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The other day I finally upgraded my old Nokia 3210 and got a smart phone.

At first I was disappointed, as I used to spend 20 minutes a day playing the original Snake.

But technology is the future! So I even set up a Mexico travel alert.

Every time there is a new travel alert I get a beep on my phone.

My phone wouldn’t stop!

It started sounding like there was a radio jingle coming from my pocket.

The problem is that there are too many Mexico travel alerts.

So how do you make sense of them?

Where To Check Travel Alerts For Mexico?

Each government releases travel alerts about different countries.

The US government has the most comprehensive site.

My guess is that the CIA calls the White House and tells the president when the shit’s hitting the fan.

Then the White House comes up with some diplomatic wording to deter people from visiting.

Follow this link and check out what it says for Mexico.

Don’t try reading it all becuase it’s longer than the last Lord of the Rings book.

It also makes Mexico sound like halfway between Mordor and Afghanistan.

How To Make Sense Of The US Governments Mexico Travel Alerts?

If you read the travel alerts you’ll see some recurring themes: drugs, violence, and murder.

But you’ll also see that each state in Mexico has its own specific warnings.

Check out what it says for Nuevo Leon!

“Kidnapped…explosive devices…innocent bystanders have been killed…you should defer non-essential travel…”

Playa Del Carmen and Cancun are situated in the Yucatan peninsula.

Scroll down and see what it says – “no advisory is in effect.”

All these other states have huge essays, but they have a very simple message about Yucatan.

There are no travel alerts – it’s safe people!

View Some Visual Travel Alerts For Mexico

Don’t misunderstand here, I’m not talking about loads of photos that show drug dealings and mass murder.

On the US government site you can view a map to identify where all these cartels are running the show.

Then you can see Yucatan on the far east of the map.

It’s good to see that all the stuff you hear about Mexico being dangerous is only related to certain isolated places.

Other Mexico Travel Alerts

Sometimes I don’t trust what the US government says.

We’ve got too many spies and are always paranoid about something.

I actually prefer to read about what other people say, especially about Mexico.

Think about it, the US probably wants to put people off coming to Mexico…they’d prefer people spent their money in their own country.

Check out what the Canadians say about Mexico.

They’re a bit more chilled north of the border so you’d think they’d be a bit less in your face with the travel alerts.

Open the Mexico page and in big bold letters it says “Mexico – exercise a high degree of caution.”

How strange!

The Canadian government obviously isn’t smoking as much weed as the citizens.

UK Travel Website

I prefer the UK government’s travel advice.

They seem to be a bit more realistic and assume that the average reader can also exercise a little common sense.

They have less travel alerts, which in a way makes you take them more seriously.

Of course, they say that Yucatan and Playa Del Carmen is safe.

Which it is!

I like that at the top of each page they detail what changes have been made to the travel advice.

So if you’ve read it before you don’t need to re-read the whole thing.

All Of Playa Del Carmen Is Safe

I’m sitting on a beach, checking out a hundred women in bikinis, and my mom calls me to say she’s just seen 40 people getting shot in Mexico on TV.

That’s on the other side of the country mother!

You don’t have to worry about drug cartels and murders in Playa Del Carmen.

You just need to remember to tie the draw strings on your shorts when you dive in the pool.

Okay, so maybe there are a few other things to consider here.

But it’s just common sense, like don’t leave your valuables unattended.

All of Playa Del Carmen is safe…. Believe me.

That means there aren’t any no-go areas or places to avoid, and there aren’t Taliban members hiding out in beach bars.

Ignore The General Mexico Travel Alerts

It’s essential to understand that Mexico is a huge country.

You’ve got to ignore the generic warnings and research what’s happening specific to your vacation destination.

For Yucatan and Playa Del Carmen that means there are no travel alerts.

So have fun and enjoy your holiday.

And again, don’t worry about your safety because Playa Del Carmen is very safe…

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any advice about travel alerts in Mexico? Please leave it in the comments section below!

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  1. Breena,

    Thank you for the useful advice. It definitely gets hot here—especially this time of year. And sunscreen lotion is kind of expensive in Mexico (I think it’s because the Mexican people never use sunscreen). So make sure you bring your own if possible!

    Hope you come back again soon…

    Lots of love,


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