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…meet some of the best photographers in the city…

As if I don’t have enough opportunities to kick back a few cold ones on a regular basis, I had another opportunity this evening.

However, before I tell you about some of the best wedding photographers in the Riviera Maya, let me give you a little history about how I met Jasmin and Matt.

How I Met Jasmin and Matt

When I decided to create a wedding section on this website, I thought it would be best to contact several wedding photographers and get some very general information about the process of getting married in Mexico and view a range of the wedding photos that were taken here.

I found Jasmin and Matt’s website via a Google search. When I called the phone number on the “Contact Us” page, Matt answered.

He was very helpful – even offering to send me some general photographs of the city (as I was not in Playa at that time).

It was the kind of genuine correspondence that a person does not forget.

Thus, upon arrival, I decided to write about Jasmin and Matt’s wedding photography services before contacting any other wedding specialists in the area.

With that in mind, several days ago I sent them an e-mail.

There was a reply in my inbox almost immediately. (Honestly, I thought the message had bounced.)

It was Jasmin.

She was not only willing to do an interview with me, but mentioned that we could meet only a few days later.

If you’ve ever experienced Mexican-style response times, then you will appreciate working with this couple.

Not only will Jasmin and Matt answer their phones personally, but you can expect almost ZERO DELAY in responding to any information that you may request. (Seriously, I wish the local hotels and resorts were as punctual.)

The Interview

We had originally planned on meeting at Manne’s Biergarten, an expat favorite here in the south end of Playa Del Carmen.

However, because of the location, and because Jasmin does not drink, we decided to meet at a place called Sala Rosa Bar.

I arrived there early for our appointment.

The place had an interesting decor, along with some funky music. The majority of the seating was outdoors in a friendly, garden-like setting that allowed all the mosquitoes in the area to rally a battle cry and coordinate a massive attack on my legs.

Jasmin got assaulted as well. However, I didn’t hear any complaints from Matt. Frankly, I think he was just happy to be drinking a beer.

Despite the mosquitoes, the drinks there were cold and cheap–a real plus. If I remember correctly I think I paid 30 pesos for each of the two Coronas that I drank.

Personalities, Qualifications, and Experience

My first impression of both Jasmin and Matt is that they are excellent conversationalists.

They’re comfortable talking about anything and possess a wide variety of knowledge about the area’s food, activities, and fun things to do.

Throughout our conversation, I found the following out:

  • Jasmin and Matt are originally from Canada – Winnipeg to be precise.
  • Matt first became interested in photography when he was around 16 years old. He has never stopped shooting photos since.
  • Because of his interest in photos, he pursued a degree in commercial photography from a school in Canada.
  • Jasmin, on the other hand, first started taking pictures in college where she graduated with a fine arts degree.
  • Between the both of them, they have around 24 years of photography experience.
  • They got involved in wedding photography by accident. Here’s how:

I’m sure most of you can remember having been to a wedding before and seen a sloppily dressed and impatient wedding photographer taking photographs that simply lacked professionalism.

Interestingly, this is exactly what caused Jasmin and Matt to become wedding photographers in the first place – they went to a wedding and were appalled by the hired wedding photographer.

According to their own testimony, they both looked at each other on that day and said, “We can do better than that!”

The rest is history, as they say…

  • They started shooting weddings in Canada. However, after several years in Montreal, they packed up their bags and headed south. They have been operating in Playa Del Carmen since July 2014.
  • Together they have around four years of wedding photography experience (including the time in Canada and their experience here).

As you can see from the photos on their website, they do an incredible job of capturing the essence of every betrothal they’re surrounded by.

Unlike most of the other wedding photographers in the area, they also keep in close contact with former clients.

Upon visiting Jasmin and Matt’s website, the first thing that stood out was a constantly updated blog that not only had information about recent weddings they have photographed, but also included recent wedding anniversaries, baby pictures, and interesting articles about many of their former clients.

I don’t know how much more personal you can get than that.

In fact, when I asked Jasmin and Matt about what sets them apart from other photographers in the area, they immediately responded (almost in unison), “Our service is much more personal than most of the photographers in the area.”

After meeting them (and seeing their website) I cannot disagree. They’re both friendly, approachable, and usually maintain a strong relationship with clients both before (via email and Skype video) and after their wedding ceremony (via phone calls and blog posts).

Wedding Photography Prices

Jasmin and Matt’s wedding photography packages start at $1400 USD.

Of course, this is subject to change.

Couples sessions, which can include honeymoons, family get-togethers, etc., start at $400 USD per shooting.

Considering the area, and the costs of the competition, the prices are quite reasonable in my opinion.

I should also note that their prices are based on an “a la carte” system; you pay only for what you need.

And they are willing to work within a wide range of budgets, which they will discuss with you long before your wedding date.

Words of Wisdom From Jasmin and Matt

In regard to suggestions about planning your wedding here, they gave some very specific advice:

  1. Most importantly, do your research ahead of time. Get to know the hotel / resort before you arrive. Make sure you understand the extra costs that are tacked on to the basic packages that the hotels / resorts originally offer.
  2. Second, make sure you talk to your friends and family about confirmations. It’s very easy for them to get wrapped up in the moment, make promises about attending your destination wedding, but then end up backing out of the journey at the last minute (while you are left with the bill to pay).
  3. Third, don’t stress out about your wedding. Even though there is no guarantee about the weather on your wedding day, you must be willing to take risks. According to both of them, there are always other options, and most resorts are fairly flexible if the weather is not perfect on your wedding day. (Jasmin and Matt even have experience shooting in the rain!)
  4. Moreover, both of them suggested that you should not hide away at your resort. Playa Del Carmen offers a plethora of activities, restaurants, and sightseeing opportunities that should not be passed up.
  5. In regard to photo locations, they told me that 95% of clients have no idea where they want their pictures taken upon arrival. However, no worries. Jasmin and Matt are very familiar with the area and can suggest the most beautiful beach locations, cenotes, and the other exotic places that can enhance the wedding photography experience and outcome.
  6. Their final advice? Don’t get worked up about non-responsive resorts and wedding coordinators who think it’s okay to let several weeks pass before responding to simple email questions. This is par for the course – especially in Mexico – and 99.9% of the time everything will be ready on your wedding day.

Jasmin and Matt Phone Numbers and Contact Info:

To make contacting Jasmin and Matt as easy as possible, here’s what a sample inquiry might look like. PLEASE USE IT!:


Dear Jasmin/Matt,

My husband and I are planning our destination wedding in the Riviera Maya on (insert date).

We will have our wedding at (insert hotel/resort).

Could you tell me a little bit about your services, packages, and what you have to offer?

It’s best to contact me via phone/email/Skype (choose one) at the following times (insert time).

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Rufus the Rebel (replace my name with yours!!!)

To Sum It Up

My overall impression of Jasmin and Matt is that they are both amazing people. They are extremely friendly, fun to talk to, and convey a deep sense of professionalism that is sorely lacking in some of their competitors.

I have absolutely no problem recommending them as a viable option for meeting all of your wedding photography needs.

One final note–If you’re the conservative type, don’t let the tattoos scare you. Unless, of course, you want to miss out on the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people in the city. Enough said.

I hope to see you here in the near future for YOUR wedding!

Lots of love….


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