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… A great way to explore the jungle and get some low-impact exercise…

When I first arrived in Playa Del Carmen I was hypnotized by the jungle.

I kept imagining all the strange creatures that lurked within the trees.

No, not my buddies playing hide and seek.

But things like spider monkeys.

I also knew that in the jungle was an authentic chance to get a glimpse of Mayan culture.

But you can’t just set off on foot into the jungle.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

And with a vehicle the jungle loses its charm.

Imagine: exhaust fumes kicking out and the annoying sound of an engine, the jungle is no more mystical than Texas.

Fortunately I found a company that offers bike tours into the jungle.

It means you can travel at high speeds, while also being amongst nature.

The Best Jungle Bike Tour Provider: Punta Venado Bike Park

If you are a modern-day Tarzan, your wife, girlfriend, or significant other is going to have a hard time forcing you to leave.

If you bring the kids, expect a lot of tears, tantrums, and fits when you tell them you have to go back to your hotel or resort – they are going to beg to stay!

If you are the only person who is NOT interested in riding bikes, that’s perfectly fine.

Punta Venado is a beach-front recreation center, private beach area, wedding venue, clubhouse, and activity provider all wrapped into one.

However, it was not offering jungle bike tours until several years ago. At that time several small bike shops teamed up with the owners of Punta Venado and decided to add mountain bike tours to the mix of activities that Punta Venado already offered.

Luckily for people like you and I (I don’t own a car in Playa Del Carmen; I ride my Trek mountain bike everywhere), Punta Venado now offers the best jungle bike tours in the area.

Honestly, the place really kicks ass!

Punta Venado Bike Park Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:


👤 Contact Person: English Speakers Available

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (998) 206-3145 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website: www.pvbikepark.com AND www.puntavenadoadventures.com

✉️ Email: tours@mtbcancun.com

👥 Facebook: www.facebook.com/PuntaVenadoBikePark

⏰ Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 7:AM-4:PM

💰 Prices: $20 USD Access To Bike Park; $45 USD Full-Day Mountain Bike Rental

📍 Location: 22 Minutes South of Playa Del Carmen (see map)

Punta Venado Bike Park Map


Jungle Bike Tours? Tell Me More

There are literally thousands of tiny paths that snake through the jungle, and most of them would never be wide enough for a vehicle.

On a mountain bike you can jump over the creepers, wind through the trees, and then sprint along flat pieces of terrain.

You could call it a Mayan triathlon.

Because after the biking, an optional swim in the cenote is refreshing. You might even find some forgotten Mayan ruins.

The tour goes out directly into the jungle. In some areas and also snakes along the beach.

Do You Need To Be Good At Mountain Biking?

Even beginners can take on this tour but you do need a decent level of fitness.

Punta Venado Bike Park offers several courses – each with their own level of difficulty.

There is a begin our course, an intermediate course, and an advanced course. Which one you take depends on your experience riding a mountain bike.

However – beware – the advanced course is not for wimps! Plan on walking out with a few scratches, a lot of sweat, and a good nights sleep to look forward to. That’s right, don’t plan anything too extensive the same evening that you take one of the advanced courses; you’ll be falling asleep at the bar while your friends are going on and on about hanging out at the beach all day.

Each of the circuits are several miles long, so if you’re not fit enough to walk to the local Subway, then you might struggle, especially with the Mexican humidity.

Fortunately, the company has some great off-road mountain bikes with some impressive suspension.

So you’re not going to be coming back with a ridiculously sore butt.

There are some very technical trails, but mountain biking is a sport that’s easy to pick up, so most people shouldn’t have any problems.

What Do You See In The Jungle?

The great beauty of this tour is getting up close and personal with raw nature.

I was riding through an area that very few people visit.

Of course there were impressive trees, some crazy looking monkeys, and other strange sounding creatures around.

Sometimes in Playa Del Carmen it’s easy to forget that people have been living in this area for a long time before tourists started arriving.

So If you happen to see some Mayan hunter roaming through the jungle in full regalia, don’t run him over with your mountain bike!

Also, if you happen to run into a Shaman, ask him for some Mayan secrets.

I already know them but took a blood oath of secrecy, so I can’t share them here.

If you want to learn about natural medicine, however, they may be able to help you.

Are There Any Sights On The Jungle Bike Tour?

The highlight of the jungle bike tour may be simply finishing it and seeing the Punta Venado clubhouse again.

It was for me; I was exhausted!

Honestly, it felt great to make it back to civilization. A cold Mexican beer never tasted so good!

However, I must say that throughout the trip it was impressive to see how few tourists are here compared to somewhere like Chichen Itza.

It makes it easier to imagine what these places were like a thousand years ago.

Although I was hoping to see alligators, jaguars, gorillas, a hippopotamus or two – along with some zebras – after I got back to my apartment, I am honestly glad that I did not.

Even with my bike, I would not have been able to get away from them.

Nonetheless, I was delighted to see several monkeys, a few turtles, a plethora of beautiful flowers, and millions of trees.

Now I know what it must have been like filming a television series like Lost (my favorite series of all time).

I should also mention that (optionally) you can stop at one of the cenotes along the way so you can cool off with a swim just when you’re pouring with sweat.

And just when I was getting tired we stopped at a palapa and hung out in some hammocks.


What’s Included In The Jungle Bike Tour?

To be quite frank, there is nothing that is included in the tour.

In fact, it is not really a tour in the traditional sense.

When I think of the word “tour,” I usually think of a tour guide.

However, that’s not included here. You and your cycling partners are essentially your own tour guides. The price of admission is simply access to the bike paths for the entire day (anytime from 7:AM to 4:PM).

Also, make sure you don’t turn in your bike late! Any bike that is turned in after 4:45 PM incurs a late charge! See the website for details.

Like I mentioned earlier, you will need to pay the admission price AND a bike rental fee. (Of course, that is unless you brought your own bike with you to Mexico. You did? Really?)

All you have to bring is a sense of adventure and some keen eyes for those monkeys.

I really recommend this tour for anyone looking for something a little different and off the beaten path.

I will see you on a bike path soon…

Lots of love,


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