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…because some moments really matter…

The other day I was looking at my buddy’s wedding photos.

I have to admit he did not look too happy.

He was smiling, but it all looked a little forced.

Perhaps his eyes were on the bridesmaids instead?

Perhaps I was putting him off by pulling stupid faces from behind the camera?

But the most likely explanation is that his wedding photographs were taken in this boring park with the greyest sky I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never seen such a boring sky.

It looked like England.

Just a blanket of grey.

I said to him, “Next time you get married, come to Playa Del Carmen and get some good wedding photography done.”

Why You Should Get Wedding Photography Done In Playa Del Carmen

For most wedding photos, the couple have to choose from one or two rather uninspiring locations.

Perhaps a nice park.

Maybe a green field behind the venue.  BORING!

Playa Del Carmen has hundreds of beautiful locations.

You don’t just have to pick one either.

You can select a few very diverse locations for your wedding photography in Playa Del Carmen.

Of course the beach has to be on your list.

Where better than a stretch of perfect sand on the Caribbean?

Blue sky, white sand, and a barefoot bride…it makes for enviable wedding photos.

But you could also go the jungle for some adventurous photos.

Or perhaps by the gushing water of a waterfall by a cenote.

Then there is your exclusive honeymoon suite and hotel room balcony.

It’s always good to have a couple of shots there so you can remember just how awesome your room was on the wedding night.

Why not go the Xcaret theme park for some random photographs.

Or outside some of the cute buildings on 5th Ave.

Playa Del Carmen gives you so much choice.

Check out some of these examples below!

How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer In Playa Del Carmen

But it doesn’t matter how good the location.

To get good wedding photographs you will need a good wedding photographer.

Some wedding photographers in Playa Del Carmen think that because they’ve got a cheap digital camera they can charge $$$ for photos.

All the conditions are perfect for great photos.

So lots of wannabes think they can do the business.

  • First of all, look for someone who has experience doing wedding photography specifically in Playa Del Carmen. Ask to see photos of previous weddings they have done in the area. You’ll want someone who both knows the area and all the best spots. And who has done lots of different weddings.
  • Have a look at the photos on their website. Are they all the same or can the wedding photographer really bring out the individuality of each couple?
  • You’ll also want someone who speaks your language. Most in Playa Del Carmen speak English, but it could get confusing if you booked someone who can’t.

What’s Included In A Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photography Package

The price of wedding photographers really varies.

Some offer really cheap deals while others seem expensive.

But take care in reading the small print.

For example, verify if you receive a digital copy of all the photos.

You must make sure you get full rights to the digital copies that the photographer takes.

Some photographers will charge extra for this. Or will charge for every image that you want a copy of.

Many photographers will include a number of prints or a wedding photography book.

These are amazing memories, but you should look at what’s included and what you must pay extra for.

Also ask how long the photographer will spend with you.

  • Will they get shots of the bridal party getting ready?
  • Will they be staying late into the evening?
  • Will they include shots of the wedding party at an excursion the day before?

If you’re not sure, then ask for some references and contact these references.

It always good to find out from the people who’ve been there before.

How Much Does Wedding Photography Playa Del Carmen Cost?

Wedding photography doesn’t come cheap.

But this is a wedding, and if you’re planning a wedding, you already know that the word “wedding” causes an extra 0 to be added to most prices.

In Playa Del Carmen, the real, professional guys start at about $2000 and keep going up to $5000.

It’s possible to get something cheaper, but you should really do some research on the quality.

It’s a lot of money to spend if things don’t turn out well.

But if you’re spending so much on a wedding, you want to have good memories right?

Can You Recommend Any Wedding Photographers In Playa Del Carmen?

I’ve never got married, so I can’t tell you that a particular wedding photographer is going to be good for you.

I can tell you about a few people I know who get rave reports from married couples.

Like Ivan Luckie who’s won awards for his photography and does work all over the Caribbean.

Or Del Sol Photography who I think really captures the emotion and beauty of a day.

Citalli Rico Studios have won many awards for their photography and really go for an artistic and creative style.

However, for expert advice on different Playa Del Carmen wedding photographers I recommended contacting Brenda at Ajua Weddings.

Brenda is an extremely helpful American woman who’s been living in Playa Del Carmen for ~16 years.

She organized three of my friends’ weddings and knows about all the good photographers working in this city.

Anything More About Wedding Photography Playa Del Carmen?

Of course you could just ask your uncle or grandpa to take some photos for you.

They might not be very creative, but they should at least get a smiling wedding party on the beach.

Regardless of the photographer you use, if you come to Playa Del Carmen you’ll definitely get better photos than my buddy’s in the States.

He just looks so depressed in the photos.

But how can you be depressed if you’re standing on the beach and the sun is shining.

And if you want to look really good, you can come to Playa Del Carmen a week earlier and top up on the suntan before the big day.

Just remember the sunscreen (the biodegradable kind).

Nobody wants to look like a lobster in their Playa Del Carmen wedding photographs!

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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