passport – yes, even Americans now need a passport to visit Mexico
  • Good camera
  • Beach towel and swimming shorts / sexy bikini
  • An SD card which has a scanned copy of all your travel documents
  • Sunglasses – because the sun is almost always shining
  • Sunscreen – lots of it.

Any Other Mexico Travel Advisor Info?

While Mexicans speak Spanish, if you visit the tourist areas like Playa Del Carmen you’ll find lots of locals speaking English.

So you shouldn’t worry too much about a language barrier.

The tourist areas of Mexico are fairly developed, so you probably won’t miss anything you’re used to.

Except for phone services.

For some reason the telecommunications here are terrible.

That’s all from me.

Ignore what CNN and the US government says…come to Mexico and find out for yourself what it’s really like.

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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